What to do to a woman if husband is impotent

What to do to a woman if husband is impotent.

One of the tragedies of family life is the inability of a man to commit full sexual intercourse, even a short. The fact that a quarter of women do not experience an orgasm is already said a lot, but what to do if there is not only an orgasm, but also sex in principle? What to do to a woman if a husband is impotent and how to live on?

What to do to a woman if the husband is impotent? Find the reason

Impotence is a serious diagnosis, which can only be made after a thorough examination and passing of many analyzes.

Unfortunately, in most cases, the man is completely healthy, and the absence of an erection is caused by many factors. Say that the husband is not impotent until the diagnosis is made.

In this case, the doctor will prescribe treatment and as you know, 95% of cases are treated. Thus, everything that the wife needs to do if the husband is really impotent is to support, be near, monitor the implementation of the recommendations of the attending physician.

But it happens that in the inability of her husband to commit sexual intercourse the woman herself, who abandoned herself, stopped looking for herself.

Either physical attractiveness has gone the past, or the relations of the spouses are cracking at the seams and in such conditions sexual attraction is reduced at the emotional level.

Recognize the fact that you are crowded, stopped observing hygiene or became an aggressive, scandalous woman, no one wants to, so it’s easier to accuse her husband of impotence and calm down. I’m not to blame, it doesn’t work for him there.

It is very important here what you want. Be right or be happy. To calm himself and convince that the husband “broke” is a light path.

But he also leads to a sad end.  To maintain marriage and full relationships, it is necessary to find out the causes of problems, discuss them, contact a family psychologist and sexologist.

Do a lot of work on oneself. Do not hang a feeling of guilt, it is enough to admit and fix some imperfections that do not allow the husband to tune in to the proximity.

How to live with impotent? Do not limit yourself to the penis

Again, unfortunately for most people, sex is a mechanical act, the back-setting movements of the member and the vagina.

As a rule, oral sex is added, but many people consider this a perversion. Something shameful, nasty, vile. In such a situation, impotence cannot be avoided, and if it happened, it seems that there is no way out.

But in fact, in the 21st century, the process of achieving pleasure became too extensive to despair so early.

There are affection, massage, kisses, petting, Fingery, oral sex. You can bring a woman to the peak of pleasure in different ways, including masturbation and sex toys.

The problem can be solved only by a couple of thousand rubles. The so-called phalloprotes is bought, a man puts it on himself, a member is placed inside an artificial phallus, it turns out something like a strap-on. And thus, despite the lack of an erection, your partner has a strongly standing member, to which sexual intercourse is performed.

Here we again return to the fact that the first thing is to find out whether there is an impotence in fact or is it a kind of disorder in the sexual behavior of a man. In the first case, treatment will help, which, I repeat, is extremely successful in our days.

In the second, it is necessary to establish a dialogue, find out relationships, work out problems, better with a psychologist.

Learn to openly talk about your desires in bed, stop devalu and make fun of each other.

There are frequent cases when a man simply does not like sex in a classic pose, he wants 69 or Doggi Style, or maybe on his side or standing.

But as soon as he is trying to talk about it, the woman accuses him of the fact that he is a pervert. Over time, he has an aversion to the classic pose, while others are not allowed to him. Erection disappears, a man is no longer interested in sex.

What to do to a woman if husband is impotent: step -by -step guide

And so, the first thing you need to understand your relationship. If you are people who love each other, a dialogue is established between you, you support each other and the erectile dysfunction of the husband has become regular, then we are most likely about physiological problems.

Most likely, the nutrition and lifestyle of the husband leaves much to be desired, and some disease may have developed.

Do not know which doctor treats impotence? This is very interesting because such a doctor does not exist. Erectile dysfunction can be too different and only after clarifying the reasons can you understand which specialist to contact.

You should start with a urologist, then you can go to the andrologist, a sexualist. After the examination, they may recommend a visit to a sexologist or psychologist, as well as write out medicines.

If a man admits that a woman stopped exciting him as a woman, then it will not be superfluous to pay attention to herself.

Sometimes life vanity leaves no chance to look attractive. Love for pies turned into cellulite, and constant deeds and worries led to an abandoned body. Do not strive to please your husband, start taking care of yourself for your beloved.

There is a reverse situation. A man drinks, smokes, eats incorrectly, leads a sedentary lifestyle.

Impotence in this case is quite likely and then the problem is not that a member is not worth it, but that a man does not need it anymore.

And a woman without intimacy feels uncertainly, irritably and suffers from a frequent change of mood. Health under the blow, and the reason in the unwillingness of her husband to think about the well -being of her woman.

There are only two options here. It is sad to admit this, but the search for a lover is what most women come to in such a situation.

There is no statistics, but I would suggest that 40 percent are forced to put up and live without sex, another 40 are looking for a lover, the remaining 20 buy sex toys and are saved by masturbation. There is nothing else to come up with anything else here.

What does a man feel impotent to a woman?

Many are convinced that a man impotent does not experience sexual attraction to a woman, but this is fundamentally not true.

Decrease in libido and the physical impossibility of committing sexual intercourse not one and the same. Men with erectile dysfunction, like everyone else, want intimacy, are excited at the sight of a female body and experience the same emotions as other representatives of the stronger sex. But, unfortunately, an erection does not occur in connection with which to implement the plan cannot work.

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