Lovense sex toys: how to create, views why it is worth choosing lovense?

Lovense sex toys: how to create, views why it is worth choosing lovense?.

History of Lovense

Lovense – This is a Singapore brand of toys, which is famous for its implementation of technology called «Teledildonik». Teledildonik – This is an opportunity to manage a toy from any corner of the world. The founder of the company Dan Liu himself knew what a relationship is at a distance, it was these events in his life that prompted him to create toys that would help him be closer to his half.

The first toy was released in 2010. A small vibrator was controlled through Skype and knew how to vibrate to the music. This device was the first in its own way: it was able to inspire a huge number of lovers who were divided and could not even touch each other.

Despite the imperfection of the first device, it was met unusually cordially. This inspired the team of the Lovence brand to create new toys. In 2013, Lovense produces its first products – telemedonical sex toys «Max» And «Nora» For him and for her.

Lovense pair products

Nora – This is a vibrator-collar with a control function at a distance. The clitoral part is equipped with a powerful engine with vibration, and the tip of the barrel rotates for the most accurate stimulation of point G. The ergonomic and stylish toy quickly became a bestseller and gained a huge number of fans around the world.

The toy is compatible with Max masturbator. Max has an original sleeve for multifaceted sensations, a powerful vibromotor and compression function at all 360 degrees. The technology of a vacuum pump allows you to achieve an incredibly intense orgasm that is not comparable to orgasm from a conventional masturbator.

Both devices have the possibility of Connect among themselves by application on a mobile phone. Nora feels all frictions during playing with a masturbator, and Max, in turn, reads female compression of intimate muscles while using the vibrator. Signals are transmitted to each other, which allows you to make the process of virtual sex more saturated and emotionally colored.

Other Lovense devices

From the very release "Max" And "Nora" Lovens thought about expanding the line of their smart toys. Based on experience in creating toys with control through Bluetooth, they decided to focus on wearable vibrators for public games. For more than a year they tested and optimized the toy in order to make sure that there are no typical problems for other products in the market. In mid -2015, the Lush release, a powerful vibro -tier with remote control and many functions in the application took place. The response was incredible — It was possible to raise more than 100,000 dollars on the crowdfunding platform indiegogo!

Lush was famous not only for amazing characteristics, but also by the ability to connect the device to the webcam platform. This Lovese Sex Toy is able to respond to tokens – the virtual currency that the audience lists to their favorite webcam models. The more tokens came to the account – the stronger the toy will vibrate.

Simultaneously with the vibro -yard, another Lovence toy was preparing for the release – anal plug with Bluetooth, but everything was not a plan. Multiple problems during the development constantly forced the company to postpone the release date, and only in mid -2016, after a year and a half of work on the product, did they finally introduce Hush. The response was incredible, it was possible to raise more than $ 200,000 for Indiegogo at the stage of pre -orders. One of the most successful sex toys in crowdfunding!

Hush came out in two sizes: 38 mm and 44.5 mm in diameter, the length of both plugs is 97 mm. Plag maintains Bluetooth shield at a distance of 10 meters standing and 3-5 meters sitting. When connecting via the Internet, you can connect to each other even while on different continents.

2017 was a successful year for Lovence — They doubled the line of toys, adding 4 new products: a vibropulo with a unique Ambi design, an adjustable Massager for the EDGE prostate, a powerful mini vanda vibrator Domi and OSCI, a pulsating toy for the point g! The company raised $ 327,000 at the Intiegogo pre -order for 10 months, and after the end of the campaign launched the sale of toys in the official store.

Lovence toy Ambi – This is an ergonomic vibroopul with an unusual design that is ideal as additional help to the girl during sex with a partner. Its long handle, a beveled head and a small size allow you to easily integrate the Ambsi into any sex position.

Edge was released in 2017 and is a revolutionary prostate massager, which is almost silent, despite the super -powerful level of vibration. Moreover, double vibrations in the device provide the most vivid sensations as possible. The most important feature was the ability to adjust the toy – the mobile head ensures the achievement of the right place for most men. And the last, but no less important: the adjustable head during use remains in place.

The uniqueness of a sex toy Lovense Domi consists in its unusually powerful motor with a relatively small size. House – This is one of the most powerful vibrators in the market. His flexible neck allows you to find the most pleasant angle for interaction with the toy.

OSCI female massage does not vibrate like ordinary toys, but fluctuates in and vice versa, delivering your point g to your pleasure that you cannot experience with a conventional vibrator. The oval head also creates a unique and powerful stimulation. The toy is ideal for women who want to arouse their point G and start getting maximum pleasure from sex with a partner.

Why is it worth choosing lovense

From the very beginning, Lovence was focused on the introduction of high-tech design and futuristic aesthetics in the sex toys industry. Injected by the problem of intimacy in relations at a distance, the founder of Lovense decided to focus on intimacy technologies, which allowed pairs to remotely interact with each other through their products.

Lovence has confirmed experience in constant improvement of user experience using consumer reviews to adjust their design, which leads to the appearance of several new updates each year based on the achievements of their past grocery lines.

Lovense specializes in sexual innovations, introducing the most futuristic materials and the highest technologies to their sex toys to advance the art of pleasure in the twenty-first century. Buying brand products, you can be sure of the reliability and high efficiency of the toy.

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