6 reasons why the pose in sex can be uncomfortable, and how to fix it

6 reasons why the pose in sex can be uncomfortable, and how to fix it.

6 reasons why the pose in sex can be uncomfortable, and how to fix it

There are such poses in sex that may be uncomfortable for partners. But do not immediately reject them and bring them in «black list», you need to try to fix them somehow. Simple ways will help to be comfortable and feel more enjoyment. And knowing these techniques to improve positions, it will be possible to get satisfaction anywhere!

6 reasons for the inconvenience of the pose

Any pair can highlight two or three favorite poses. Constancy – This is good, but sometimes it becomes bored and I want something new. And a sense of discomfort when having sex in another position can occur for the following reasons:

  • Non -sprinkle of size. If the partner has a big cock, then he can cause pain in the girl, strongly resting on the cervix. A small penis can slip out of the vagina, thereby interrupting and distracting from the process of getting pleasure.
  • Solid surface. Pain appears in the places of support. You can even get an injury of arms or legs, if the process occurs on the asphalt, rocky or other hard surfaces.
  • Friction force. For example, any movement on the palace leads to slipping, which is why abrasions arise on the skin. So quickly you can damage your palms or knees to the blood.
  • Uneven weight distribution. If you rely on only one limb, then it instantly. The weight should be distributed correctly so that for several minutes you can hold out without unpleasant sensations.
  • Limited stimulation. There are poses in which it is difficult to stimulate the clitoris, scrotum or nipples, but without it there is no pleasure. As a result of which the pose can be considered uncomfortable. And some may lack visual contact during intercourse.
  • Embarrassment. In some positions, problem areas can be visible, and therefore a man or woman may feel awkward. They are uncomfortable precisely because of this «openness».

6 reasons why the pose in sex can be uncomfortable, and how to fix it

If you know what brings inconvenience, you can remove the cause and everything will be fine. And it turns out that this pose is quite good, only additional preparation is needed. How can you fix the most common discomfort factors?

The discrepancy between sizes

For great male dignity, you can use a limiter, for example, Erective ring, but place it not at the base of the penis, but one or two see. higher. Thus, there is no too deep penetration, so there is no pain.

Another method involves changing the angle of penetration. You can change the position of the legs by raising them above or lowering them, bend in the lower back or squeeze the muscles of the vagina. When a position changes, the situation may improve, and the member will stimulate the walls of the vagina, and this causes a pleasant sensation and leads to bright orgasms.

. From this, the vaginal muscles will become more elastic and the feelings of discomfort will not arise. Can add grease, which will enhance the pleasant sensations of partners.

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