What is continuous?

What is continuous?.

What is continuous?

For the sake of pleasure, we are ready for a lot. Whatever you do when the body asks for new sexual sensations. For example, you will smear your favorite chocolate or put pudding in your panties to your lover. «Fi, what a horror!» – Puritans are exclaiming. However, such a lesson has already received a name «Snot» and found many admirers.

What is continuous

Sploshing or continuous – A type of fetish when partners excite sexual games, touch, coating, smell, taste. Beaty was invented about 20 years ago by the writer Shipton Bill, who published a humorous magazine «Splosh!». Fans of continuing are ready to pay good amounts to cover the girl with food and then lick her. Ladies are especially popular «in body»

Get excited, smeared with food of different aroma, texture, smell and taste – This is a whole art. Snow craftsmen only need a plate with food for a full-fledged sex. By the way, strawberries, whipped cream, smeared across a partner, or a bath, filled with champagne, has already become a classic of the genre, and no one is outraged. You can follow the example of the Japanese and put sushi on their body.

What is suitable for a rally: custard, ice cream, honey, ketchup, jelly, syrups, chocolate sauce, peanut oil, milk, chicken eggs (?), yogurt, beer, wine, juice, ice… In principle, it can be any pleasant for partners, food, the main thing is not fat and not heavy.

What is continuous?

Continuing doubles the sensations

Sex and food, as scientists assure, are powerful stimulants «center of pleasure» in the brain, which means that the pleasant sensations will be twice as much. Sexologists say that this is one of the ways to diversify an intimate relationship by trying something familiar in a completely new perspective. Feeding from a spoon, massage using sweet cream and its licking – All these and other manipulations can become both a prelude and a piquant addition to «The main action».

Yes or not?

Of course, not all can use continuous. « Well, you can’t like this with food!», – Some people count. And, indeed, something reminds the American habit of falling face into a cream cake, rushing into each other with dishes that we, people with a different mentality, are incomprehensible. After all, since childhood, we have learned a lesson that you can not indulge in food. Leaned persons who are afraid to instill their clothes, and economical people, worrying about under -future products, are opposed to the solving. But lovers of mixing erotic and food joys know for sure that the mood after a gastronomic prelude always increases. You just have to change the usual script a little «bite, drank, in bed», eliminating the third point and indulging intimacy right on the table, as in «Nine and a half weeks».

In general, removal is not only tasty, but pleasant and sometimes useful, like, for example, chocolate wraps. Although it is better to start with traditional strawberries, cream and chocolate. But to turn the tasting of aphrodisiacs into a prelude, smeared with food or simply erotic to absorb it, everyone decides to.

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