Whether to swallow sperm? Is it dangerous? Tips and recommendations

Whether to swallow sperm? Is it dangerous? Tips and recommendations.

Blowjob at best ends with orgasm and ejaculation – and therefore sperm. Many women and men spontaneously decide, swallow sperm, spit out or even use it for other games. It can be very interesting!

Men’s sperm plays an important role not only in the porn industry. Sexual practices associated with ejaculation in the mouth or swallowing sperm can diversify and strengthen your pleasure. Today we will tell you about how to love sperm, what practices of sperm games exist, and give tips for sexual games with ejaculate.

Sexual practices with ejaculation in the mouth

Ejaculation does not have to be the end of sex or blowjob. There are some practices of sex with sperm in your mouth, which you and your partner can enjoy even after the act itself.

Swallowing sperm can excite in different ways during love of love. Next, you will find interesting information on this topic, which you might have not yet known.

What’s happened “snowball”?

Snowball (can also be called as “snowball game”) – this is a sexual practice in which sperm remains in the mouth after oral sex, and then transmitted to the partner with the help of a French kiss. Of course, a snowball can play a role in the context of the orgy.

Snow lump is very appreciated in the porn industry. In combination with ejaculation of a man, he is also part of the completion of the sexual scene, which is relatively well paid.

However, as is often the case with sexual practices, you can make a small change. Sperm can first be held in the mouth, and then pour from the mouth on a partner.

Is it dangerous to swallow sperm?

What will happen if you swallow sperm? Sperm of a healthy man is not dangerous for the mucous membranes of a person. But what will happen if you swallow the cum of a man with STD? A breakdown may occur if a man suffers from a disease that is transmitted through biological fluids. For example, infectious diseases, such as hepatitis A or gonorrhea, can be transmitted with practice “snowball”.

It is theoretically possible to become infected with HIV during oral sex. But according to the German AIDS Federation, the number of known cases in the world is very small. The risk is even lower if the sperm is not in the mouth not for long.

If you want to be safe and are not 100%sure that all participants in a sexual act are healthy, you should use condoms and avoid swallowing sperm.

Why go rumors that swallowing sperm is good for health?

Many people believe that swallowing sperm can have a positive effect on the organism of the sexual partner. Those who swallow and do not spit out, presumably can benefit from a substance called spermin. It was called that because it was first discovered in sperm.

It is believed that spermin has an anti -aging effect on the body and helps cells recover. The older the man becomes, the less spermin is produced by the body. However, whether the swallowing of sperm really can positively affect the body until proven. By the way, spermin is also contained in products such as grapefruit, wheat germ and soy.


1. If you want to try practice “snowball” and similar, you should first discuss this with your partner.

2. How to improve the taste of sperm? Before oral sex, sperm tastes positively with the help of proper nutrition. One of the most famous products in this context is certainly pineapple – but you really have to drink a lot of pineapple juice to notice the difference in taste. However, if you eat healthy food, your sperm will usually be tastier.

3. If you do not tolerate the taste of sperm in your mouth, but still want to pamper your partner with a blowjob "to end", You can try to swallow quickly. The longer the sperm is in the mouth, the more its taste is felt. And if this does not help, there is always the opportunity to just sperm sperm.

Whether to swallow sperm? Is it dangerous? Tips and recommendations

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