In which poses is better to conceive a child

In which poses is better to conceive a child.

In which poses is better to conceive a child

Hear the first word «Mother» From his baby, take him in his arms and kiss him on chubby native cheeks – What woman does not dream of these moments? Long before the birth of a child, the couple plans that a little miracle will appear in their family soon – a boy or a girl who will fill life with a completely different meaning.

Preparing for conception, future mom and dad know well what can be done and what cannot. If they want the child to be born healthy – Refuse bad habits, eat properly, spend a lot of time in the fresh air. After consulting with specialists, they pay attention to the fact that not only the health of parents, but also their mood, the time of the day in which this happens, and even place are important for conception.But not all young couples know that for a successful attempt to fertilization it is necessary to pay special attention to the poses in which sex occurs.

In which poses is better to conceive a child

Let’s wait with diversity

All sophisticated poses that pleased you in sex before that must be forgotten for a while: in such a serious business as conception of a child, we determine only with 2-3 pose. Diversity in sex – This is very good, but the pose when a woman on top or all poses in a standing position are absolutely not suitable: firstly, the member enters the vagina not deep enough, secondly – will immediately flow out sperm.

«We do» boy

Dads, of course, want a son, mothers – daughter, although lately, more and more future parents say: «We don’t care who will be born, if only the baby was healthy». If the couple mutually decided that she wants a son, you need to focus on the pose «Missionary». It is in the position when a woman lies on her back, bending her legs at her knees, and a man, leaning on her arms, is located on top, spermatozoa «Boys» very active, but they live little, and in this position they quickly reach the uterine bottom. According to the observations of happy parents and surveys of gynecologists, it is this pose that allows you to conceive a boy.

«We do» Girl

Everyone loves girls. Her birth immediately turns the life of parents, grandparents and relatives on a continuous holiday: bows, ruffles, dresses, hairpins. If mom wants a daughter, and dad has nothing against it, it is best to have sex in a pose when a man behind. A woman stands on her knees, leaning her hands on the bed, the man stands on his knees from behind, holding on to the basin of a partner. In this position, the penetration is deep, but the spermatozoa reaches the uterus not so fast that it allows you to attach the desired female chromosome.

We buy a small pillow

If parents are fine with health – Their task during sexual intercourse to make copulation as deep as possible. The closer the penis will be to the neck, the more likely the sperm enters the destination. A small pillow put under a woman’s buttocks will help to help deep penetration, also pay attention to special pillows for sex, which are created to support during sex, are convenient and compact.

After sex we lie calmly

After achieving orgasm, a sexual partner, it is better for a woman to refuse to continue the act and calmly lie down. Lying on your back and bending your legs at your knees, you need to raise your pelvis a little, holding it with your hands or laying a pillow and lie down for 2-3 minutes. In this case, you can be sure that sperm will get to where it follows.

There is no absolute formula for the correct conception of the child. But adhering to elementary rules, you can increase the percentage of the possibility of the birth of a little native man.

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