What is Peter’s Fice: Fundamentals and recommendations of PET-PLAY

What is Peter’s Fice: Fundamentals and recommendations of PET-PLAY.

Peter — One of the unique sexual games, translated means something like a game with pets. At the same time, one of the partners behaves as an animal (cat, dog, hare, monkey, pig, etc.P.), and the second plays the role of a trainer or owner. But do not confuse it with zoophilia, a person simply switches and behaves like a four -legged creature that can grow and bite. Thanks to the pet, many can distract from pressing problems, forget about the problems of human life and calmly lie down relaxed on the couch, like a cat, or play a ball like a puppy, without thinking about a mortgage, rent, problems at work and other joys of human life.

You are attracted to a petition, you want to try to be a submissive, respectively, animals, but you do not know where to start? First you need to choose an animal that you will. If you want to be constantly one animal, follow your instincts and try to understand which living creature is closer to you. When agreement, the right to choose an animal may belong to the dominant (owner/trainer). You can also experiment and change animals until you understand who you like to be the most.

A cat (kitten) kittens usually want to be playful and cheerful people. In general, which may seem surprising is that the kat-blanket is not so common. This is due to the fact that for a believable transformation, the samibissive must have grace, plasticity and abide in good physical form. In addition, a pale-blade can combine several hobbies-such as body art, love for fur, submission or dominance. For a complete immersion in the image, you can use many accessories: a collar with a leash, anal decoration – tail, mask, ears, cat suit.

A dog (puppy) puppies want to be usually playful and cheerful people, as in the situation with kittens. Dog-blanket primarily implies hard dressing. A person chooses such a role when he likes to feel like a faithful dog, protect, serve and benefit, surrendering completely. The game can be started with the very institution of the pet, and in this, oddly enough, the leadership of dog education will help perfectly. First, decide on the dog’s breed – its character and temperament will depend on this, as well as the approach to it and the potential danger. The lower one must completely forget that he is a person, and fully enter the role. For the dog, a nickname should be chosen, on which it will respond or to which the upper will accustom it. Do not forget to bribe additional accessories for dog-flesh: bowls, a collar with a leash. A mask, anal traffic jam with a tail and a role -playing suit will help to enter the lower role stronger.

Pony (horse, horse) often choose such animals who love to be connected and meekly follow strict rules. The game will certainly include exhausting training, bondage, submission and many punishments. Often men choose this animal, associating themselves with a stallion who cannot be curbed, and women often like comparison with “Young filly”. Role costumes, anal traffic jams with tails, whips, gags, stacks, harnesses, and, of course, bandage ropes are suitable for the image.

Piggi Play Pighi does not have as many fans as a dog-blanket, but some still prefer to be pigs. For lovers of humiliations, this role is perfect, the pig can be calmly offended, kick or slap the acquired device.

The rest of the animals are not so common, but still find their admirers. For example, the upper one may be delighted with its lower and make it a cow for a while.

You are inexperienced, but decided to try? Then do not be too lazy to get acquainted with several general tips on the Peter. 1. Only the pet should not have a costume, it only depends on your imagination. 2. Nizhny should not talk – it must make the sounds characteristic of the chosen animal. 3. To limit human actions, fingers are often binded to the lower (you can tie, glue with adhesive tape or put on special mittens) 4. The tail can be attached, of course, in different ways – anal jewelry or part of the costume. 5. Often, for their games, lovers of Peteen use real animal food, most often it is quite edible. 6. Since the animal cannot speak, it must be able to show his desires with gestures, and the owner must learn to understand the signs presented by the pet. 7. For a particularly talkative pet, you should not neglect the use of a gag. 8. The animal should be trained, but do not forget about its individuality.

Do not forget about safety precautions. 1. With prolonged use of food intended for animals, the lower may have problems. To avoid this, you can prepare normal food, human, but outwardly reminiscent of a bone, cat food, straw, etc. 2. When limiting the freedom of Lower, one must forget that he should have a chance to report a possible desire to stop the session. 3. Do not keep the bottom locked up for too long, this can negatively affect its psyche. 4. The upper one must understand what responsibility is, and first of all to think about the pet, trying not to overdo it.

The approximate script of the dog-flesh so, the dominant started a puppy for himself. The puppy must be given a nickname, show where its place, food, water, and so. In general, it must be familiarized with everything around, with regard to its. Not every dog can immediately understand everything, so here at this stage the first acquaintance with the character and mental abilities of the pet will begin. The dog does not want to go to its place? It can be forced to rivet to the battery, and then unfasten. The dog wants to steal food from your table? Punish her, try not to feed it until she gets from her bowl. Do not forget about training. In the summer to engage in them is a pleasure! The owner can go with a pet to some deserted beach, work out teams, and then throw objects into the water so that the dog brings them back. You can connect your BDSM-preferences, embody your fantasies!

Sample catfield script you brought home a kitten? Check it with the house, show the tray, place with bowls for food. Pamper the kitten with milk, train it to lick you. Simp your pet with a feather, play with her. Try to tie her leash to something and enjoy her plaintive meow, which can be madly the owner. Nizhny should try to enter the role as strongly as possible, be graceful and plastic.

Mostly in Europe, various pony festivals and jumps are held, but we can also find similar. Various events are organized-for example, on a loop of the battles and on the hunt (when the lower ones become wild animals, and the upper ones begin to hunt for them).

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