17 sex toys for couples that you must have

17 sex toys for couples that you must have.

Products intended for use in pairs are designed to diversify your intimate life and make more pleasure into it. They are quite different, and have certain characteristics and properties.

1. Tenga EGG

Masturbator Tenga EGG is the most popular masturbator "on every day". It is easy to take with you on a trip, diversify the usual masturbation and even integrate into sex. The usual preliminary caresses can be diluted with new techniques and additional stimulation using such an egg, you will every time you can open these masturbators in a new way through a large selection of internal relief.

2. Erective ring ' pilot '

The erection ring ' pilot 'We-Vibe can be considered one of the best. It has a reliable design, and small sizes do not cause discomfort during sex – choose any position and get new sensations. The protruding part can be used both above and under the penis, depending on the desired result. In this case, powerful vibration is transmitted over the entire surface. Management is carried out using a button on a case or from a smartphone through a free We-Connect application.

3. Rocks OFF clitoral stimulator

If you are a newcomer to use toys with a partner, you should choose this stimulator. Rocks OFF produces the best stimulants of this type, because they are powerful and incredibly durable. Such a toy will stimulate the clitoris of a partner without much difficulty.

4. Vibroyaite on the remote control

Sex toys with remote control are increasingly popular. Use them differently, but the goal is pursued by one – stimulation of the erogenous zones of their half and giving her pleasure at a distance. Often such a toy can bring novelty to sexual relations, and the acuteness of sensations and the fear that people around will suspect something is only more excitement.

5. A stimulator for the whole body ' Ball '

Body massagers are able to give great pleasure during the prelude. Inside the massager ' Ball 'The powerful Wand motor is located. It is ideal for powerful clitoral orgasms, as well as for a relaxing massage of the whole body.

6. Contactless stimulant "Starlet 2"

Vacuum stimulants have a small hole on the front and are able to stimulate the clitoris with pulsating waves of pressure from delicate to intensive. Starlet 2 model.0 is the most tender vacuum stimulator of Womanizer at the moment and is suitable for owners of the most sensitive clitoris.

7. Clital stimulant ' Orange '

California Exotic Novelties produces beautiful and high -quality toys that are made of incredibly delicate silicone. Innovative vibration massager ' Orange 'With a silky surface, it easily fits between the fingers and is simply incredibly comfortable in using. An interesting design of packaging in the style of pop art adds the product of originality and makes it an excellent gift!

8. Dildo "Firefly"

If you like to use phallimitators with a partner, this excellent dildo from NS Novelties will perfectly fit into your collection of such sex toys. “Firefly” has a unique luminous design. Its material is already quite bright, due to the fact that the paint glows under ultraviolet radiation, the phallimitator acquires uniqueness.

9. Anal plug ' Ditto '

This neat anal cork is a great toy for knowing anal stimulation in a pair. Use it as a prelude before anal sex or as anal plug for double stimulation during vaginal sex.

10. Tenga Air-Tech

Air-Tech masturbators combined the best qualities of Tenga Cup and Tenga 3D men beloved by men. Air -Tech retains a complete feeling of a deep blowjob – do not deny yourself the pleasure of getting a stormy passionate orgasm! The internal relief is incredibly soft, you can hold the masturbator and control the sensations of a partner. In addition, with the help of air openings, you can enhance and weaken the feeling of deep immersion.

eleven. Strapon with vibration Sherwib

Look for a toy that will provide a partner with vaginal stimulation, but you will not be left without pleasant sensations? Rasty strap -on with a removable vibro -foil is perfect for couples who are looking for new bright sensations. The only intimate toy with a powerful rechargeable vibropuli with 5 vibration modes. Due to the lack of fasteners, you can feel your partner with your whole body without restrictions.

12. Massage-Lubricant ' Allover '

Of course, lubrication is technically not a sex toy, but it is an important product in intimate life. Intimate 2B1 gel from YESFORLOV can be applied throughout the body, used as vaginal and anal lubricant. Only a few drops will be enough for massage!

13. Erective ring "Satisphere"

The stylish erection ring serves to extend sexual intercourse and strengthen the erection. Pleasant vibration gently massages sensitive zones and creates deep sensations, allows you to make sexual intercourse unusual and more pleasant, thereby giving vivid emotions to both partners.

14. Strap -on Women ' beginner '

If you like to use strapons for vaginal or anal penetration, this is a small product is perfect, and for beginners. Comfortable straps allow you to reliably and comfortably fix the sex toy, and at the base of the nozzle there is a suction cup that allows you to use it with both panties and separately from them – as an anal traffic jam.

15. Vacuum stimulator ' MilT '

with a vacuum-wave stimulator ' Melt 'We-Vibe has the ability to create unique “playlists” stimulation and control at any distance, from anywhere in the world. The toy has an ergonomic shape and allows you to use the toy during classic penetrative sex without interfering with penetration.

16. Lubricant ' Cosmo Vibro '

For women, again, in terms of technical properties, it is not a toy, but still gives unusual sweet sensations to both partners and provides prolonged sliding. Active component in the composition – has an unusual stimulating effect, causing a delicate «vibration» And exciting “goosebumps”.

17. Vibrator-Mashturbator ' Mantana '

Vibrator ' Mantana '- This is an original solution for men who want to acquire a completely new type of pleasure not only for themselves, but also for their partner. A special shape of this vibrator allows you to use a toy as a masturbator. During masturbation, you can stimulate the head of the penis, the scrotum, and during oral sex, the stimulant can be applied to the throat, allowing you to enjoy hot vibrations.

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