Virgin Shoes: where it looks, views, views, photos, pictures


The virgin pole (in a scientific “Himen” (Hymen), popularly “virgin”) is the main sign of the virginity and intimacy of the girl in a sexual attitude, which creates a lot of questions from young inexperienced guys and girls standing only on the threshold of sexual activity. In this article, we will try to shed light as much as possible on this small and mysterious piece of the virgin girl’s body and answer the majority of the questions that arise about it, among which the main are: what is the virgin playing, where it is, how it looks and what kind of types are it. Also at the end we will consider a number of the most frequently asked questions.

Hymen – This is a kind of partition, closing the entrance to the vagina of a young girl and delimiting the internal genital organs from the external. It consists of connective tissue, into which muscle fibers, blood vessels and nerve endings are woven.

The number of muscle fibers determines the elasticity of the film and the ability to stretch. The number of nerve endings determines the sensitivity to damage and tears (defloration). Accordingly, the quantity and density of blood vessels in the Pleve determines blood loss when it breaks. It is these individual characteristics of each virgin that determines how painful and bloody will the defloration process for her will be. Of course, a lot still depends on how to do this, namely, depends on the sexual literacy of the first man of the girl.

Where is the virgin pitch

In order to understand where she is at the girl, let’s look at the photo and the drawing below. The virgin playing is located between the small labia at the entrance to the vagina itself for 1-3 cm deep. A kind of membrane (most often not integral), it blocks the entrance to the vagina, and its edges smoothly pass into the walls of the vagina. Due to the features of the structure of the genitals of each individual girl, the pleu is not always possible to see right away. Sometimes for this you need to gently expand (spread) the big and small labia of the girl.

Virgin Shoes: where it looks, views, views, photos, pictures
The photo on the left shows a picture of the genitals of the virgin, on which you can see the pleu and where it is located. The figure on the right shows a schematic pattern of the device of female genitals, where Himen is also highlighted and its location is indicated. These two drawings will help to more clearly understand the location.

Photo: what does the virgin playing look like

Many inexperienced young people, based on the name, represent Himen as a certain solid, thin membrane completely overlapping the entrance to the vagina. But it is not so. Firstly, it is almost never solid, as a rule there are one or more holes of different shapes and sizes for blood removal during menstruation.  Secondly, this is not always a shiny thin film, it can be a denser and heterogeneous fabric that blocks only part of the entrance to the vagina from any side.  How does the virgin playing look live in the photo in which the play is shown close -up.

Virgin Shoes: where it looks, views, views, photos, pictures
For clarity and a better understanding of how the virgin playing really looks like, we collected 10 different photos in this picture.

As you can see, the spit of all girls is completely different and in the next section we will just talk about these varieties.

Types of virgin rods and its varieties

All girls are different and the virgin isatable for each of them is unique. As well as on a tree there are no 2 identical leaves, so among girls you will not find 2 identical pleasures. All this huge variety of forms can only be divided into species that combine the most similar films in size and forms. There are quite a lot of such species, for example, for example: lobed, semi-lunar, ring, patchwork, fiber-shaped, guboid, dioxide, semi-moon, bucket, blocked, keile-shaped, finished, fringed (petal), sprouted, perforated, tubular, lattice, dough-made, gear. Below in the figure you can see some of them.

Virgin Shoes: where it looks, views, views, photos, pictures
This picture contains the most common forms of virgin rods

The most common questions

At what depths is the virgin playing?

It is located at a depth of 1-3 cm deep from the entrance to the vagina. It all depends on the structure of the genitals of each individual girl.

Is rupture always accompanied by pain and blood?

No not always. It all depends on its equipment by blood vessels and nerve endings. The more nerve endings, the more pleasant the defloration process passes. Similarly with blood vessels – the more there are, the more abundant bleeding when rupture of the rod.

If the girl does not have a virgin rod – this means that she already had sex?

Not always. Firstly, there is an innate absence of a rod (aplasia). Secondly, it happens that a girl loses her before the first sexual contact . Among the reasons why this can happen, the most frequent can be distinguished: due to injuries, excessive physical activity, with improper use of tampons, during masturbation, with an unsuccessful examination by a genicologist, with intensive washing in childhood.

I am a virgin, but I can completely introduce a finger and even 2 into the vagina. I have no virgin rod?

The fact is that as mentioned above, the spit is not homogeneous and does not represent a continuous membrane overlapping the entrance to the vagina. It most often has a hole or even several. And for each girl this hole (holes) has a different size and shape. That is why some hardly enter one finger into the vagina while other girls can freely introduce 2 fingers. It is worth noting that this hole usually increase during menstruation. This is due to the fact that, under the influence of certain hormones of the fabric, they change their properties and qualities, becoming more elastic and stretching.

Is it possible to break through the virgin pleus on your own?

Yes it is possible. Many girls do this even by accident with intense masturbation. And if consciously, then quite often girls do this due to the fact that one day, trying to prove themselves as an adult experienced sexually, a girl was told to the guy that they were no longer a virgin. As a result, in order not to become a deceiver, they try to deprive themselves of virginity on their own. Other girls do this themselves due to the fact that they cannot completely relax and trust their boyfriend. Most often, both make it fingers, but sometimes they resort to any objects. In any case, it is more correct if it all the same to do a guy and it is very important that it is precisely your favorite guy. Then there will be trust, and with it relaxation and excitement, which will make the defloration process much softer and easier.

How to break a virgin pleasant to a girl and deprive her of virginity?

Of course, it is impossible to give clear step -by -step instructions here, since the girls are all different and, accordingly, the approach to each should be individual. But despite this, you can distinguish common important points to which you need to pay attention to and give several valuable tips in order to do this correctly and as painlessly for the girl. In more detail and in detail about all this is written in the article how to deprive a girl of virginity.

Can a feather stay after the first sex, that is, survive?

Yes, this happens and not rare. Such cases are due to the high elasticity of the film and a large hole in it. All this can allow a member to penetrate the enemy without tearing the pleural itself, but simply stretching out the hole of it. A large hole in the Pleve can be determined by physiology, or may be the result of masturbation. When a girl immediately puts a finger there, and then she wants more and she introduces 2, or even 3 fingers. As a result, the hole becomes stretched enough so that a member passes through it during the first sex. After that, in subsequent sexual acts, the girl can experience discomfort several times during the introduction of a member, but then over time the spit stretches even more and the girl stops feeling her at all. She will finally get rid of her only after the birth of a child.

Whether the virgin playing is restored in itself a long time after the first sex?

After a gap or partial damage, she in itself in a healthy girl usually does not restore and does not overgrow, even if after the last sexual contact passes many months or even years. But it is worth noting that it is very rare, but such cases are all the same and this is called atresia. It is mainly a side effect of some infectious diseases that a girl can transfer.

Is it possible to restore a virgin pleasant?

Nowadays, medicine took a big step forward, including in intimate surgery. Today you can restore the virgin pleasant for relatively not much money (from $ 700) and feel like a clean and immaculate girl again. Such an intimate operation is called hymenoplasty or reference and it lasts about half an hour. Quite often, girls lose their virginity too early, when they still do not realize what they are doing, or they are not deprived of it not as they would like (under the influence of alcohol or drugs, with anyone, or it was a rape). Therefore, to fix this, they resort to such services of intimate surgery.

Does the virgin playing become less elastic and durable?

There is an opinion that with age, the virgin’s impudent becomes less elastic and the longer the girl retains her more pain and more difficult to break through in the future. This is a myth from a part, but from a part and there is no. In fact, the quality of our tissues in the body is changing with age, but these changes do not affect the pleura as much as many people like to speak and write. In a much greater extent It all depends on 3 things:

  • Features of the structure of the rod;
  • the mood of the girl;
  • her partner’s sexual literacy and understanding what and how to do.

If the spit was thin and elastic at the age of 18, then it will be at the age of 30, and if it was dense, but this will remain until deprivation of virginity and it does not matter at what age this will happen.

I can’t break through the virgin pleasant. What to do?

This happens often not only by the fact that the spit itself is quite dense, but also because the girl is too scared and worries, plus pain that only pumps and exacerbates these feelings. All this leads to the fact that the girl is tensing, and at the same time strain and her genitals, not allowing the penis to break through the virgin pleasant and go into the vagina. That is why during the first sex the guy should devote especially a lot of time to the prelude: delicate words, hugs, kisses, etc. D. From all this, the girl will feel protected, desired and beloved, which is very important for her, especially at such an important moment in her life.

In a very extreme case, when the couple was already exhausting themselves with multiple ineffective attempts to break through the pleura, you can turn to the services of the same intimate surgery and conduct surgical defloration. Such an operation is fast enough (10-15 minutes) and painless.

Perhaps all the most important was said and shown. But if anyone has any questions, please ask them in the comments, we will be happy to try to answer them.

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