Kamasutra 68 pose "Clasp" – description

Pose 68 in sex – “fastener”.

The cute name bears Pose 68 “Flasp”. For the Kamasutra Pose 68, good physical preparation will be required, especially from the man. A woman should also be prepared for this, especially be able to hold the balance.

Kamasutra 68 pose "Clasp" – description

Kamasutra Pose 68 – what to do

To perform this pose, a man stands smoothly, and a woman wraps his lower back with her feet, this can be done from a chair or from a bed. . This sex fastener can be difficult for many, therefore, for more convenience, it is better to squeeze the partner to the wall in the Kama Sutra 68 pose: so, by the way, penetration can become a deeper.  Then the woman begins to move up and down, setting the pace in sex, but the man can completely control it in the post of 68 in sex.

Such a Kamasutra Pose of 68 is suitable for execution in absolutely any place, but its big minus is that a man should have enough strength to hold his partner in the air while making love joys. Therefore, in order not to hit the mud with a partner, a man needs to remember that in Kama Sutra this position requires physical training from both participants … But if you do not want to take risks and are not yet ready for experiments, you can use other equally interesting positions of the Kama Sutras: easy toside and a little more complicated when a man sits. Regarding everything else – the pleasure in the 68 pose is guaranteed to you.

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