What to do with a stuck toy?

What to do with a stuck toy?.

It is sometimes difficult to extract sex toys from anus or vagina, but there is always a way out. The main thing is to follow this leadership, and do not give in a panic.

The stuck toy is in your vagina?

Try to calm down. It may seem that she is stuck, but in fact it is not. There is a natural barrier between the end of the vaginal channel and the rest of the body – the cervix. Therefore, although the toy can get stuck in a vaginal channel, it is in a certain space, and cannot penetrate further.

The stuck toy is in your anus?

The good news is that if you do not experience severe pain, nothing threatens your health. Not very pleasant news is that to safely extract the toy, most likely, you will need a trip to the doctor, because the toy can penetrate even deeper. It may seem frightening, but usually you should not panic – a doctor or another medical worker will definitely be able to extract a toy.

What to do if the toy is still inside, and you see it or feel it, or you think that you can get it?

Your further actions depend on exactly where the sex toy is stuck.

The toy stuck in the vagina

If you feel a toy, you can grab it. To bring the toy closer to your fingers, take a deep breath, then an exhalation deep, and then reach it with two fingers.

Toy stuck in the anus

If your anal sphincter is so relaxed that you can reach the toy and grab it, do it. But now it’s not the time to just try to pull it out with your fingers, because if you can’t reach the toy, then in the end you just push it even deeper.

What to do if the toy is still inside, and you cannot see or feel it, or you think that you can’t get it?

Again, your further actions depend on exactly where the toy is located.

The toy stuck in the vagina

Here you have two position options.

1. Lying method. Try to lie on the bed and reduce the heels together, as this will help to relax the muscles of the pelvic floor. Now take a deep breath and exhale deeply. This will help activate the parasympathetic nervous system, help relax and reduce pressure in the lower abdomen, which will allow the muscles to relax even more. At this moment you must enter your fingers inside and feel the toy. The keyword is here – "fingers"! Not forceps, tweezers, spoons or any other household items.

2. Squat method. Lubricate the walls of the vagina with a lubricant. Then fingers (yes, fingers!) Carefully spread the channel. Now make squats so that gravity does your job.

Toy stuck in the anus

If you do not want to take risks and extract the toy quickly and safely, contact the emergency help or to the emergency room as soon as possible.

What to do next if you have successfully removed the toy from the anus?

If you just removed the toy from the anus, it is too early to rejoice. Even if you managed to pull out the toy yourself, it is recommended to contact a specialist. The fabric lining the anal canal is incredibly delicate and subject to microtrauma. The doctor will be able to check the presence of cuts and, if necessary, prescribe an antibiotic to reduce the risk of infection.

What to do if you cannot extract a toy?

Immediately go to your doctor.

If the toy is in the vagina, the doctor will introduce a gynecological expande into the hole and extract it using special forceps.

If the toy is in the rectum, the doctor will be able to extract it in the same way – with the help of an expander (only anal) and special forceps. But if the toy has passed further, then surgical intervention may be required to extract it.

What can happen if the toy is not removed?

Nothing good!

Possible side effects:

– infection;

– gaps;

– bleeding;

– pain;

– Problems with the intestines.

Symptoms will be stored until the toy is extracted.

What to do if you are worried that the toy will get stuck?

Yes, the toy can get stuck in the anus or plunge too deeply into the vagina. And yes, if this happens, you will want to pull out the toy as soon as possible (as much as possible) and as soon as possible (as far as it is safe).

But as long as you use sex toys for its intended purpose (not household items) during stimulation, the risk is quite low.

How to reduce the risk that it will be difficult to get a toy out of the vagina?

Do not allow fear to keep you from potential pleasure, which can bring toys safe for the vagina. We believe that pleasure is a fundamental aspect of a safe and healthy sexual life.

1. Use the lubricant

This advice is especially important if the toy is made of silicone. When using a sufficient amount of water -based lubricant, stimulation can be incredibly pleasant, but without a sufficient amount of lubrication, too strong friction can occur, which creates a sensation "Strengthening".

2. Use toys for their intended purpose

Most sex toys have a certain shape. If the toy is not designed specifically for internal stimulation, it is recommended to use it only outside.

3. Consult a doctor

Your pelvic floor muscles are spasmodic for a long time after orgasm? If so, it is recommended to consult a specialist, because this is a sign of the so -called hypertensive dysfunction of the pelvic floor.

Hypertonic dysfunction of the pelvic bottom occurs when the muscles of the pelvic floor become so intense that they cannot completely relax, which often leads to unpleasant spasms after penetration or orgasm.

In some cases, when a person with a pelvic floor hypertonicity uses a penetrating toy, the pelvic floor muscles continue to be spasmodic after orgasm, which may make it difficult to extract to the toy and cause a feeling "Strengthening".

How to reduce the risk that it will be difficult to get a toy out of the anus?

If you want to stimulate the anus, there are two undeniable rules.

1. Use safe sex toys

Anal sex toy should have a restrictive base or pen, which will prevent the complete penetration of the sex toy into the anus.

2. Use the lubricant

The anus is not able to secrete natural lubricant, so you need to use a lubricant that will reduce friction and increase pleasure. Most safe anal toys are made of silicone, which is not compatible with silicone -based lubricants. We advise you to choose anal water -based lubricants.

How to support your partner if the toy is stuck with him?

The most important thing you can do is help your partner remain calm. When someone was stuck inside someone, it is definitely not necessary for it to become more concerned and tense. Due to excess anxiety, muscle tension will arise, which will further complicate the extraction of the toy.

If the toy is stuck in the partner in the vagina and he asks you for help, you can wash your hands, and then try to get the toy with two fingers.

But if the toy is in the anus, leave it! The best you can do is take your partner to the doctor.

We will summarize

Sex toys can become a very pleasant addition to your sexual life, so continue to use them further. Just do not forget to think about security before use to save yourself from experiences when the toy is stuck.

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