What will happen if you don’t finish for a long time? For example a month or year

What will happen if you don’t finish for a long time? For example a month or year.

Men often ask the question “what will happen if you do not finish for a long time”. The female “excite and will not give” in conjunction with prolonged abstinence can lead a man to impotence, sexologists say. The men themselves experience severe psycho-emotional experiences in situations where they are not able to make ejaculation.

This is due to the signals of the brain about the need to release steam and if this does not happen, the pressure on the psyche begins, in order to encourage the man to action.

This theory is widespread and many evidence, however, the details have yet to figure out.

At the same time, hundreds of thousands of women in the world experience no different suffering due to the lack of orgasm. Moreover, unlike men, women are tormented in the presence of a sexual partner.

That is, if the guy does not end for a long time simply because there is no one, then a woman may not end with sexual intercourse with a man or even several men.

What will happen if you do not finish for a long time in terms of physiology

The first attempts of scientists to clarify the situation led to unexpected conclusions. The lack of orgasm does not affect health if a person does not have excitement. Lives a man who is nothing in and a woman does not cause any emotions.

Low libido – good health! The same thing happens with frigid women. In both cases, the reasons can be both physiological and psychological, but as a result we get a person who lives absolutely normally without sex and does not experience any torment.

Another thing with people is sexually healthy, regularly enjoying the type of attractive body.

The occurrence of an erection in men and wet underpants in women are required to end with orgasm, otherwise wait for trouble. Scientists called these processes of BLOU BLOS in men and Blue Vols in women. Now more.

Blue Balls – Blood balls. The situation in which the man was excited, the blood went to the penis, the vessels and capillaries swelled, an erection occurred, beyond which there was no discharge in the form of intercourse or masturbation with the end.

Recently, I came across questions from women on the forum that sounded something like this – what will happen if you do not finish for a long time and what they would eat not allowed to finish.

Men are interested in what will happen if you masturbate, but do not finish. There is always one answer – there will be nothing good, the effect of BLLs will happen.

At the time of excitement in the body, two processes begin and grow rapidly – vasocogeneste and myotonia.

The first means a rush of blood to the genitals, the second muscle and nervous tension. There is only one way out of these conditions, this is an orgasm.

If it does not occur, then both processes move from acute form to chronic. In men, testicles hurt for a long time, and the psyche is under pressure as a result of myotonia. And this will not pass in a month in a year. Only after orgasm.

Blue Walls – blue walls. In women, everything is exactly the same as for men. Only vasokogeneste is subjected to labia as a result of which unpleasant sensations and even pain in the groin of the groin arise. Myotonia in women is expressed even more, which affects behavior.

Firstly, I recommend that I read my article “What is the Nednoks”, and even on our Zen Canal, I wrote about how to find out a woman who had not had a man for a long time. Read.

Over time, the process of myotonia only intensifies, but this is provided that the woman did not close in herself, did not abstract, did not inspire herself to the benefit of life without sex.

This leads to frigidity, sex drive decreases to zero, a woman frees herself from the consequences of myotonia, but fully leaves her head in the consequences of frigidity.

As mentioned above, men fall into trouble due to the lack of sexual partner and refusing masturbation.

Women can lead a regular sex life, while not experiencing an orgasm and eventually get all the sad consequences as well as a woman who does not have sex at all.

That is why in recent years the best -selling sex toy has become a clitoral stimulator. Lonely and married women need it the same way, especially if a man is an egoist in bed.

What will happen if you don’t finish a man for a long time?

In addition to psycho-emotional problems, men also have a physiological. Sperm is constantly being produced and the stop of this process is harmful to the body.

But the capacity for its accumulation is not endless. Therefore, even the lack of orgasm is not a reason for the termination of ejaculation. The ejection of sperm will take place in one way or another.

This process is called pollution . That is, involuntary ejaculation. Most often occurs in adolescents when the seed production is very active, and there is no sexual partner yet.

Masturbation is either absent or insufficient. In a dream or at the moment of excitement, a voyage occurs, which is in no way connected with the orgasm.

Influence on the psyche

The release of negative emotions occurs in different ways, but in men, as a rule, leads to a decrease in self -esteem, depression, apathy, laziness, and the disappearance of interest in life. Women on the contrary become irritable, vengeful, harmful, aggressive.

They react very sharply to any stress, start with half a turn, cannot control their emotions. Orgasm is extremely important to the body.

Not only sexual intercourse, flirting and communication with the opposite sex, but also a full -fledged orgasm that relieves muscles, nerves and head from all the extra.

If there was an excitement, then the logical conclusion should be followed. Otherwise, human health is undergoing severe trials and this is no longer funny.

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