What does a man feel inside a woman?

What does a man feel inside a woman?.

Sexual intercourse consists of several stages and is based on the work of a number of organs and systems of organs. The sensations that a man experiences being inside a woman have a comprehensive character and affect both the physical and the mental state of the stronger sex. Today we’ll try to find out how a man feels inside a woman and how it affects his condition.

Sensations caused by blood flow

From the moment the excitation begins before the frictions, a man feels the flow of blood to the genitals, which increases the temperature in the lower abdomen and causes feelings of swelling of the penis. The erection is really noticeable and he does not need a visual confirmation of its presence.

Being inside a woman, this sensation remains, so if a member falls in the process, then he will definitely notice it. This can happen with insufficient lubrication of the vagina, weakness of vaginal muscles or too high rate of intercourse.

Not feeling resistance or experiencing discomfort from friction about dry labia, the man stops feeling the riser, that is, he notices that the penis loses hardness. This is unpleasant and causes a desire to finish the action.

In order not to encounter such problems, you should take care of the normal functioning of the female genital organs. High -quality prelude will provide a sufficient amount of lubrication, unhindered sliding and lack of friction.

If the girl has too narrow or a weak lubrication is observed, it is better to use an intimate lubricant on a water -based lubricant. In the case when the vaginal muscles are weak and there are practically no resistance (men often joke that the member dangled like a pencil in a glass), it is worth thinking about changing the pose and using vaginal balls.

By the way, they not only strengthen muscles, but also perform a number of useful functions. Kegel simulators are popular and are often recommended by gynecologists to solve a number of female problems. At least the partner will be grateful.

We summarize-a man, being in a woman, feels the hardness and stiffness of the penis, and the medium of stay is warm and wet, each friction is faced with the resistance of something pleasant both in front and on the sides. It was as if it wrapping around something soft and warm squeezing and putting pressure on a strong cock. If the process is completed creamy, then the pleasure is multiplied.

What does a man feel inside a woman at the level of psychology

Modern sex toys made of eco -leather with a detailed repetition of the physiology of female genital organs are capable of repeating physical sensations. For example, a vagina-monastery, if you purchase realistic, expensive models, cope with the task at 5 with a plus.

But full pleasure will not work, because the sensations of a man largely depend on psychology, consciousness and produced hormones. It is they who deliver maximum pleasure and distinguish the usual ejaculation from satisfaction.

As soon as the man entered his partner, the psyche is unloading, because the natural task was completed and he entered into intimacy with a tender sex representative. Self -esteem increases instantly, a sense of self -significance increases, consciousness is released from negative thoughts and experiences.

Endorphins, which are also called the hormone of happiness are thrown into the blood. The feeling of this very happiness additionally increases self -confidence, a positive attitude and a feeling of joy. The effect is multiplied by two during ejaculation, because at this moment serotonin is developing, performing functions similar to endorphins.

Of course, sexual intercourse can be called maximum proximity and when a man with his member is inside another person, this is a kind of “communication nowhere else”.

But here it is not a matter of physical sensations, but in an emotional sense of trust and affection. Oxytocin, also entering the blood at the time of penetration, is responsible for what is happening.

Dopamine begins to be produced even at the anti -anticipation stage. Intimate correspondence, hugs, kisses, prelude. When the penetration itself occurs, the production sharply intensifies.

It is important to understand that dopamine is a neurotransmitter that improves the neural connection of cells, thereby having a positive effect on brain activity, mood and a sense of happiness in general.

Thus, we can conclude that the sensations of a man during sex are not only connected with the warm and wet vagina of his partner.

This is just a tool for achieving intimacy, proximity and trust that make it happy. In addition to pleasant feelings around the penis, he experiences relaxation, satisfaction and calm, which are difficult to achieve without sex. That is why many men fall asleep immediately after intercourse. Calm and happiness prevails, why not take a nap now?!

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