What animals mate for pleasure

What animals mate for pleasure.

You ever thought about which animals mate for pleasure and whether they do it in principle? After all, in the animal world there is no place for feelings and sexual intercourse is needed there with only one purpose – reproduction. But it turns out, everything is a little wrong.

We are used to the idea that we are the kings of this planet and the mind of animals is far from our. More recently, a law was adopted in Switzerland that cats and dogs are living creatures endowed with feelings and emotions.

That is, they understand everything, feel, are capable of experiences, grief, joy. longing, mental pain, loneliness.

Scientists regularly make observations proving to us that animals are not so much inferior to people in development.

One of the unique abilities of a person is an orgasm and pleasure from bodily intimacy in principle. We need sex not only to continue the genus, but also for health, and moreover, not only physical, but also mental. Previously, we talked about what is unnecessary and what it is dangerous. Read.

To obtain pleasure during intercourse, special hormones of joy are needed, which are produced only in humans and units of animals.

Also, you can not do without the ability to think and feel emotions, which is also a rarity in the animal world. Evolution deprived the inhabitants of the planet of the need for sex, but this difficult fate managed to avoid a person and some types of animals. Let’s talk about them!

The difference between pleasure and physiological satisfaction

First, it is important to understand what sex drive is and how sex is for the sake of pleasure from animal instinct.

Everyone knows perfectly well that cats and dogs sometimes just howl from how they need a sexual partner. The cat asks the cat, meow, suffers. And often people joke that animals have everything like people, they also love to have sex very much.

However, this is a great misconception, because the cat really does not like sex and generally does not need it at the level of emotions. She will not fall in love with the cat and will not give it to him because feelings surged.

In most animals, sex is only a physiological need caused by the release of special hormones, which in turn provoke estrus, erection and other irritating factors. The animal feels terrible discomfort, and instincts tell you how to get rid of it.

This is a cruel method thanks to which the Universe supports the population. Cats, dogs and other animals simply live in torment and as soon as sexual intercourse has taken place, the male is freed from sperm, the female has fertilization, hormones causing excitement are reduced and life continues to flow in a calm rhythm.

What animals mate for pleasure, and not just for propagation?

The winners in the nomination “Landford of the All Planet” can be called monkeys called Pale Capucin. Perhaps that is pale that loves sex very much.

Even with a pregnant female, or even with a friend. One -sex sex to these wonderful creatures is not alien. The main thing is that there is a partner and that he is good to the “monkey”, and Paul is a secondary business!

In general, among primates there are a lot of those who have sex for pleasure. There is Makaki and Bonobo and many others. However, these are far from all representatives of the sexual world.

For example, dolphins living in water, also do not mind to fool around. Moreover, such a thing as a “whore” does not have at all. Dolphins are happy to be given carnal pleasures with everyone who is pretty.

A number of animals have brought scientists into a dead end. On the one hand, they have sex for the purpose of fertilization, but they do it either too often and a lot, or in general in a strange way.

Judge for yourself, some types of primates, as well as goats and sheep practice oral sex! It is unlikely that they did not figure out how to realize their ancient instincts and the poke method reached the blowjob.

Scientists once witnessed how two brown bears practiced oral sex on a regular basis, just like that, fun.

Yes, it is not yet proved that this is inherent in all brown bears, maybe these two rebels went against the system, but the fact remains a fact. These guys clearly liked what they were doing

Lionesses are not only able to mate up to one hundred times a day, but also strives for diversity. Almost always, these lion girls resort to oral caresses, namely, lick the genitals of the partner.

It is difficult to say that the male thinks about it, but does not leave, which means that what is happening does not upset him at least. Oh, these animals, in some ways they even surpassed us. They are not worried about the opinion of others, I like the man, lick his eggs, that’s the whole philosophy.. Now you know what animals mate for pleasure, now live with this information.

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