Why do men end in a dream

Why do men end in a dream.

In an involuntary seed, eruption in a dream in men is a physiological process that is not related to sex or masturbation. There are several reasons for its occurrence. Since night pollutions can be both a consequence of diseases and age and physiological characteristics, you should tell about each case separately. Let’s figure out why men end in a dream and whether it is normal.

Why do men end in a dream: irregular sex

Young people end in a dream in the absence of constant sexual contacts. Long -term abstinence increases the accumulation of seed fluid, which finds the output through night pollutions. Their frequency depends on several factors – age, state of health, lifestyle, interests.

Why do men end in a dream in adolescence

Starting from the age of 12, boys have various changes that affect hormonal background. Sperm accumulates in the organs, but due to the lack of sexual contacts, it has no natural exit. Pollutions in a dream – a protective mechanism that prevents its overabundance. They stop after the start of stable sexual activity. Do not worry if you suddenly noticed that the son had finished in a dream. This is a normal process of growing up the body.

Psychological factor

Being in a state of love or sexual interest in the opposite sex, some men constantly think about sex. In a dream, this leads to certain visual images. An erection appears, ending with ejaculation. Similarly, the subconscious applies to view photos, pictures, films of pornographic content. The likelihood that a man will end in a dream increase if he prefers to sleep on his stomach. This is determined by the presence of stimulation of an eroded organ.

Microclimate and clothing

High temperature, warm underwear lead to a blood flow to the gender. This causes an erection that, under certain circumstances, ends with a pollution.

Why do men end in a dream: pathological reasons

There is a reason for concern if you find that your husband finished in a dream. Most likely you lead a regular sex life and night ejacations can talk about pathological processes in his body. Studies show that often men end in a dream with inflammation of the organs of the reproductive system (prostate, urethra), neoplasms (benign and malignant), phimosis, infections. In all cases, fabrics swell. This causes strong pressure on the prostate gland. During the erection, absolutely uncontrolled ejaculation occurs. Tumors in this part of the body is the main reason for the appearance of blood exudate in sperm.

Pathological pollutions can happen up to five times in one night. Their unnaturalness is evidenced by painful sensations, an increase in body temperature, the presence of purulent discharge. Usually ejaculation without stimulation occurs not only in a dream, but also in the daytime.

Changes in the hormonal background

Hormones are responsible for sexual activity and speed of sperm production. Their excess can be caused by diseases, taking hormonal drugs and steroids.

A dense dinner

One of the reasons for the night pollutions, experts call the habit of dinner tightly before going to bed. The filled intestines exerts pressure on the prostate gland. This gives the signal to the brain about the need to get rid of crowded testers from the liquid. The possibility of spontaneous ejaculation is increasing when eating foods causing fermentation and gases (legumes, grapes, fatty and fried dishes).


Chronic fatigue, constant stressful situations, experiences and depression increase nervous stress. This, as a rule, leads to violations in the genital area. Pollutions during night sleep occur due to the need to eliminate anxiety and discharge.

Problems with the functioning of the spinal cord develop against the background of low physical activity, neurological disorders. Such deviations also cause night orgasms.

Is it possible to finish in a dream if you dreamed of sex?

If a man has long come out of adolescence, has regular sex or at least masturbates, then he does not threaten an excess of sperm. In the absence of diseases of the genitourinary system, he has no reasons for the night pollutions. But the question arises whether it is possible to end if there was sex with an incredible beauty, or even two?

According to statistics, almost 80% of men periodically see erotic dreams and this is in no way connected with real sexual life. That is, it doesn’t matter at all a man has sex in life or not, dreams still appear. This happens in the phase of quick sleep, which means that the body at this moment is in a state of active wakefulness, so ejaculation is quite likely. Another thing is that the dream in this phase is very sensitive and the man realizes that he is sleeping, which means he will not finish. It’s like with urination, when I really want to go to the toilet, but people do not write for themselves. Although there are certainly exceptions.

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