Deep petting – technology and pose for petting

Deep petting technique.

What is Petering in simple words? First of all, this is one of the possibilities to give pleasure to your partner. Translated from English, this means caressing that causes excitement. It is also a type of sexual activity, which involves pleasure by stimulating erogenous zones without the exposure of the genital organs. Often this type of satisfaction is confused with masturbation to each other, however, caresses in clothing differ in that hands do not touch the genitals. Both partners, so to speak, rub about each other, which is why they are excited.

Deep petting – technology and pose for petting

This type of satisfaction has been used since ancient times. People of that time brought themselves to ecstasy, practicing petting in clothes. Very experienced lovers who knew their body and owned it as much as possible, used such pleasure for their partners, for which they could receive money, be in the zone of attention of influential men and use other advantages. Experts argue that all the sexual energy of such women was concentrated on the delicate fingertips, due to which they, leading the body of their man, could bring it to orgasm.

Unfortunately, today there are few girls who can and want to please their man in this way. All the secrets of such art are gradually forgotten, it becomes irrelevant in our time. But sexologists and other experts are sure that people forget about the art of owning their body, which can cause them the highest pleasure, not comparable to anything.

Varieties of petting

We can highlight three types of affection without penetration, which are used in our time. However, this art has changed a little in the modern world and now there can be nothing more than an erotic massage.

So, varieties of petting:

  1. Surface. This is a mutual petting, in which a certain type and fabric should be worn on both partners. It’s no secret that in dense jeans and warm sweater you will not be able to bring each other to the “boiling point”. Experienced priestesses remind that during such actions it is desirable to be dressed in silk or satin fabrics, which also additionally stimulate the genitals during friction.
  2. Nekking (from English. neck). Getting the pleasure of this type of caress, only without stimulation of the genital organs, and another body, which is located above the waist. It is no secret that women get satisfaction from stroking, biting, friction, licking of breasts and nipples. One of the most erogenous zones of men is the stomach, earlobes, neck, nipples, chin and, of course, lips. Women can take their long painted or nuded eyelashes on the stomach and navel than to cause small goosebumps, and then excitement. There is also a tantric teaching that talks about how to bring to a person’s orgasm, practically without touching him. So, if you are already in a certain excited state, then it’s enough just to blow on the human body, and it will already tremble from the desire.

Deep petting – technology and pose for petting

  1. Deep petting is the complete stimulation of the bodies that are in clothing. This is a separate art of delivering excitation, having certain restrictions. These restrictions are due to the fact that both a woman and a man cannot stimulate each other’s genitals with hands or lips. However, the affection of the penis is allowed with the help of the chest. In response, a man can learn the technique of virghat, which provides for the friction of the penis of the man about the woman’s crotch (note, the latter must be in clothes). Virghata is the so -called surrogate form of sexual intercourse, which is described in detail in the famous world book about love – Kamasatra.

The desire to engage in petition should come from both partners, and the excitement will appear smoothly and growing in the growing head, both a man and a woman. When excitement is at the maximum level, it can quickly go to petting orgasm, which actually is the result of a petition class.

Peting technique

Petering is one of the types of achievement of sexual pleasure, by kisses, stroking or massaging various parts of the body.

It acts as a certain intermediate between caresses during sex or masturbation. For this reason, it was often used in those countries where the girl’s innocence and virginity was appreciated. In addition, petting can be used as preventive measures for sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancy.

The highest point of pleasure is a deep petting, which is that the partners bring pleasure to themselves without the most sexual intercourse. This implies that both partners cover their bare bodies with kisses, caress various erogenous zones, including genitals. Deep petting can develop into oral sex after some time, that is, with a blowjob or cunnilingus.

Deep petting – technology and pose for petting

The petting technique is very diverse and depends on the imagination of partners, here are the main types of petting:

  1. Breast caresses. This type can be used when a woman has a large and magnificent breast. For this, it is necessary that the man sits on the chair, and the woman is located at his feet. Then she places his member between her breasts and begins movements. You can move up and down, and hold your chest with your hands. You can periodically drive nipples on the head of the penis, and then make a blowjob from this position to your partner. You can also use this in a different position when a woman lies, and a man above her. He sticks his dick between her breasts and begins to move it himself.
  2. Petering between the hips. The weak floor is not necessarily the entry of a penis into its vagina in order to achieve an orgasm. You can just sit on your man’s thigh and start to rub on him with your genital zones. At this time, a partner can stimulate her kisses and caresses in the clitoris, chest and the like.
  3. In panties. Suitable for the first sexual experience when the girl is not yet ready for sex, or when the girl has menstruation. The couple begins their caresses through clothes, but soon the girl remains only in underwear. A man can caress her labia through the fabric, which can bring her to orgasm.

There are many variations with this type of pleasure, everything will already depend on the desires of partners and their imagination, the main thing is that they listen to each other.

How to do petition?

It’s no secret that if you kiss a person that you really like for a long time, then you can really get excited. If you have not yet dared to trust a person to experience an orgasm with sex with him, then you can simply use one of the techniques that are described in the previous chapter of this article. Now we want to talk about a certain algorithm for the implementation of any of the methods of such enjoyment.

  • Start. First of all, it is necessary to establish visual contact with a person who will engage in petition. In the eyes you both must understand that you want the same. Eye contact should not be delayed, because already in the first minutes you will understand that you want to give pleasure to each other;
  • a passionate kiss. Such an action will help both relax, and then proceed to a more active hug;
  • do not rush, each action should be clear and quite slow. Petering provides for gentle touches to the body of the partner, which additionally excites;
  • The pose for petting should be convenient: you need to be able to completely control your body, while your hands will enjoy the body of your lover;Deep petting – technology and pose for petting
  • keep carelessness in your eyes and lightness. Remember that this is not a movie, and in any case, everything will not be as romantic as you imagine it. Perhaps there will be some awkward moments, but you must smooth them with kisses and pretend that nothing happened;
  • Say compliments to your partner. This can be pronounced in almost a whisper so that it is more sexy. These phrases can be the following: “You start me very much”, “You are beautiful, sexy”, “I want you”, etc. P.;
  • Take your hands. If a person wants active actions, then he does not need to say that his hands should not be inactive. Men can carefully take their partner by the waist, drive their hands on the back, and maybe go to stroking the mammary glands. Women should remember that men are especially fond of when, with a kiss, ladies’ hands are on their back of their head and tenderly stroking their hair;
  • Tear each other. You can press a partner strongly, kissing and caressing his body, and when it comes to lifting clothes, you must immediately stop and look into the eyes of your partner with a languid look. This action will lead you both even more and will not let you start traditional sex if you really do not want it;
  • Do not forget to take your breath sometimes. Such an action will help you take up the technique of performing petting with new forces.

Deep petting – technology and pose for petting

We described you a certain algorithm of actions that can be appropriate when petting, however, we should also remember other nuances: the pose for petting can be as diverse as in sex. Often you can hear such a thing as “gentle petting”, but we want to note that any of the techniques suggest the presence of delicate touch. After petting, enjoy your breath and impulses that come from the body’s body. Be tender and attentive, do not forget about touch after all actions. Often, both partners want to hug tightly and lie down for a long time after that.

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