100 pose for sex – Official pose

Pose 100 for sex near the wall – “Official”.

100 porn pose, The final list of love positions, the strict name “official”.

100 pose for sex – Official pose

Official sex – standing position

The unconditional advantage of sex pose 100 is that it can be used in completely different conditions: in the kitchen, in the shower, in the entrance, elevator. For its execution, a man stands evenly and rests his back against the wall, at this time the woman hangs on it and also rests her feet against the wall. It is worth warning that both participants in this pleasant process will need a lot of strength. Her – to hold on to him, and to him – to keep her. At the same time, the initiative of active movements can be on any of the partners: 100 pose in sex allows both a man to take leadership and a woman if she is bent from the wall from the wall.

For more convenience, a woman should grab the part of the partner’s neck, and the man to support her hips. If it doesn’t come out, but I really like this pose, then a man can put his right leg on a low stool, then the whole weight of the partner will go to his knee and will be more convenient to keep in this position of love. For a variety, after a while you can change: then we can get a “fastener” pose. Holding a woman by weight, the man turns, and now she turns out to be near the wall. By the way, in this version of the performance, the girl will be much easier to hold, if at the same time they will press her against the wall.

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