Why is sperm thick in some men?

Why does a man have thick sperm?.

The importance of the health of reproductive organs is undeniable. But many men do not pay due attention to this. However, it is inattention that very often leads to poor consequences. Therefore, you need to be able to prevent the appearance of various pathologies, knowing the concept of norm and prevention. In this article we will figure out: “Why is sperm thick in some men?”.

Why is sperm thick in some men?

What kind of sperm is considered normal?

The quality of the sperm of a healthy man, in addition to passing tests, is evaluated visually. Here we will talk about how sperm should be the smell, color and consistency.

  • Consistency. Normally, it should resemble liquid sour cream. However, it is necessary to take into account the possibility of changing viscosity with the course of a certain time. So, the release of seed fluid occurs in jelly -like form, but then it thickens. After some time, the sperm becomes a half -life again. It is considered normal not too liquid and not too thick ejaculate. In addition, sperm should be homogeneous and have the ability to change its consistency over time.
  • Color. Normally, it should be milky white. Any other shades are a sign of developing pathologies that need to be diagnosed.
  • Smell. Sperm of a healthy person will not publish sharp unpleasant odors. Its smell can be compared with the aroma of chestnuts. Fish, rotten and any other smell – a sign of deviations.

Why is sperm thick in some men?

What affects the density of sperm?

A large number of factors affect the consistency of sperm. Many of them are the result of the impact of the environment and lifestyle.

  • Nutrition. The presence of zinc, protein, magnesium in the diet is important. In addition, vitamins play no less role. All of them affect the quality of the formed seed fluid. The thickness of the ejaculate also depends on the presence of caffeine, so the use of products with its content should be reduced.
  • Long abstinence. The discharge becomes thicker, dense balls may appear that determine the process of destroying old spermatozoa.
  • Bad habits. Smoking, narcotic substances and alcohol negatively affect the viscosity of sperm associated with the influence of the prostate.
  • Anaboliki. Such drugs carry a side effect – a deterioration in the quality of seed fluid, which will first affect its consistency: it becomes thicker.
  • Stress. Another reason for increasing the density manifested during the period of protracted depression.
  • Water regime. It is important to drink enough drinking water daily. Otherwise, the effect will be similar to stress.
  • Bad ecology. Emissions of harmful industrial production can affect the appearance of clots.

It is worth noting that external factors affect a certain time, after which the sperm returns to the norm.

Why is sperm thick in some men?

Diseases due to which sperm becomes thick

Thick sperm is not rarely a signal of the presence of many diseases. At the same time, it is important to conduct diagnosis and treatment in a timely manner, so that there is no further spread of the disease to the partner.

  • Infectious diseases. They also affect the color of the ejaculate, which becomes greenish. The concomitant symptom is the appearance of a specific smell. The seed fluid itself in consistency becomes very thick.
  • Hemospermia. With this disease, a characteristic feature is pain in the genitals and the presence of blood in the ejaculate.
  • Inflammation in the pelvic area. The symptom is pain in the related organs, as well as the presence of lumps in sperm.

Increased sperm viscosity and fertilization

Increased viscosity of the ejaculate – a condition in which, after ejaculation, it does not become liquid after a long time. Up to 30% of such cases determine the phenomenon of viscosypatia, which threatens infertility.

  • Too thick sperm determines the change in the characteristics of spermatozoa associated with transport.
  • The linear direction is changing.
  • The germ cells quickly lose activity, they may stop moving.
  • The speed of sperm in the seed fluid and the cervix is also reduced.

Strong, with high viscosity, sperm loses quality, while the number of active germ cells can significantly decrease. In addition, damage to the membranes of sperm and a decrease in their viability are observed. The concentration of fructose in the seed fluid is reduced, which affects the deterioration of the functions of the male germ cells, and this has a negative effect on his reproductive ability. One of the most important deviations that determines the presence of pathologies is the increased content of the ATP sperm – an energy source for germ cells. This suggests that spermatozoa does not consume this substance in the desired concentration due to the deterioration of the transport function.

Why is sperm thick in some men?

How to dilute ejaculate on their own

For the prevention of increasing viscosity, it is important to consider the following rules:

  • Find a partner for sex
    and lead a regular sex life.
  • Eating correctly and balanced, if necessary, add vitamins.
  • Correctly select underwear and follow hygiene rules.
  • Less often visit baths and saunas.
  • Drink enough water.
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle, abandoning bad habits and playing sports.
  • Regularly visit the urologist.

It is worth noting folk methods that can make ejaculate more liquid.

  • Add cilantro and celery in small quantities to the diet.
  • Take royal jelly.
  • Eat the seeds of pumpkin and oil.

Why is sperm thick in some men?

In what cases should you see a doctor?

It is important to monitor the health of the male genital organs in order to recognize possible deviations at an early stage. When a thick ejaculate occurs for a long time, you should pay attention to the symptoms that can be an alarming signal for the onset of diseases.

  • Rash on the head of the penis.
  • The presence of viscous sperm for more than 2 weeks.
  • The presence of unpleasant odors.
  • The discharge changes color.
  • The head of the penis has a pronounced edema or redness.
  • Painful and difficult urination.

Why is sperm thick in some men?

Thus, we can conclude about the importance of clinical signs in the recognition of diseases. It is attention to your body, following the properly simple rules of prevention will help to avoid problems with reproduction.

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