What to do if sperm caught my eye?

What to do if sperm caught my eye?.

Sometimes, during oral sex, seed fluid can accidentally get into the eye. This often happens during the practice of Bukkake. A sharp burning sensation, pain and swelling of the eyelids – a normal reaction of the mucous membrane to the ingress of sperm. Is it dangerous what consequences can be? What to do if sperm caught my eye to maintain health? Let’s discuss.

This happens as a rule in a situation where the husband wants to cum in his mouth. During ejaculation, an incident may occur and a stream of seed fluid is sent straight to the partner’s eyes, which she does not expect at all. To prevent such an outcome of events, you can simply close the eyelids or practice sex with tied eyes.

What to do if the sperm is in the eye: First aid

If sperm caught your eye, try not to twist them for the first time – look right in front. If you rotate with eyeballs, the seed fluid will only penetrate deeper into the eye socket, which will increase the irritation, and it will be more difficult to rinse your eyes. Do not triple your eyes – yes, it itches very strongly, but from friction everything will only become worse.

Do not worry – it is impossible to blind from sperm in the eye. But to quickly eliminate pain and burning, rinse your eyes with warm running water.

Do not use hot water! So you only increase irritation. The main pain is caused precisely by turning sperm: the formed lumps irritate the mucous membrane in the same way as grains of sand or dust.

Hot water will accelerate. Washing your eyes, do not trim them – just splash with water and try to keep them open so that the water washed the eyeballs, and not just the eyelids.

The water temperature is really very important. Very icy, of course, is no good, but still much better cool than warm. In such a situation, she will only aggravate symptoms and irritation will last much longer.

Having thoroughly washed the residues of the seed fluid, lie on your back. Close your eyes and “look” right for 10-15 minutes. Try not to move eyeballs.

Usually unpleasant sensations disappear after 20-30 minutes. The main thing is not to strain vision, in no case do not rub the eyelids and the area under the eyeballs. Do not clap your eyelashes, just lie on your back and look up.

If after half an hour the pain remains, you can suspect the infection, but even in this case you should not panic, try to wait yet. And only if the inflammation intensifies, consult a doctor the next day.

Ideally, after that, you should drip your eyes with special eye drops, which are used for dryness. This will help relieve irritation, since the composition mainly represents an artificial tear.

What to do if sperm caught my eye: we continue to care

Usually washing the eye is enough to eliminate the symptoms. But in addition to the initial burning sensation and pain, you should also be disturbed by the risk of inflammation.

Cum – far from sterile substance. Numerous bacteria live in it, which, when in contact with the mucosa, can not only cause irritation, but also infect the eyes.

And this problem is more serious than half an hour of burning and redness. Long -term infection can lead to a slight deterioration in vision.

Therefore, as soon as the eye stopped itching, go to the pharmacy (or send the culprit of the incident). You will need antiseptic drops for the eyes. Well suited:

  • Albucid;
  • Sodium sulfacid;
  • Vitabact;
  • Okomistin.

Use any of these funds according to the instructions. If there are no pharmacies nearby, like the eye drops of the house, you can use folk remedies.

Boil a cup of strong black tea, wait for the drink to cool and rinse it with a affected eye. For antiseptic washing, chamomile is also suitable. Boil 5 tablespoons of dried pharmacy chamomile in a liter of boiling water, cool the decoction and rinse your eyes.

We strongly do not recommend using any treatment methods without consulting with a specialist and preliminary diagnostics. Without identifying the reasons for the burning, it is extremely difficult to choose the right products.

It was not enough for you to hurt yourself. As mentioned above, sperm is not so toxic as to cause prolonged irritation. If neither in an hour nor in two, nothing has passed, most likely we are talking about infection and it is better not to joke. Go to the optometrist for a reception.

What to do if the sperm is in the eye and the pain does not pass

If irritation, redness of the eyes and swelling of the eyelids stubbornly does not go for several hours, you should consult an ophthalmologist.

Sperm can bring an infection on a mucous membrane, which is dangerous to fight on its own. Typically, an ophthalmologist prescribes irritation drops and directs the analysis to determine the presence of infection.

In some cases, an ophthalmologist can direct you to an allergist. Sperm allergy is an infrequent phenomenon, but not exceptional.

If it is revealed, you will continue treatment at the allergist. The doctor will prescribe suitable antihistamines for you.

From all of the above, we conclude – to have sex with an unverified partner is undesirable. In addition to the usual ways to transmit STDs, there are many other options to get a dose of troubles in your life.

With oral sex, the probability of infection is small, but then, as they say, once a year and the stick shoots. In addition, you yourself see what cases are there, you have managed to get a stream of sperm in the eye. Who thought about it at all?! And it took and happened. Use a condom every time a partner has no certificate.

What about STD?

If you are not sure if the partner has sexually transmitted diseases, and he ended up in your eye, you should go to the venereologist and take a few tests.

It is impossible to get pregnant through sperm in the eye, but to catch syphilis, HIV, hepatitis, gonorrhea or chlamydia – you can.

One -time delivery of the analysis is not enough to fully verify the absence of STDs after sperm gets into the eye. Immediately after the transfer, you should re -visit the doctor a couple of months after the incident to clarify the results.

If the result of the tests is positive, inform the partner about it and advise him to check with the venereologist too.

How to avoid trouble

Ejaculation in the eyes usually occurs with a blowjob when the girl is located on her knees in front of the guy. If you do not discuss how and where to finish the partner, then the incident may happen. I can’t in the curtain, I can’t in my mouth, where it was also not desirable.

Then one option remains – on the face. But the force of movement of seed fluid during ejaculation is not taken into account and as a result we have what we have. By the way, the main problem is precisely the fact that sperm hit the eyeball at decent speed.

Unpleasant sensations are most often associated not with the composition of the ejaculate, but with the fact that there was a blow. It seems to us a slight and funny incident, but in practice the girl can really be extremely unpleasant.

So that nothing like this happens to discuss all the points in advance. If a man knows where to finish him and first warn his partner, the process of ejaculation will be painless for both. And then there is no need to swear, find out who is right and who is to blame. Yes, and standing at the sink, washing your eyes, too, will not have to.

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