Pose 22 "Dolphin" – Description of the position

“Dolphin” in sex – pose 22 camastuters.

Kamasutra Pose 22 Dolphin will like all those who have perfectly own their body, and also practice yoga or other sports that requires flexibility.

Pose 22 "Dolphin" – Description of the position

Kamasutra Dolphin – for flexible women

For execution 22 Poses of Kama Sutras A woman should lie on a bed or another surface, but it’s better to the bed, since it is soft. Then she lifts her pelvis up, focusing on her elbows, her neck and head rest on bed. The man kneels and with his hands lifts its lower body so that his crotch is opposite the female vagina. After that, he penetrates his dignity into the bosom of the girl and begins to move.

It is important to note that movements in Dolphin pose in sex They must be smooth and neat, for more comfort, a partner can raise a woman’s legs so that they come off the surface. However, to withstand this pose is not worth it for too long, since there is a large rush of blood to the brain and with prolonged sexual intercourse your partner can simply faint. It is better to use a pose 22 for a short period of time and change it to something more relaxing and does not require such a load.

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