Erection rings: what is it and how to use? Erication rings

Penis nozzle.

Nozzles to increase the penis, as the name is clear, most often use men who are not satisfied with the natural size of the penis. But there are other reasons – for example, when a woman needs additional or more severe stimulation;When you want a variety, you can combine them with classic vibrators;when you want to try fisting;and even use instead of a condom. You can even paint according to the points of the task with which such nozzles can cope:

– lengthening of the penis;

– an increase in the diameter of the penis;

– change or relief addition;

– diversity of sexual life;

– extension of sexual intercourse;

– strengthening of an erection;

– prevention of premature ejaculation;

– ensuring the necessary partner stimulation;contraception.

If you came to the fact that you need such a multifunctional sex toy, then the first question that could arise is how to choose such a nozzle correctly. Be sure to choose the appropriate nozzle size. If dense contact between the head of the penis and the nozzle is not achieved, it is quite possible that the product will rub. As a rule, such problems do not arise with elastic nozzles.

Extending nozzles can add to the length of the penis from 5 to 20 cm. A big plus is that the use of such nozzles does not require a doctor’s consultation, and they are available in free sale. If you are afraid to make a mistake with the choice of the internal length of the nozzle, you can choose one of the detachment models, in which the excess can simply be cut off by first measured.

Thickening nozzles on the penis, usually with an open head. And if such an intimate accessory has an additional relief on its surface, then additional stimulation of the walls of the partner vagina occurs. Most often, the internal coating is also a ribbed, stimulating man.

Caring for such intimate accessories is quite standard:

– After the purchase, before the first use, do not be lazy and rinse the sex toy with warm soap water;

Use a special antibacterial tool to clean toys;

– Dry the product thoroughly after washing;

– After sexual intercourse, rinse and process the nozzle;

– Do not use the nozzle again if you are not processed;

– Store in dark and cool, protected from sunlight inaccessible to children, place;

– Do not use caustic powders, solvents and other chemicals for washing;

– Use an antiseptic that does not contain alcohol. As previously written, the nozzle can be used as a condom, but only if it is closed. If you adhere to the written list of nozzles, then your accessory will last a long time, and will help out more than once, replacing the condom at a crucial moment. You have already chosen the nozzle, bought and processed, as indicated in the care tips? Then it’s time to figure out how to put on a nozzle.

If the nozzle is thin: – roll up the nozzle by about ⅓ and release all the extra air;- Apply a little lubricant suitable for the material of the nozzle on its inside;- Roll up a member nozzle just as you usually put on a condom.

If the nozzle is thick: – sprinkle the inner surface of the nozzle with a special talc;- Pull the nozzle in a circular motion until complete fit.

General rules for putting on and using nozzles:

– The penis must be dry;

– The nozzle is worn exclusively at the maximum erection;

– put on the nozzle smoothly and neatly;

– Use grease on the outer surface of the nozzle so as not to deliver discomfort;

– The duration of intimacy in the nozzle should not exceed 30 minutes;

– If discomfort occurs or unpleasant pain, immediately remove the nozzle;

– Do not use the product with non -standard sex – anal and oral;

– It is not recommended to use such accessories for people with cardiovascular diseases.

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