What kind of fidelity to choose for the lower? Types and differences

What kind of fidelity to choose for the lower? Types and differences.

Harmonious relationships are built on mutual trust and understanding. To obtain additional guarantees of the pious partner, you can take advantage of fidelity belts. The article gives detailed information about the characteristics of the devices, their types and the rules of choice.

What is a belt of fidelity

Belt of fidelity (Venetian lattice, Berghag Castle) is a special product to prevent sexual intercourse or masturbation. You can find devices to your taste in catalogs of intimacy stores. The history of mentioning female belts contains the following historical stages:

  • XII century – Greek poetic songs and poems with metaphorical descriptions of belts;
  • XV century – the book of the Italian Conrad Kaiser von Eistatt “Bellifortis” with illustrations and explanatory notes for them;
  • XVI century – dating the first product that has reached our times.

Interesting: the reliability of information about the long -term wearing of this subject in the era of the early Middle Ages is not. How the knights defended the dignity of their husband during long crusades is unknown. The first carved products made in a highly aesthetic manner were common in Italy. Hence the alternative names of the belts – the Venetian grille, the Berghag Castle. Belts of fidelity were used by women as protection against rape.

Beliefs of fidelity for boys were often used in Victorian England. The device was to interfere with masturbation, which, according to the opinion of the Catholic Church, led to blindness, madness, sudden death, and t. D. Wearing devices was limited to several days until the 20th century, when stainless steel was used in the production of belts. Products from this material were light in sock, did not deteriorate under the influence of natural discharge, and did not lead to the development of purulent diseases.

Types of belts

Belts of fidelity are distinguished by the quality of materials, design, the presence of additional functions. For your own needs, you can purchase:

  • Silicone devices are bast, but not durable, completely block the possibility of stimulation of the genital organs, suitable for the feminization of a male partner;
  • plastic – are produced with a large amount of size, have light weight, are not fixed by metal detectors, more often they become unusable;
  • metal – weigh a lot, feel on the skin, are durable, do not rust, are produced by customs of customer sketches;
  • Leather products – belong to fetish models, have noticeable aesthetics and comfort.

Interesting: Qiui CellMate is the first Venetian intellectual control grille, allowing the partner to control the device parameters remotely through the application. Unfortunately, users note a large number of lags in the program and an uncontrolled lock lock. The product should be handled carefully. When problems with the system, contact the service center.

What kind of fidelity to choose for the lower man?

The male belt of fidelity is used not only to prevent treason. With its help, sexual energy is accumulated to heat the sharpness of feelings. The selection of the device takes place according to the following algorithm.

  • Determination of the size of the cell.

The cage of the belt of fidelity should coincide with the size of the penis. For two -week wearing, organ is measured in an erect state. To reduce the erective function for a long period, in a calm.

  • Determination of the diameter of the fixing ring.

To choose a suitable parameter, you need to wrap around the base of the scrotum and a member of a non -stretched thread, tie it on a knot. The resulting length of the rope is divided by the number of pi according to the formula d = l / 3.14159. Measurements are carried out in an erect and calm state, calculating the difference in diameters. 2-3 mm interval is suitable for everyday wear.

  • Choosing a model.

The first two parameters from the list are decisive when choosing a product. The buyer should pay attention to the material of production, aesthetic attractiveness. To castle the castle, you can use the services of blacksmiths or tailors working with skin.

What kind of fidelity to choose for a lower woman?

The selection of the female Venetian lattice is much easier than for the strong half of humanity. Ladies need to measure the waist, choose a manufacturing material and a specific model. In the assortment of many stores there are a belts of fidelity with adjustment in size. It is very convenient with frequent weight changes.

The danger of socks

The belts of fidelity of the previous eras were bulky and could bring a lot of inconvenience. Among them:

  • rubbing the skin in places of contact with iron surfaces;
  • genital clamp;
  • circulatory violation;
  • development of intestinal problems;
  • complications during pregnancy;
  • blood poisoning;
  • development of infectious diseases;
  • The appearance of an unpleasant odor.

Interesting: in Rus’ the belt of fidelity did not take root due to a sharp condemnation of the Orthodox Church. Similar mockery of women were persecuted by law. Jealous could be imprisoned for a long time. Special authorities monitored compliance with the rules.

Modern models are completely safe for wearing, made of light and environmentally friendly materials. Bergamsk castles can still be made of stainlessly steel, but all areas adjacent to the body are processed with soft and comfortable lining.

The price of a modern device

The fidelity belt in the twenty -first century can cost from 2 to 10 thousand rubles. The price is affected by the number of additional functions, manufacturing material, brand, equipment. The main device can be delivered with disinfectant sprays and moisturizing lubricants. Products with a vaginal plag (cork) and smart management are more expensive than ordinary.

How to supplement

To increase the degree of passions, the female belt of fidelity can be supplemented by male. Accessories in the form of foot bracelets, a steel lifchik chastity, hoop for forearms and hips will be an excellent completion of a bandage ensemble.

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