Wife log in bed: what to do?

Wife log in bed: what to do?.

Wife log in bed is a popular insult from men, which usually occurs at the time of quarrels or discontent to the partner. The concept itself does not have a clear designation, so everyone imagines a passive woman as he wants.

Meanwhile, this painfully wounds the representatives of the gentle sex, and inexperienced girls in attempts to avoid such status begin to look for ways to become a real professional.

But men have good reason to reproach the partner in the inability to give pleasure. How to separate male failures from female mistakes, find out in this publication.

The consequences of a woman’s accusations of passivity

A number of complexes caused by fear of being a log in bed can seriously hit self -esteem and lead to frigidity. Therefore, a conversation with his wife needs to be built without complaints and accusations.

The protective reaction will not allow her to agree with her husband, she will convince herself that she can do everything in bed, and her husband is unreasonably trying to humiliate her. This approach will not solve the problem.

Immediately after defensive actions, the girl will most likely go to self -flagellation. Here you cannot avoid cold in a relationship and a distance between spouses.

Distrust can increase for a long period and at the end many couples come to the fact that they no longer want each other.

If some women block the desire for sex at a subconscious level and thereby feel even more insensitive logs, then others on the contrary begin to be active in bed.

Sometimes it reaches the point of absurdity and sex becomes unbearable, because feelings and emotions come out of it, the girl has one goal – to move so that the bed breaks.

Wife log in bed: signs

It is a mistake to believe that the girl is a log of a gentle sex who undresses, to lie down and does not make any body movements, while not making sounds yet.

It feels like you have sex with something inanimate. But many people even like such sex and men, on the contrary, ask their second halves not to move in some poses.

For example, with sex standing against the wall, a partner is better to fix the situation well and not try to get into the beat. A dispensation will occur and nothing good will come out. So what are the signs of “wooden” women?

Lack of dialogue

If a man and a woman do not discuss their intimate life in a relationship, do not share fantasies and reject the proposals of a partner, then sooner or later everything will come to the sad ending.

The routinization of sexual life will come, the proximity to turn into a boring, meaningless activity, in which one, then both, do not receive proper satisfaction.


She can and moves more than him by 10 times, but does what he does not give him pleasure, and sometimes actively active where it should not be done. This is such an uncontrollable log. Flies from the mountain, there are a lot of movements, there is little sense.

Fall with conditions

There is such a thing among men. When a girl loves, appreciates, respects and really wants her man, she literally gives him.

That is, it sets the boundaries of the permitted one, but otherwise it enjoys how he takes it. Unfortunately this does not always happen.

For some reason, many girls resist in bed, and sometimes knock down all the desire to set the requirements. The man has an erection, he put on a condom, kisses his beloved, slowly pulls his underpants from her, and she … interferes with him! Some simply hold their underpants so that they cannot be removed, others lie and be afraid to raise the ass, as a result of which it is impossible to undress it.

Or at the very peak of male excitement, she suddenly recalls that he is in socks and declares – until you remove, nothing will happen. Then she noticed the stubble and sent to shave. Then she did not like the pose and she decided to go to the bedroom.

And there it was light and she needed to curtain the curtains. Immediately after that, crumbs were found on the bed and she thought that this was the best time to scandal. A dissatisfied and evil man leaves, throwing an evil phrase into the trail – Baba log!

Star pose

Sexual intercourse includes several stages, among which the prelude is mandatory. Not everyone knows that this is a common cause and caresses are required not only to a woman, but also to a man. During sex, ridiculous pauses occur, which are important to fill in.

Lack of experience, selfishness, constraint and other reasons often lead to the fact that the girl takes the pose of the star with her arms and legs, and the man tries to do something with her body in proud loneliness.

For example, during preliminary affection for full excitement, petting and mutual masturbation would not be superfluous. Further at the moment when a man tries to get a condom from the package, experienced girls pause with their actions, such as blowjob, for example. You can also continue to kiss and touch the man while he puts on a condom.

The absence of such trifles causes a feeling of loneliness and obligations. They look at you from the side, they are waiting for you to do everything, and you feel stupid, like a bad actor on the stage of the theater. If a girl at these moments tries to joke or rushes her partner, then the disappearance of an erection can be a sad final of the meeting.

He will be sure that his wife is a log in bed. And she refusing to admit her guilt will call him impotent. And the log and impotent are not able to satisfy each other in bed and so sex leaves the relationship.

Wife log in bed: Lack of orgasm

Physiology of women is a rather complicated thing. The clitoris is responsible for the excitement and receiving pleasure, and the orgasm itself is not provided for as a mandatory. For fertilization of the egg, the peak of pleasure is important, but without it you can. Two problems follow from here.

A small clitoris or its insufficient sensitivity, in conjunction with a “sleeping” point G, can lead to difficulty excitement. Often such girls have a meager lubrication of the vagina, just speaking lubrication is not enough.

It will be difficult to achieve an orgasm and here can come to revenue the experience and desire of a man who is better to arrange for adult toys, for example, a clitoral stimulant. Point G can be massaged with fingers, but how many do so?

The lack of dialogue, male egoism and complexes of a girl who perceives the inability to get an orgasm and a small amount of lubrication as its own concern, lead to misunderstanding.

She regularly does not enjoy, disappointment accumulates and at the first quarrel her husband learns about this. In response to claims, he will most likely declare – everyone ended with me, you alone cannot. Treat! You didn’t see a log!

Wife log in bed: instead

Girl – a log and an inexperienced girl, not one and the same. High -quality sex is more affected by the context, which includes respect, trust, sympathy, lack of fears and fears.

Then there is common sense and lack of egoism by both partners.  .

They talk about socks, stubble and light later, so that the next time to be even better. Desires and fantasies are discussed and realized, which contributes to a variety and satisfaction of needs. But ridiculous pauses simply do not arise, because there is no time to lie idle and observe the attempts of the second half, there are always a bad manner in bed in bed in bed!

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