Missionary pose – 3 advanced sex techniques. Video photo

Missionary pose – 3 advanced techniques.

Missionary position – Simple, comfortable, popular, but almost always underestimated!) This is what I want to always say in the first place, when it comes to this position. Most pairs have so much narrow idea of this position and its potential possibilities that sometimes becomes sad and insulting. Therefore, in this article, we strongly intend to correct the current situation. Today we will fundamentally change your view and attitude to the missionary pose and help to reveal all the widened potential that it is fraught with in itself.

From this article you will learn what kind of pose is and how it looks, what options for its performance exist, advantages and disadvantages, and most importantly 3 advanced techniques that will simply blow your brain!) We will also give you several practical tips and recommendations for using this pose for sex. Well, now we’ll probably start.

What a missionary pose looks like?

This is a position when a woman lies on her back, her hips are widely divorced to the sides, and the man is located on top between her legs. This is perhaps the most classic option with which the missionary position is most often associated. Let’s see how it looks in the photo below.

Missionary pose – 3 advanced sex techniques. Video photo

Options and types of missionary posture

Some enthusiasts unanimously claim that this pose is one of the most boring among all the poses of the Kama Sutra, quickly bothers and can only be used by those who just do not understand anything in sex. It is for beginners, phlegmatic and lazy people who have sex only because they must, without receiving absolutely no satisfaction from the process itself. But I immediately want to say a lot of “but”, to refute this ridiculous accusation, because it has a lot of various variations that allow pairs to successfully remain in a comfortable position and at the same time, discover new sensations for themselves.

Yes, in the original pose of the missionary, it suggests that the woman lies on her back, and the man is on top of her, but this is far from the only option for her execution. Most do not even suspect how much this pose can be different and interesting, you just have to turn on your imagination a little and experiment. Now let’s see what it can be.

Missionary pose – 3 advanced sex techniques. Video photo
Missionary pose – 3 advanced sex techniques. Video photo
Missionary pose – 3 advanced sex techniques. Video photo
Missionary pose – 3 advanced sex techniques. Video photo
Missionary pose – 3 advanced sex techniques. Video photo
Missionary pose – 3 advanced sex techniques. Video photo

But the main essence and feature of the above positions is not in their external form, but in changing the angle and depth of penetration of the penis into the vagina, which directly affects the sensations of partners, and the girl allows you to experience different types of female orgasm. Especially active and sophisticated in sex, they know excellently that the position of the female pelvis and the depth and angle of penetration of the penis into the vagina depend on the position of female legs in a missionary position. Therefore, representatives of the fair sex do not just spread the hips to the side, but bend their legs in their knees and pull them to them, have them at the waist of their partner, or even throw them on their shoulders. By the way, an option when a woman throws her legs on the shoulders of a man often called an officer pose.

These are just a few examples. In fact, the variety of these options can be many more. See also 19 photo missionary pose in different versions.

Missionary pose – 3 advanced sex techniques. Video photo

I hope now you understand that only inexperienced or nearby people can call it boring. Well, how does it look in the photo is already clear to you. Now I propose a more living demonstration!)

The advantages of the missionary posture

  • Simple and comfortable. This is probably one of the most important advantages of this position. If you want sex, but do not want to strain – this is the perfect option. Nothing gets tired and does not flow either from him or her. Partners are in the most relaxed and convenient position, which allows them to enjoy each other for a long time and at the same time practically do not get tired.
  • Maximum contact and proximity. Due to the special feeling of intimacy and the opportunity to show tenderness to his partner, the missionary pose is ideal for romantic couples, which are especially important to look into each other’s eyes, when they have sex, kiss their partner’s lips, feel his breath on his neck, and observe his face expression, hug passionately and so on. Choosing it, partners feel not only physical intimacy, but also emotional, very deep, which manifests itself at a special level. But here it all depends on the mood of the partners, for someone, this position can be completely ordinary, everyday, and someone can make it sensual and incredibly voluptuous.

For her

  • Pleasure without stress. We have already talked about this above. If a man is convenient, but some efforts have to do, then a woman practically does not need to do anything. All that is required of her is to lie down on the back, put the legs, relax and have fun!) Of course, this is an ideal option that will work only if a man is a competent lover and knows how to bring the girl to orgasm without her special participation.
  • He will not see the shortcomings of your figure. All girls, no matter how ideal they are, in 99% of cases always have claims to their figure and their body!) I’m fat, I’m thin, I have crooked or short legs, etc.D. And at the time of sex, these cockroaches always sit in the very first row of their consciousness. The charm of a missionary position for a girl is just that a man’s eyes are always turned to her face or a pillow!)
  • The best clitoris stimulation. Parallel or almost parallel arrangement of bodies in relation to each other provides good clitoris stimulation during sex. And since the clitoris is in the vast majority of cases the main female erogenous zone, to get an orgasm to a girl in this position becomes much easier than everyone else.

For him

  • The owner of the situation. Of course, a man, being on top of a woman, dominates and leads the whole process. Pace, depth and angle of penetration – all this controls. On the one hand, this is an advantage (do as you like and how to like it), but do not forget that it is responsibility, since in this position the female orgasm entirely depends on the skills of a man. Therefore, men, enjoying a woman and her body, do not forget about the woman herself and her needs.
  • Control of the ejaculation. This point is especially important for not too hard -to -end in bed of men. By controlling the pace and depth, a man can slow down when he feels that he is about to finish, thereby allowing to go through a wave of excitement and continue sex. So he has a lot more chances to bring the girl first to orgasm, and then finish himself.

The disadvantages of the missionary position

Illuminating the advantages, it would not be correct not to recall the shortcomings, but of course they are also.

For her

By and large, I personally do not see the shortcomings for the girl, although it makes sense to consider several particular cases that sometimes have a place to be.

  • There is no way to additionally stimulate yourself (clitoris). There are a number of women and girls who need additional stimulation of the clitoris to achieve orgasm. Most often during sex, they help themselves – caressing the clitoris with fingers. And in the pose of a missionary it is impossible to do this or very inconvenient.
  • Partner’s weight. In principle, women like to feel a man on themselves and even to some extent his pressure on their body. But this is a fairly thin line, the feeling of which is easy for a man to lose, especially at the moment when they begin to master the pleasure. As a result, all this can lead to the fact that it will become difficult for a woman to breathe.
  • Limited in movements. Sometimes, having the opportunity to change the position of her body and carry out oncoming movements, allows a woman to find the most suitable angle of penetration to get pleasure, such as in a rider’s pose, when a girl is on a man. In our case, the girl’s mobility is seriously limited, so we have to put all hopes on a man, his knowledge and ability to satisfy the girl in sweating.

For him

  • See only her face. Oddly enough, what was the advantage of a man for a girl can be a drawback. And this does not mean that he is not pleased to look at her face – no. The thing is that men visuals in their sexual nature, they experience sex not only through their dick, but to a greater extent through their eyes. Yes, yes, men are very fond of watching and watching all the details of the interaction of your bodies during sex. This excites them even more. And the missionary pose in this regard a little limits male needs.
  • Do not feel anything. In the vast majority of variations of this position, the men’s hands are busy with the same thing – they rest on the bed or what the girl lies with, that is, they hold the weight of their body over a woman. This is monotonous and boring for male hands, which are by nature researchers!) As we all know (men will not let you lie), the pens love will, especially if the matter (and body) concerns the female body. They always strive to climb where you can’t and touch what you cannot touch!)

3 advanced techniques for missionary pose

And now it’s time to talk about more advanced things, namely, how to improve the pose of a missionary. We will consider 3 powerful techniques that will force you and your soul mate to love this position even more.

Technique 1: Stimulation of the point G

Quite a lot has already been said about point G and about what kind of orgasms she can give to a woman. The essence of this technique is precisely designed for a more pronounced and intensive stimulation of point g. The fact is that in the traditional missionary pose this point is stimulated, but very mediocre. And in order to enhance the effect on it, you need to change the penetration angle of the penis.

As you remember, point G is located on the front wall of the vagina not far (2-3 cm) from its entrance. And in order to well stimulate this area, the member must enter the vagina not from top to bottom, as happens in the usual (Figure “A”) version of the missionary, but rather up (Figure “B”). But in order to carry out the female basin, you need to raise it so that it turns out to be slightly higher than the male. Let’s look at the photo below.

Missionary pose – 3 advanced sex techniques. Video photo

To do this, you can use a pillow, a folded blanket, the form of a sofa – in general, anything, that her pelvis will raise her, but the girl should remain in a position comfortable for her. With this option, penetration will not become so deep, but very purposeful. Let’s see what exactly changes with such penetration.Missionary pose – 3 advanced sex techniques. Video photo
If in the usual version (a) a member goes along the walls of the vagina, evenly acting on all of them, then in the version (b) with a pillow a member is introduced a little on a break (from the bottom up). This leads to the fact that the head of the penis is more actively interacting with the upper wall of the vagina, where our coveted point G is located.

Technique 2: horizontal frictions with clitoris stimulation

In order to shift the focus of stimulation to the clitoris in the pose of the missionary (see where the clitoris is located), the man should perform the 2nd important things. Firstly, being in a classic position to put yourself forward and lie on a partner so that the stomach lay on her stomach, and his pubis tightly fit her pubis. This is how it should look like.

Missionary pose – 3 advanced sex techniques. Video photo

And secondly, frictions should not be carried out by the pelvis, introducing a member (as men usually do), but to carry them with the whole body back and forth, snuggling tightly with his pubis against the pubic partner. Imagine how the wave goes ashore, and then rolls back into the sea, so the man rolled into a woman with his whole body, and then moves down. But at the same time it is important to always maintain contact of bodies and pubs. Now let’s analyze in more detail what is happening with penetration when using this technique.

Missionary pose – 3 advanced sex techniques. Video photo
On the left (option “B”) we see the usual movements “entered, went through, in which the clitoris is, as it were, pats a man’s pubis from above. On the right (option “G”), a technique in which the outer part of the clitoris is mainly stimulated by the rubbish movements of the man’s pubis, and the inside (through point G) pushing movements of the base of the penis. Moreover, the member always almost all remains inside her vagina. By the way, when using this technique, it is better to rely on his knees, but on the socks of the feet, this will allow him to increase the amplitude of movements back and forth.

Technique 3: Vertical penetration

With this technique, a woman lies on her back, stretches her legs evenly and spreads them to the sides. The man is located above her in the end of lying as when push -ups. After the man enters the member in the vagina, he should hand himself a little forward so that the member enters vertically. We look at the photo how it is done.

Missionary pose – 3 advanced sex techniques. Video photo

In this position, the man carries out frictions up and down. To a greater extent, the charm of this technique will be able to evaluate the girls whose clitoris is located closer to the entrance to the vagina (see the photo of the vagina and what they are in shape), since the clitoris head will be better stimulated by a member with its frictions. This effect is achieved due to vertical penetration. We look in more detail in the picture below.

Missionary pose – 3 advanced sex techniques. Video photo

On the left (drawing “d”) we see ordinary penetration, and on the right (drawing “e”) is a vertical one, in which the member constantly contacts the clitoris head.

Missionary pose: tips and tips

And now, I would like to give several practical tips or even tips that will help you not only avoid popular mistakes, but also generally improve the results of using a missionary position.

For men

  • Do not go to bed all weight. Always hold your weight with your hands, that is, rest in them. If you want closer contact between your bodies, go down to your partner and take a hill into your elbow. In this position, you will lie on a woman with almost the whole body, but you will not put pressure on her.
  • Follow and control. All techniques on each individual girl can work differently. Some more like the 1st, some 3rd. Some can generally experience discomfort with a particular technique. Therefore, it is best to agree with the girl at once that if she is unpleasant for her, let her immediately report it and does not tolerate it.

For women

  • Use your hands. You can take your man by the buttocks and to some extent control the pace and depth of penetration, pulling it over yourself or, on the contrary, suspending it. If you do not have enough clitoris stimulation, help yourself with a pen, caressing the clitoris with your fingers. Of course, in some versions, for example, when a man is completely on a woman, it is difficult to do, but if there is such an opportunity, then do not miss her.

Interesting facts about the missionary position

  • Why is it so called? There is an opinion that its name went in honor of Christian missionaries who considered her the only right pose for sex in terms of their religion. In more detail, this has already been said in the article why the missionary pose is called “missionary”?
  • The most popular in the world. The surveys showed that 100% of women and men had sex at least once in their lives in this pose, and about 70% of respondents said that it was she who is the most regularly practiced in their intimate life. It is not relevant only for tribal settlements, which are still preserved to the present. Only 20% of such wild lovers, chooses this method of copulation, the remaining 80% still prefer the pose of “like dog”.
  • The pose of the first sex. It is from this position that sexual life begins in almost 98% of the population of the entire globe, since it contributes to more sensual penetration, does not require any practical or theoretical skills. It can be used in the absence of any sexual experience, even both of the partners – ideal for those who first discovering a veil of physical pleasure. By the way, do you know:
  • How to deprive a girl of virginity correctly and easy;
  • How to lose virginity to a girl with a guy.
  • Best pose for conception. It so happened that the missionary position is considered the most practical and convenient, in particular, this also applies to the conception of the child. Experts in this area do not reject this fact, but claim that in fact the conception can occur in almost any pose, just the missionary creates the most favorable conditions for this, since the woman has the opportunity to relax, she lies on her back, and the clot of sperm is most accuratelydirects to the cervix along a peculiar, straight corridor. That is, this position is relevant for conception because it allows you to create ideal conditions for passing sperm in the vagina and getting into the uterus. In this position, the penis is able to penetrate especially deep into the vagina of a woman, which means that there is a high probability that sperm from the penis can be in the cervix in the process or immediately after the man finishes. See also:
    • Ejaculation mechanism. How sperm moves during orgasm;
    • Missionary pose in the animal world. If you believe the research of experts who are interested in the sexual life of people and animals, then not only people, but also animals such as chimpanzes and armadillos, prefer the missionary pose to everyone else.
    • Results:

      Of course there are other no less interesting positions. But as practice shows, even the most sophisticated lovers, periodically return to the missionary position, as they know a lot of its positive properties, both physiological and psychological, which is difficult to experience in other positions. The main thing is to know the subtleties and nuances, since it is in them that the whole potential of any pose is most often hidden. In this article, we introduced you to a number of such nuances and once again opened the curtain of knowledge of the best lovers of the world. Therefore, be sure to try the techniques and recommendations described above and bring your sex to a new level. Good luck!)

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