Lotus pose in sex – intimate details

Intimacy Pose 64 – Lotus bed.

64 pose bears a very romantic name “Lotus”. However, this is a completely suitable name, since in this position partners really resemble the bud of this beautiful oriental flower.

Lotus pose in sex – intimate details

Kamasutra Lotus – need stretching

It is worth noting right away, then to perform this pose 64 will require flexibility from both partners, especially from a man. If you are not sure of your abilities, then it is not necessary to be stubborn in order not to harm either yourself or your partner, so you should choose a simpler pose. First, a man should sit in a lotus pose, like yoga. If you do not know how it is, then just look at the picture above or first set the basic positions of yoga to cope with the pose of the lotus in sex.

When the position is accepted, the partner sees on top of her partner and wrapps over a man’s waist. She puts her hands on his shoulders and begins to move, independently controlling the speed and depth of penetration. A man can help her, holding his hands on his hips and also try to move up and down. The lotus pose in intimate life is very romantic and is suitable for those couples who want to be closer to their partner during intercourse. In addition, your lips are freedom and you can kiss to exhaustion in the lotus pose in sex.

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