Missionary pose: 13 pluses

13 pluses of the missionary posture.

The missionary pose is rightfully recognized as one of the most common. Despite sexual emancipation and active popularization of unusual positions, it is used by every couple. It has at least 13 advantages.

The name of the classic way to obtain sexual satisfaction was invented by natives. The natives themselves copied in different ways. Europeans tried to persuade the tribal residents to use the position “face to face”, but they did not like to change the usual way of intimate life.

Missionary Pose: Advantages

Polls conducted in the 50s and 90s showed that about 90% of the fair sex prefer a missionary pose. Statistics for forty years have not changed. Men call her one of the loved ones, also preferring the positions of Doggi-Stail and a rider.

Relative to the advantages of the classical posture, then they include:

Emotional contact. During sex, partners can look into each other’s eyes. This allows you to read emotions, change the depth and intensity of penetration, reacting to facial expressions, expanding the pupils, a snack lip and other signs of exacerbation of pleasure.

Ease of use of additional caresses. Being on top, a man has access to the stimulation of the clitoris, buttocks and anus of a partner. Women can also deliver pleasant sensations with their hands.

Universality. Missionary pose is suitable for partners of different height, weight. From it you can quickly switch to oral affection.

Simplicity of process management. In classical position, both partners can lead the actions of another, in relation to the corner, speed and depth of penetration.

The ability to kiss. Being face to each other, lovers can caress their lips. Many people believe that kisses are able to strengthen physical pleasure from the process.

Close contact with the body. Lying horizontally, partners are in contact not only with the genitals, but also with their feet, arms, hips, chest.

The presence of several variations. Thanks to different techniques, you can diversify the sensations from sexual contact. To do this, just change the position of the woman’s legs, bend them in her knees, raise up, put the pillow under the pelvis, etc. D.

Monitoring of seed eruption. In a classic pose, a man can slow down, feeling the approach of an orgasm, thereby prolonging sexual contact.

Minimum constraint. Women are always concerned about the appearance. In a missionary position, they may not worry about their shortcomings, as they are not noticeable for a partner.

Simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and the notorious point g. Due to the double influence on the erogenous zones of a woman, a man is able to quickly bring his beloved to the peak of pleasure.

Convenience for penetration not only in the vagina. Missionary pose can be used for anal sex.

Low pain threshold. The classic position is recommended for virgins. The girl in her will experience a minimum of unpleasant moments. An inexperienced guy will be able to control actions, helping himself. For the same reason, the method is suitable for women with a narrow vagina and men with an organ of impressive size.

The effectiveness of conception. Deep penetration allows the representative of the strong half to “discharge” as close as possible to the uterus. If after sexual contact the woman lifts her legs up, the probability of pregnancy will increase significantly.

Of course, the missionary pose is good in any manifestations. But in order for sexual life to always be complete and exciting, you should not be limited only to classics.

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