What is a slope and how to use it?

What is a slope and how to use it?.

What is a slope and how to use it?

Play – This is probably one of the most famous toys in bed. Everyone heard about her, but many used. In general, in sex there are 2 main types of whips: «Shlaypalka» or «Spank» (long flexible rod with flattening at the end) and «panicle» (several soft whips collected in the form of a panicle). In this article under the term «Play» It will be understood precisely the first type: a device with a pen and a long whip made of flexible material. At the end of it, there is often a flat part in the form of a small spatula.

The slope licks

This famous device can be compared with the human language. Shlaypalka knows how to do the same. Only the sensations are somewhat different. And at the same time, it is not at all necessary to beat with it that there is urine, according to the mouth -watering female buttocks. You can play otherwise.

For example, light, barely tangible stroking the very tip, are already able to bring a woman to the highest peak of sexual desire. Gently, slightly touching, drive a spank on the back, stomach, buttocks. This sophisticated tickling will ignite the coldest representative of the beautiful half of our species, will bring diversity into already bored family sex and will help to feel something completely new and absolutely not controlled. After all, it all depends exclusively on the man: as he wants, so the wattle. It can be stronger, more assertive, or maybe, on the contrary, lightly, barely touching.

This tool is truly unique. He can bring not only voluptuous pain, but also other tactile sensations. If the tip is moistened in water, then stroking the most accurately as possible will become like those that arise when a man wields his tongue, licking the whole body of a partner. Only, unlike human, the touch of the slopes is cool, more mysterious and intriguing. And if at the same time to blindfold her beloved woman, allowing her to completely indulge in the world of her own feelings, excellent sex is guaranteed!

What is a slope and how to use it?

Shlaypalka kisses

This subject was not in vain compared with the human language. After all, Shlepalka still knows how to kiss. Gently, fast, point. Many experience such sensations for the first time and are very surprised that they can be achieved only with the help of a conventional whip. So, kisses.

You need to take the tip of the spank, slightly pull it back and easily hit the body of a partner. Do not forget that a whip can be used both in relation to a woman and in relation to a man. Many representatives of the stronger sex refuse without even trying, and here the matter of their second half to persuade at least once to experience the watches. Many who then agreed with enthusiasm try more and more. And all because this unique sex girl is able to satisfy almost any whims.

Pull and hit slightly, but do not whip. It will be more like a frivolous or secret kiss. Fast, dry, incomprehensible. The body should feel such touch, understand them, so the first time do not rush. Apply «Kisses» It is necessary measuredly, with a pause, but at the same time sharply and weakly (the blows themselves). Over time, the pace can be increased, but the strength is not necessary in such touches. Goosebumps will run through the body of a partner, and the desire will only intensify. The game will bring unprecedented pleasure to both sides.

Shlepalka bites

Or rather, even – sting. Mercilessly and painful, like a wasp, but at the same time so sweet. It is proved that the pain can only strengthen the sexual instinct and release all the most secret desires. Especially if it is controlled, and at any time execution can be stopped. Most women, one way or another, want to be torn, but just silent about it. That is why sometimes a man should still take the initiative in his strong palms and «punish» beloved. And another time, the game can be expanded by all 180 degrees, and even if in the role of such a kind «martyr» A partner is acting.

There is nothing complicated here. Shlepalka bites almost in the same way as he kisses. Only blows should be strong, sharp, causing pain. How strong – solve only partners. There are other red stripes that remain from the contact of the skin with the material of the whip, and some certainly crave blood. The main thing is that both halves bring such a lesson only pleasure and leads to new discoveries in the amazing world of sex and joint sensations.

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