Favorite poses of men in sex – secrets

What poses do men love in sex.

Of course, all men are different and their preferences may also differ, but on the basis of many men we revealed the three most beloved poses of sex in men.

Favorite poses of men in sex – secrets

3 Favorite pose of men in sex

And so, in a small study, 1000 men were interviewed, on the basis of their answers, we made a small list of what pose men love.

Third place – missionary pose

Perhaps surprisingly a large number of women, a classic pose enters the top three favorite poses of men when a man from above is a missionary.  No matter how much, the strongest floor does not like diversity and the feeling of new, inside they still remain the same conservatives, so occasionally they do not mind “jumping up” to the lady.  However, why do they like the missionary pose, these are the most common answers:

  • The balance between proximity and comfort is withstanded here;
  • Classic does not mean less pleasure;
  • In this position it can caress and kiss his partner;
  • Such a pose is multifaceted, it can be modified.

Second place – a pose of a rider

This is also a classic pose, but here the woman is on top, which men naturally like and they highlight the following advantages:

  • The most common answer is that a man can completely enjoy his woman;
  • So more convenient to caress the chest;
  • A woman can reach orgasm more often and faster;
  • In such a pose, the woman herself controls everything (speed and depth). Thus, a woman dominates that men in sex love. She, as it were, conquers her partner, and this sometimes very strongly excites a strong floor, provided that she owns her body well.

First place-“Doggi-Stayl”

And so, we have reached the first place of our small rating and here are the Pose of Doga Style.  Literally translating from English, this means dog style. According to statistics, this is a favorite pose in sex for men. In this position, a woman becomes on all fours, bending her back, and the man turns out to be behind her and penetrates inside.

If in previous cases many women also shared preferences, then regarding the “Doggi Style” picture is another. This is not to say that the beautiful half of the population has a favorite pose of sex, which means they have to make concessions. At the same time, bewilderment arises, where such a craving? Here are frequent male answers to this question:

  • This is also a great position in sex in order to fully enjoy the beauty of the female body;
  • The deepest penetration occurs here, so this pose is recommended to use men with a little dignity;
  • Here a man dominates 100%, which of course stimulates them very much.

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