7 poses for sex during pregnancy

7 poses for sex during pregnancy.

For each trimester

It’s completely normal to think and worry about sex during pregnancy. At this time, incredible things are happening with the female body. But be sure, the studies show that with a certain caution and with the resolution of the observant doctor, this is absolutely safe.

Sex will allow a woman to feel much better, while the sensations will be slightly different than before conception. Indeed, during pregnancy in blood, the level of hormones such as estrogen and progesterone (pregnancy hormone) increases significantly. This increases blood flow to the uterus and genitals, enhances the release of vaginal lubrication and the sensitivity of the chest, especially the nipples.

Experts note that the participation of sexual activity has a positive impact on both the expectant mother and on a still unborn child. Sex, as you know, releases endorphins and oxytocin – otherwise known as “The hormone of love” – allowing you to relax and feel good.

The most important thing is to choose the right position, because some of the provisions that you practiced before can now become not just uncomfortable, but not unsafe. So at the end of the second and throughout the third trimester, positions should be avoided when a woman lies on her back – this can reduce the flow of blood from the lower body to the heart.


It should be remembered (especially for men) that at this time you should most avoid quick aggressive movements. Penetration and frictions for the next year should become smooth and very tender and careful!

First trimester: scissors

7 poses for sex during pregnancy

Very relaxed pose for both partners. Implies a rather shallow penetration, regarding other positions. It can be practiced only at the beginning of pregnancy, as a woman lies on her back. In addition, the growing stomach subsequently can interfere.

Sit on the bed face to each other with elongated legs. Throw one leg through the part of the partner, and he will do the same on the other side. Move to each other so that the man can enter. Now you can lean back on your back, while a man rests on his hands.

First trimester: missionary pose on the edge

7 poses for sex during pregnancy

If you like the missionary pose and you do not want to refuse it during pregnancy, but at the same time you feel discomfort, then you just need to modify it a little.

Partner to lie down on the edge of the sofa or armchair, firmly putting his legs on the floor. A man, depending on the height of the surface, standing on her legs or knees, wraps the woman’s hips and carefully enters.

Second Trimester: Doggi-Stayl

7 poses for sex during pregnancy

Classical position for all occasions. The main thing is to remember about the smoothness of movements and caution. If your back hurts, try to rely on a few pillows.

The woman kneels, leaning on outstretched hands, and the man enters her from behind. The main advantage is the ability to stimulate the clitoris or make a lower back (maybe such a massage will not lead to an orgasm, but will bring an equally pleasant feeling of voltage relief).

Second trimester: frog jump

7 poses for sex during pregnancy

A light version of a previous position for a woman, when she can truly relax. In addition, the angle of penetration changes significantly, which leads to stimulation of other sensory points. It is recommended to use a pillow or blanket to give additional support to the hands and head.

The partner lies on the bed face down, bending his knees and raising his hips, the man enters her from behind, holding the hips.

Second trimester: rider

7 poses for sex during pregnancy

The partner completely takes control of the angle and the depth of penetration, as well as the pace of movement, while the man gets access to the female breast, the sensitivity of which is now exacerbated to the maximum.

The partner lies on his back, his legs extended. The woman sits next to her knees, then, carefully move one leg through a partner, lift him, face forward. After which she begins to move with the most comfortable pace and the depth of immersion.

Third trimester: hugs

7 poses for sex during pregnancy

Lying on his side with her back to a man, a woman relieves pressure from the back and uterus, which in itself is already important and pleasant. Such a situation does not imply deep penetration, which at this stage of pregnancy can become uncomfortable.

A woman lies on her side with her back to the man, slightly bending his knees. Movement can make and control both a partner and a partner.

Third trimester: a rider face to feet

7 poses for sex during pregnancy

A modified version of the rider. Now a woman is also on top of a lying partner, but is located with her back to his face. Bending forward and backward, it can change the penetration angle, thereby increasing the stimulation of the clitoris.


The article was written exclusively by introductory purposes. During pregnancy, there may be contraindications to sexual relations. Be sure to consult a doctor!!!

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