What is aromantism?

What is aromantism?.

If the world were black and white, two people would fall in love, would get married, give birth to children and live happily ever after. And interestingly, this concept is the opposite of aromatism (known as “amanormativity”: the belief that monogamous relations is the key to happiness).

But the world is not black and white.

In fact, incredibly colorful whirlpools of people on this planet make it a beautiful place and create a cultural variety. And as we continue to grow and study, we understand that a lot of different people live on earth.

So, today we will consider in more detail those who are considered to be “aromantic”.


What does it mean to be an aromantic?

Aromatic relations are widely known as “quirplatonic”, which are a partnership more closely than friendship, but not romantic in nature. Aromatic people simply do not develop romantic feelings for others.

This in no way means that an aromantic person cannot form strong connections or have emotional feelings. In fact, aromantics can be in successful relationships and friendship, preserving the feelings of love, empathy and unity.

They can also feel joy and excitement for others with whom they are in a romantic relationship. The difference is that aromantics simply do not experience and do not need romantic attachments.

Aromancy people can feel sexual attraction, and it is important to note that being aromantic and asexual – these are two completely different things.

What does it mean to be asexual?

Those who identify themselves as asexuals do not feel sexual attraction to other people. Despite the fact that some asexuals enter into a romantic relationship, and some even have sex, most of these people are left without a permanent partner (at their request, of course).

Can aromantic be asexual?

Yes. A aromantic person can also be asexual. Nowadays, there are a fairly large number of people who find aromantic in themselves, also find the lack of sexual attraction.

Not very pleasant statistics, but it does not work with everyone. Given this and considering the materials provided by the Center for Enlightenment of asxuals (Aven), there are four different groups of asexuals and aromantics:

– Romantic sexuals – those who experience a romantic and sexual attraction to one or more orientations.

– Romantic asxuals – those who experience romantic feelings, but do not have a desire for sexual connection.

– Aromancous sexual – those who do not experience romantic feelings, but experience a desire for sexual connection.

– AROMANTIC ASEXIAL – those who do not experience romantic feelings, nor sexual attraction to others.

How to meet with an aromantic person?

For real romantics, a sense of butterflies in the abdomen and constant excitement during the start of relations – these are all those factors that drive their relationships with someone. They can easily spend every moment with their partner and experience a sense of longing when they are far from them.

However, aromantics do not experience such feelings. They do not have such a desire as others, and with this ardent passion to have sex every two hours. Often they are content with friendship, happy from love and energy that they receive from their family, friends and pets.

Aromantism is a whole spectrum

There are many different forms of aromantism, namely:

– Demiromantic: Romantic feelings can develop after the formation of emotional connection with another.

– Litropolitanist: to experience romantic feelings for another, not in need of response feelings, or lose interest when romantic feelings of mutual.

– Gray-aromatic: the development of romantic feelings is generally unlikely.

– Coirman: inability to distinguish between romantic and platonic relations.

– Buyoromantic: Aromantic, who is still looking for a romantic relationship.

Errors of aromancous people

Auromanic people lack sympathy: not true. Aromanic people feel deep, kind and loving. They have a healthy relationship with family members and friends, and although they do not crave a romantic relationship for themselves, they have the ability to empathize and feel joy with those who do it.

Aromancous people simply did not meet the “same”: not true. Those who are aromantists do not want to be like that after an unsuccessful parting, because of many unsuccessful dates or due to the inability to commit an obligation.

Aromancous people do not like physical contact: not true. Some aromantics like to hug, hug, hold hands and kiss – but not romantically.

In fact: when we value individuality, what makes us all unique, follow two simple concepts: understanding and respect.

In this reality it is impossible to live wrong, so accept different colors of the world, and what makes you is precisely you! You will become much happier.

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