A selection of the best prostate massages and vacuum pumps of 2021 | Goods for men

A selection of the best prostate massages and vacuum pumps 2021.

A selection of the best prostate massages and vacuum pumps of 2021 | Goods for men
Sex toys for men is something more than just devices for pleasure. They improve male health, increase the duration of sexual intercourse, reduce stress, and also help to become an ideal lover for your partner.

Prostate massagers

Regular prostate massage is very useful for male intimate health. It is not necessary to visit the clinic to get this procedure. You can massage the prostate at home using Special massagers From a sex shop. They not only help prevent the occurrence of the disease of the prostate gland, but also performs additional stimulation of the super -sensitive zone of the anus.

To the introduction of the massager to be as pleasant as possible for you, do not forget to use special Anal lubricants water based.

Vibration trabies expanding with the remote control Hot Planet Pothos

Powerful motors are hidden inside the device: one is in the embossed tip and is directed to massage the prostate gland, and the second increases the girth of the submersible part to 4 cm. The anatomical form of traffic jams developed by specialists and seven intensive vibration options will give you vivid sensations while using. The wide curved base of the gadget additionally stimulates the perineum area, carrying out an indirect prostate massage. You can manually manage the toy or provide this opportunity to a partner for a distance game.

Prostate massager with pulsation Svakom Iker

The ergonomic shape of the device allows you to use it not only for men for massage of the perineum and prostate, but also for women to stimulate the clitoris and point g. The combination of regimes of amazing pulsation and intensive vibration will give you amazing orgasms at every use. Even more capabilities of these functions are opened when the massager connects to the corporate application. In addition to preinstalled options, it has the opportunity to create your own patterns, or enjoy the toy for the rhythms of music or surrounding sounds. And, of course, remote management, so that it is not bored if the partner is not next to you.

The massager is made of flexible, high -quality silicone, it is waterproof, so it can be used in the shower or bathroom.

Prostate massager with the remote control Nomi Tang Spotty RC

Spoty is equipped with two very powerful, but at the same time quiet motors. Each engine is responsible for its function: one includes vibration (5 different modes) in the part that is applied to the crotch. And the second controls the rotation regime (3 options) of the massage process and stimulates the prostate. The motors are turned on by separate buttons or using the remote control panel.

The massager is covered with soft seamless silicone, and the wavy surface relief has an additional stimulation of the anus and perineum. The gadget is convenient to hold in the hand thanks to the handle-pin.

Anal stimulator We-Vibe Vector

Vector is a powerful and elegant stimulator of not only the prostate gland, but also the perineum zones. Each part of the gadget has its own motor operating at low frequencies, so the vibration is very deep and intense. The massager has an anatomical shape, it is very flexible – it is adjusted to the structure of your body, comfortable and safe to use.

There are 10 vibration modes that can be controlled by hand, remote control or through the application. By connecting a stimulant to We-Connect, you can come up with your vibration drawings, as well as transfer control of the toy to your partner, which is ideal for games at a distance.

Rimming imitator and prostate stimulator Nomi Tang Pluggy RC

A feature of the stimulant is its motor located in the jumper rotating around its axis. This rotation imitates oral caresses of the anus. The second engine is in a curved tip with a relief pattern and vibrations gently stimulates the male prostate. 5 types of vibration and 5 rotation, they can be turned on simultaneously or separately. The speed of each function is set separately using a compact control panel. The toy body is covered with a pleasant and safe body silicone. A wide round base allows you to use it without fear for anal games.

Vacuum pumps

The main plus of vacuum pumps for the penis is the possibility of increasing its size. With regular classes for a long time, you can get to the source data plus 20%. In addition, the pump is used to eliminate erectile dysfunction, increasing blood flow to the cavernous bodies, which makes an erection more solid and stable, and also increases the sensitivity. The main rule of the use of any pump is to increase the load gradually, and the duration of the session should be no more than 20 minutes. When painful sensations appear, it is necessary to immediately stop using.

Hot Planet Intern vacuum pump for penis

Universal gadget that helps strengthen the erection and increase the penis. 2 scales are applied to a transparent case from a durable ABC plastic for the convenience of tracking the results. The air from the flask is removed using a flexible hose connected to a manual pump. The elastic cuff made of rubber tightly wraps the penis and retains low pressure inside the device. The Internet pump is easy to use and is great for both the variety of solo games, and for an interesting prelude with a partner.

Hydrim Bathmate Hydromax5

A compact, but powerful and functional penis, which allows to support and strengthen the male erection, increase the size of the penis and receive more vivid sensations during sex.

In hydraulic agents, the force of water pressure is involved, so it is best to conduct classes in the bathroom. The pump is simple and safe for use at home. Regular training not only has a beneficial effect on male health, but also strengthen libido, improve potency and strengthen intimate relationships with a partner.

Vacuum pump for the penis Mojo G-Force

The plus of this pump is automatic control. Place the device on the member, press the button and the pressure is created. Its strength can be monitored on a special digital panel. The pump is made of high -quality materials, it works very quietly – so your training will not be heard by others, and it is also waterproof and you can take it with a bath with you.

Automatic vacuum pump Hot Planet Expert

With the help of this pump, you get a magnificent effect: it increases the size of the penis, increases muscle tone and elasticity of tissues, gives an excellent and long erection. And also increases the general and sexual self -esteem. Only 4 operating modes, each of which is gently, but with different force massages the penis for 2-3 seconds. Compact size and understandable control with a built -in pump will give the owner of the pump a lot of pleasant sensations during use.

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