Women’s intimate haircuts. Photo 38 unique haircuts. Video

38 female intimate haircuts — photo.

In this article we will introduce you 38 photos of female intimate haircuts, 38 unique hairstyles for the bikini zone that will help each girl create her own unique style and become original, irresistibly attractive and even more desirable for her loved one.

Such haircuts actually exist much longer than many women imagine. But if earlier to care for the beauty of their genital organs was characteristic exclusively by queens, empresses and women of higher social classes, then today an intimate haircut is available to absolutely every woman. Any, without exception, a representative of the fair sex can feel like a real queen, emphasizing the beauty of her body in such an original way.

The first and most popular question that almost all girls who recently learned about Bikini Design are: «And what haircut options exist for women?«. In order to partially answer this question, we suggest you get acquainted with the list of photos below, which depict various options for styles of similar hairstyles.

Women’s intimate haircuts. Photo 38 unique haircuts. Video
Women’s intimate haircuts. Photo 38 unique haircuts. Video
Women’s intimate haircuts. Photo 38 unique haircuts. Video

It was not at all by chance that this is not all female intimate haircuts. Why? Because in fact there are many more, more precisely, their number is limited exclusively by the wealth of your imagination and fantasy.

You probably noticed in the photo that some hairstyles are based on the same shape, but due to the shaving of various lines on it at different angles or shaving its individual parts, we can result in completely different haircut options. Thus, taking as a basis any of the above styles you can come up with and create your own that will be unique and belong only to you.

The next question that excites girls sounds like this:

Where is it better to make an intimate haircut?

In fact, there are 2 options: to do it at home or turn to professionals for help in beauty salon. Both of these options have both positive and negative aspects. For example, making a haircut at home, you save money on the one hand, but on the other — Without a certain experience, you risk obtaining as a result, gently put it, «this is unclear»!)) Turning to the salon, you will be sure that the professional designer will give your bikini zone an irresistible look, but for the work of the pros, of course, you will have to pay and a couple not small money. If we talk about the price, then you should start from 1600 rubles and above — The price will depend on the cabin (Moscow prices).

If we consider this issue for the perspective, it will probably be better to learn to make a bikini haircut independently, as this will save well. Hair tends to grow, so you will need to constantly care for your beauty under the panties, again and again, turning for this service in the salon. So if you want to look beautiful «there» And nothing to pay for it — Learn to make an intimate haircut yourself. Even if you have never done anything like it, start with the simplest options, each time you complicate the haircut. Over time and practice, you can make the most sophisticated hairstyles in the bikini zone, without spending a lot of time on it. Another thing is when there is an opportunity to visit the salon, then please — The result of you is guaranteed to please you!)

How to make an intimate haircut at home yourself

First of all, you will need to decide what you want to see, that is, what kind of haircut do you want to do. If this is not a very complicated form, then you can make it by eye, if it is a rather complicated figure with bends and not symmetrical lines, then it is better to make a paper template first, which will then need to be transferred to the skin. Having attacked the template to the place where the haircut will be made, it will be necessary to circle its contours with a marker, gel pen or pencil. After that, already clearly seeing the boundaries, it will be possible to start removing excess hair from this area.

By the way, if we are talking about a female intimate haircut, this does not mean at all that the hair can only be cut or shave. You can remove your hair in any way convenient for you: with the help of a hair removal cream, wax hair removal, sugar caramel hair removal, using an electrical razor, etc.D. Depending on the way of hair removal, you will choose a set of necessary tools for. But in any case, you will need: a disposable sheet or a clean towel, a mirror, tweezers, cotton pads, a comb, a razor, a disinfectant, a cream after shaving or hair removal, children’s pouring, shaving or wax tapes. More details on how to remove hair in all possible ways read in the article Bikini Removement — The basics of design bikini.

After you transfer the contour of the picture to the skin, you will need to remove all the hair out of this circuit by one or another method. But before that you start doing it, it is better to pre -shorten all the hair on the pubis and bring it to one length. To do this, you will need to shave a machine using a nozzle for a particular hair length. After the hair is shortened and the excess is removed, the pattern can be made more expressive due to tinting. The essence of this procedure is that the entire area of the drawing is smeared with professional paint for design bikini or hair for hair (dark) or henna. As a result, the skin and the remaining hair on it will darken a little, which will give your haircut more expressiveness. Upon completion, do not forget to process the areas of remote hair with cream after shaving or cream after hair removal, to relieve irritation quickly.


In addition to everything written, we suggest watching a video in which it is clearly shown how an intimate haircut is made in a beauty salon. In this example, a special resin is used to remove hair for hair removal.

That’s actually all. As you can see, there is nothing particularly complicated in this. So look carefully photos of female intimate haircuts that are given on this page, think, choose and do in the end! Make a small, but very extravagant erotic surprise on your body for your beloved man. Believe me, he will like it very much!!))

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