What to do if you tear the bridle on the member

What to do if you tear the bridle on the member.

The bridle on the penis is a thin area of the skin, which is the connecting link in the foreskin with the head. The loss of her elasticity can cause a gap. Such damage in most cases threatens painful sensations and bleeding. What to do if you tear the bridle on the member?

What to do if you broke a bridle on a member – we provide first aid

Under the bridle is the artery along which the blood circulates to the genital organ. It is this circumstance of her gap that does not do without significant blood loss.

The first thing to do is stop the hemorrhage. It is necessary to press the bridle to the head of the penis as tightly as possible, holding it in this condition for at least 15-20 minutes.

Previously, it is desirable to treat damage to hydrogen peroxide. If a man does not suffer from a blood disease that violates the process of fracture, this measure will be enough until the subsequent visit to the doctor. Otherwise, it is important to contact medical help at once.

Stop the pain will help to cool the site. You can apply to the bridle something from the freezer, wrapped in polyethylene and fabric. Later it is allowed to receive anabolic.

The peculiarity of the structure of the bridle determines its ability to fast and almost without a trace of regeneration.

It is enough to refrain from intimate contacts to complete healing. But frequent breaks gradually reduce the length of the bridle. A rubber can form here.

To prevent subsequent damage, you will have to resort to more radical treatment methods.

What to do if you broke a bridle on a member – solutions to modern medicine

An appeal to a doctor after breaking the bridle is recommended for each patient. He will determine the complexity of the injury, prescribe an adequate way to eliminate it.

The most common way is to stitch folded skin. The procedure lasts no more than half an hour. After it, sexual rest and antibiotics are prescribed.

If the bridle has a small size, its lengthening is shown. For this, a procedure called Frenulotomy is carried out.

The essence of the method is to create notches and its longitudinal stitching. The duration of the operation is 10-20 minutes.

Alternative plastic is circumcision. This surgical intervention consists in excising part of the folded skin.

Thanks to him, not only the risk of subsequent breakdowns of the bridle is excluded, but also hygienicity increases, the likelihood of developing phimosis, infectious lesions caused by accumulation of smagma in the folds is reduced.

After any surgical intervention, a man needs to be observed by a doctor. In the healing process, there is a risk of folding and the occurrence of problems with sexual functions.

“Prevention” of tender tissue ruptures

In order to avoid a breakdown in the future in the future, you need to adhere to several preventive recommendations. If the initial cause of damage was narrowing the foreskin, it is better to resort to cutting.

Pain during ejaculation and sexual contact indicate insufficient extension of the bridle. You can solve the problem only with the attending physician who will advise the safest and most acceptable method of correction.

Men who previously encountered a breakdown of the bridle should use a lubricant who reduces the intensity of friction during sex.

It is advisable to avoid too sharp frictions, anal sex, use sex toys for a member. You can not self -medicate. This can be the cause of aggravation of injury, narrowing of the flesh, psychological fear, negatively affecting the quality of sexual life in general.

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