What strap is suitable for you?

What strap is suitable for you?.

Those people who first decided to use a strapon during sex, a large number of questions immediately arise – what strapon to choose, how to use a strapon, whether a strapon is suitable for BDSM and for anal fisting. Strapons – from English "Strap-on" (on the belt) – there is also incorrect spelling "Strong", "Strapon" – This is a phalloimitator that consists of panties with straps, and nozzles in the form of a penis. Straps are ideal for women during lesbian sex, for ladies who want to feel in "active" Roles during sex with a man, or for men dissatisfied with their erection – as well as for simultaneous double penetration.

Strapons are divided into two main categories – classic, into straps and mounts – usually having panties – and strapons without fasteners – a small end of such a strap -on, a woman holds inside with the help of vaginal muscles. Of course, potential buyers of strapons have a thought – what a strapon is classic or not, to prefer. Straps on fastenings are suitable for both women and men – strapons intended for men have a special slot for a penis – allowing a man to carry out double penetration, or have a cavity for a penis inside the phallimitator. Panties of such strapons, usually made of soft leather or latex. The fastening for the phalloimitator is a special ring, or a small protruding nozzle. You can change different phalloimitators at strapon at your discretion. You can use the vibrator as a nozzle. Such a strap -on is convenient – it is well fixed on the body, it can easily be fitted under any figure and fix it with straps. Very many – both women and men – choose this kind of strapons for themselves.

Straps without fasteners – they are also called two -headed (two -pointed) strapons – are intended for girls. The woman introduces a small end of such a strapon into her vagina and clamps it with her vaginal muscles. There are also three -pointed strapons that have another end – it is introduced into the anus and is fixed there. From an aesthetic point of view, such a strapon looks great – it seems that a woman has "increased" phallus. Very many girls like this type of strapons – after all, simultaneously with penetration, the partner is ensured by stimulation of the vagina and the anus of the girl. Straps without fasteners, as a rule, are made of high -quality silicone – it is convenient to wash them after use. But there are also the disadvantages of using two -headed strapons. Still, the woman’s vagina is not a hard fixer and it is not adapted to hold the small end of the strapon in the same position within time. With active frictions, during itself "intensity" passions, strap -on can gradually slip out from the vagina. It is necessary to control the position of the strapon during sex, but after several times there is a skill – and it is already easy to hold a strapon inside. Many girls say that after sex using a two -pointed strapon, they significantly strengthened the walls of the vagina, which is quite comparable to the effect of vaginal balls.

Strapon – a great choice for all BDSM fans. In many role -playing games of this subculture, strapons are used – which are used for vaginal and anal penetration. In some cases, strapons are also used to simulate a blowjob. It is very important for role -playing playing games to choose the right phalloimitator. The modern sex industry has developed nozzles for all occasions – large and small diameter, realistic or creative. Many prefer bodily nozzles that mimic the form of a male penis with a scrotum. And others, on the contrary, do not like the similarity with a real penis, and they acquire nozzles of bright colors. There are nozzles that have a special curved shape, convenient to stimulate a GU point in women, or prostate in men. There are double nozzles – with vaginal and anal phallus. You can attach a large darling darling to a strapon – more than 30 cm long. – Such things will really like all fisting lovers.

In a sex shop you can find a strapon for any, even the most refined, taste. The main thing is not to be afraid and discover something new in sex – and with the help of a strapon you can try unusual and piquant pleasure – both women and men.

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