Why do men love to lick in women?

Why do men love to lick in women?.

Recently, forums are increasingly creating topics with a discussion of sharply increased demand for oral affection from men towards women. In anonymous polls, girls admit that practically no man refuses such contact, moreover, the stronger sex themselves actively insist on this .

If a man does not make cunnilingus, then it even sounds strange. What is the reason? Why do men love to lick in women and when it suddenly became fashionable?

Of course, love for Kuni did not appear yesterday, it existed for many years, it was simply not so actively discussed.

The beliefs of many men categorically forbid them to engage in such things, while others simply did not know too much.

And not everyone knew about Cooney. Now everyone, without leaving the house, can watch a spicy video where the practice of cunnilingus is considered almost the main.

Interest arises, and then the desire to try, learn. However, many do not just do this out of curiosity or for the sake of a partner, they enjoy. Why this happens, let’s try to figure it out.

Why do men love to lick in women according to the theory of subordination?

In the history of China there is one woman who not only practiced cunnilingus, but made him a ritual of submission.

The courtiers, when meeting with the Empress, were obliged to kneel, after which they found themselves under the right and kissed her on the labia.

This type of humiliation was aimed at the exaltation of the female and is one of the vivid Femdom examples in history.

Nowadays, in many families, the upbringing of a boy is built on the principle of a special, sometimes excessive respect for the female sex, which leads to a subconscious desire to obey and the emergence of wife -like guys.

A man can be more successful a hundred times, but in bed it is not rare to realize his desires to be humiliated. It is Cunnilingus that allows him to experience these feelings.

The girls themselves are rarely treated as a way to humiliate, in this they are far from the Empress at Hu, because she forced her to kiss her into intimate places not for the sake of high. Modern ladies allow the partner to lick solely for the sake of enjoyment.

Nevertheless, there are representatives of the delicate sex who agree to the cooney if they are not ready for more. I don’t want sex with you, but since you ask you to have been allowed to have oral sex.

Thus, she doesn’t care about a man, she just uses him for her beloved, but in fact, this is exactly what excites many guys.

Why do men like to lick: a short way to orgasm

Not all men are attracted by a sports approach to sex. For an hour and a half, not everyone is capable of making powerful and sharp frictions.

But leaving a woman unsatisfied is not good. Oral sex with the use of stimulation of points G is able to solve this problem.

If the forces are over or the erection did not come at all, you can always go the other way and deliver an orgasm orally.

In this case, fingers are additionally used, so an orgasm is much easier to achieve. That is, the difference between cunnilingus, which took place for a man from cunnilingus, which is performed for the sake of a girl is to aim at the highest point of pleasure.

When a man is an egoist, he does everything slowly, ignoring the feelings of his partner, as he likes. Otherwise, everything happens differently. This also needs to be understood.

Sometimes it is difficult for a girl to get involved instantly and the preludes cannot be limited to kisses and hugs.

Immediately before entering a woman, many guys prefer to achieve the maximum readiness of a partner and use cunnilingus for this.

It allows you to not only excite the lady, but also control this process to her gentleman. As soon as he understands that there are enough lubricants, the intercourse will take place.

This method is used by experienced lovers who care about their companion. It is proved that intimate without prelude can end insignificant, but injuries. Especially if a woman has problems with vaginal lubrication.

In fact, answers to the question “Why do men love to lick in women” a lot. It all depends on a specific situation and a specific man.

From a feeling of humiliation, to taking care of the girl. Not everyone gets high from the process itself, some work for the sake of the result.

Why do men love to lick in women and what is the oral type of personality

Who has heard about system-vector psychology, then knows what it will be discussed. There are 8 vectors into which all types of personality of a person can be divided. One of them was called oral.

Such people know how to speak very convincingly. They, always the soul of the company, are very sociable. It will not be difficult for them to persuade a person or a group of people to commit a particular act.

The erogenous zone of such personalities will always be a mouth. Therefore, oral caresses give them the pleasure of physical.

Cunnilingus is one of the ways to enjoy during intercourse. There will always be kisses in the first place. Orals love to kiss.

A large number of nerve endings are on the lips and nature made sure that the sucking movements were pleased.

This is necessary that the child at an early age is used to the mother’s breast and does not feel discomfort. In the future, the reflex remains.

Girls for this reason are crazy about blowjob, and men still adore female breasts, and at the same time kisses and clitoris.

Studies have proven that active work with lips and tongue soothes, reduces stress and neurosis levels. If a man is a lot of nervous, then not only harmful and dangerous cigarettes can become salvation for him, but also a pleasant hobby in the form of cunnilingus.

As a result

Here are the main explanations of men’s love for cunnilingus. Of course, it is important to add that a man at the subconscious level is stupefied from the smell of a woman, he captures pheromones and as if he is pulling to the vagina.

It comes to the point that men like to smell women’s linen. What can we say about the direct access to the source of pheromones – the vagina.

But this cannot serve as an explanation of the Lizignan process itself. But the above reasons are quite convincing.

If a man receives psychological pleasure from subordinating a woman, while appreciates her and strive to give pleasure in different ways, in addition to everything belongs to the oral type of system-vector psychology, then the girl is very lucky.

Oral affection will pursue her at every step. And even if not so, a tender sex can always buy a clitoris stimulator, which is able to maximize the sensations from cunnilingus as possible.

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