5 Sex toys for steam that dream of bold experiments | The best sex toys

5 sex toys for steam that dream of bold experiments.

5 Sex toys for steam that dream of bold experiments | The best sex toys
If you want to try something unusual in bed, if the classic sex is already tired, you should look into a sex shop, simple things will help to experience something completely new. Modern technologies will return passion and help discover new sensations. Choose 5 sex toys that really change intimate life! They are already on sale.

Which sex toys to choose a couple?

Any intimate things are created for a variety. And the presence of vibrators in bed, lubricants, handcuffs make new sensations. Therefore, you can buy any thing, and experiments with use will please. And if you use several toys, combining them among themselves, you will not have to get bored.

There are certain models of intimate goods that are best suited. Both partners enjoy them. And with them you can realize many different fantasies. 5 of the best objects for the family bedroom:

  • Vibrator for two.
  • Vibroyayko.
  • Massager.
  • Mini-vibrator.
  • The vibrating erection ring.

And you should definitely pay attention to new models in these categories that combined excellent quality and new technologies. Everything that happens with them is even brighter and more exciting. Their functions amaze the imagination. And it is precisely such models that it is worth buying every pair.

Vibrator for two with remote control

A special form of the vibrator is suitable for a variety of games. But most often the toy is placed between the bodies during classic sex. It does not interfere with movements, but simply complements what is happening, gives new experiences. The device feels the vibration of the device on the clitoris and point G, and the man feels the vibration on the head of the penis.

The best models are equipped with remote control, you can switch the modes without touching the device. And when monitoring movement from the application, it will be possible to create thousands of different patterns of oscillations. It is very cool that you can regulate one by one, and this will enhance the excitement to both her and him.

Which models of vibrators for steam are better to take?

  • Satispyer Double Joy. 2020 vibrator from the excellent Satiffyer brand. 15 years of warranty, management from the application on the phone, a completely waterproof housing and a powerful motor. Perfect solution at a very modest price.
  • We-Vibe Sync. Model from the legendary We-Vibe brand. It is also controlled from a smartphone, but there is still a remote remote control and buttons on the case. The stimulator is flexible, is arranged for any body shape. Inside 2 motor, movements from light and delicate to intensive.
  • Lelo Tiani 3. Premium toy from the European company Lelo. Control from the remote control, which also vibrates and can be used as a separate toy. But the main thing is that it will turn out to change the intensity by moving the remote control. The slopes of the remote control cause a change in the regime, and this is before the orgasm the perfect way to change something, since no one wants to look for buttons at this time.

Vibroyaite with synchronization with a smartphone

Vibroyayko is a very useful toy that is suitable not only to get pleasure. Of course, she gives orgasms, but she also helps strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. With its help, you can develop sensitivity, restore the tone of the vagina.

The vibro -yard is introduced into the bosom of women, and its fluctuations are caused by excitement. But they can touch on external erogenous zones. But the most interesting experiment is wearing. The egg can be placed in the body for several hours, and turned on at any time from the application. When it became bored at work, in the gym or on a walk, you can pamper yourself with an orgasm. Or transfer management to the partner so that he controls the excitement.

The best models of vibrations

  • Lovense Lush 2nd Generation. Vibroyite for virtual sex. It is synchronized with webcam chats or other Lovense devices. In the game application, chat, you can experiment with a partner even at a distance or play with strangers. A toy of a comfortable shape, with a huge number of functions. Suitable for sex, masturbation, and even for training.
  • We-Vibe Jive. Vibroyaite with control from a smartphone. Use built -in modes or invent your. Very pleasant material, completely waterproof body. Designed for a long service. With such a toy you can even go to work, turn on the device when it becomes bored or you want to cheer up.
  • Lelo Lyla 2. Vibroyaito with the maximum distance for control. The remote control works even with a remoteness of 12 m. At the same time, the remote control itself can vibrate, which is very convenient. Synchronization allows a partner holding the control element, to feel – it has become stronger or weaker. Toy for those who choose only the best.

Massage for any parts of the body

Massager is not only a sex toy. This is a useful item that will help relieve pain, tension at any time. You can use it for the back, legs and even face. And it will not only be pleasant, but also useful.

A good massager is needed in any home. And the models from a sex shop are reliable, durable and easy to care. They simply do not need to be cleaned in special conditions. And they do not attract attention, look harmless, not very similar to sex toys.

The more modes the massager has, the more interesting it is to use it.

The best massagers for sex and not only

  • Satispyer Wand-Er Woman. A large massager who is not afraid of moisture. You can use it even in the bathroom, and it will be pleasant and comfortable. Silicone coating, stylish packaging – all these are the advantages of the model. But most importantly, the guarantee for it is 15 years. It will last a very long time and will delight the owners with a huge number of modes. This is the most affordable model with a similar set of functions.
  • Dorcel Dual Orgasms. Bilateral massager created for different caresses. One part vibrates at 7 different speeds. It is used for external erogenous zones. The second part rotates, and this is the perfect solution for immersion in the body. Suitable for vaginal and anal sex. Coating – medical silicone, safe and practical. Inside 2 powerful motor. Total length 23.5 cm. Not afraid of water, recharge.
  • Lovense Domi 2. A massager controlled from a smartphone is a find for lovers of modern gadgets. The modes can be invented independently, and their number is not limited. Vibration is still possible to the beat of music or surrounding sounds, which is also very funny. Of course, management is available and buttons on the case, but from the smartphone it is still more interesting. Average size – length 23 cm. It works very quietly. Inside a powerful battery, charging time 90 minutes. Suitable for massage of any parts of the body. Moisture resistant.

Mini vibrator

A small vibrator that is easily fits in the palm of your hand, created to stimulate external erogenous zones. Touching the chest, back, hips, genitals cause a burning desire. And so you can tease yourself or a partner before sex. And during intercourse, such a toy additionally caresses the body, bringing the moment of orgasm.

Mini vibrator is ideal for clitoris caresses with anal or vaginal sex. This helps her to experience the extravaganza, have time to achieve the right sensation.

The mini vibrator does not cause jealousy, it looks harmless, although its stimulation can be very tangible. Just carry such a toy with you, take on trips, as it takes up little space. And even on the first date, she does not shock the new partner.

Which mini-vibrator to choose for a couple?

  • Spinnator Satiffyer Lay-on Sweet Treat. Vibrator similar to ice cream. And the upper tender part rotates. And it is precisely the touch of moving soft ribs when touching erogenous zones that causes delight. Only 4 operating modes, but this is enough to get pleasure. Two buttons control on the case. A very convenient thing that gives a lot of pleasant sensations.
  • We-Vibe Gala. Remote control model. The special shape at the end resembles ears. And it is they who perfectly clap the clitoris during stimulation, giving bliss. The touch will like the touches, the caresses of the scrotum or head of the penis will be remembered for a long time. It is easy to create oscillation modes independently using the application. But in the process it is permissible to choose built -in movements of movements, there are only 10 of them, are turned on by buttons on the case. Little sex toy is not afraid of water, takes up little space, easily reloads. Product from one of the most famous brands guaranteeing high quality.
  • Gvibe Gring XL. A ring on a finger is a vibrator and a remote control. It is used simply to stimulate erogenous zones, but at the same time it can be connected to other sex toys of the GVibe brand, and then the ring is already used to control. The ring is very compact, but its movements are powerful. You can choose from 6 modes. A special shape is suitable for fingers of any size, when using the toy will not be lost in bed, it is convenient to fix it on the arm. Hypoallergenic coating, moisture -resistant body, rechargeable battery.

Erection ring with vibration

Erective rings are created to control the duration of sexual intercourse, they do not allow a man to quickly finish. But models with vibration still caress the woman, which accelerates the approach of her pleasure. As a result, you can synchronize orgasms.

The ring is put on the base of the penis, it tightly wrapps the body. This still helps maintain a stable erection. Therefore, such a thing is useful for every man. And if the vibrating part is deployed, it will stimulate the scrotum, not the clitoris, which is also very interesting.

Which erective ring to buy for a couple?

  • We-Vibe Pivot. A ring that is controlled from a smartphone. Of course, you can use it without an application, but it is much more interesting with it. The fluctuations are powerful but quiet. The size is universal, suitable for many men. You can use even with condoms. Waterproof, rechargeable, from a well -known brand. This is a thing that is worth choosing every pair so that there is more pleasure.
  • Svakom Winni. Remote control ring. Rather elastic, does not help restrain. But it can be fixed on any part of the penis. And in most poses it will additionally caress the crotch of a woman, which will lead to a strong excitement. In total, 5 operating modes are provided, each at 5 different speeds. Control from the remote control, which is very convenient, you do not have to reach for the toy in the process. Good quality, simple cleansing, light charging.
  • Svakom Tammy. The ring that wraps the barrel and the scrotum. Such double compression is safe, but it really allows you to delay the moment of ejaculation. The clitoral process has special ledges that, when touched by the body, give bliss. At the same time, the process is quite large to make it more convenient to use the device. Corps buttons control. Only 5 modes and 5 speeds. Rehazing, waterproof toy for steams who want to get more from sex.

5 sex toys completely change intimacy. You can buy one of them, but it has everything better to try something new every time. Many modes, unique management allows proximity to be unpredictable and desirable.

All products presented in the review are in IntimShop.ru. But this is just a small part of a huge assortment. And every pair can find something interesting in the store for yourself.

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