What is the difference between PMS from menstruation?

What is the difference between PMS from menstruation?.

Speaking of menstruation, we often forget that this is a cyclic process that starts from about 13 years and lasts up to 50-55. Throughout this time, he does not stop, changing the stages. But not everyone understands this, even the girls themselves often consider periods as one short period, which is characterized by bleeding.  This arises of a misunderstanding of how the PMS differs from menstruation and whether it differs at all.

What is the difference between PMS from menstruation: analysis of concepts and terms

Monthly is the stage of the menstrual cycle, in which the endometrium rejection occurs, which is accompanied by bleeding through a woman’s vagina.

In fact, this is a stage in which the body completed preparations for fertilization and creation of conditions for the adoption of a blastocyst (early stage of the fetus).

Since conception did not occur, the entire “infrastructure” should be removed from the uterus to launch a new stage of preparation. And so endlessly.

But the main thing is that we must understand that the menstruation is the final stage, it is at this moment that blood is going on within a few days.

PMS is a premenstrual syndrome that occurs 5-12 days before menstruation. It is important to know that the PMS, unlike menstruation, is not part of the menstrual cycle. This is a pathological condition, a disease that does not pursue all the gentlemen.

Typically, premenstrual syndrome becomes a problem for young girls under the age of 20 and sometimes returns closer to 40. But some suffer from him throughout his life from the moment of puberty until menopause.

Is it possible to get rid of menstruation and PMS?

Another significant difference is that menstruation speaks of a woman’s health, and PMS on the contrary signals the deviations. Until now, science has not figured out the causes of the occurrence of premenstrual syndrome, so treatment is exclusively situational.

Some PMS passes after the start of regular sexual activity, someone copes with tablets or other methods of reducing negative effects on the body.

There is an opinion that it was a matter of violation of the work of the gasters of internal secretion, but the theory has not found confirmation during research.

You can’t get rid of menstruation. If they disappear, then something is wrong with the body. Excess weight or vice versa thinness, psycho-emotional instability, high stress, these are the main reasons why menstruation can disappear.

With PMS, everything is more complicated, because no one knows the causes of the occurrence and ways of delivering. Just someone has them and you need to live with it somehow. It is pleased that there are few women on the planet suffering from premenstrual syndrome regularly.

It is funny that in the US there were cases when the girl justified the court after committing a crime. These ladies proved that at the time of the atrocity did not control themselves 100%, since they had premenstrual syndrome. This became a mitigating circumstance and led to an acquittal.

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