Vibropul. How to use

Vibropul. How to use?.

Vibropul. How to use
If you are not yet ready to purchase a full -fledged vibrator and a dildo or your partner against a bulky competitor in bed in your arsenal, but The desire to try something new in sex does not leave you, We advise you to take a closer look at such a mini -device like a vibroopul. She got her name because of the similarity with a real bullet.

With its size and shape, it will not confuse even the most modest man in sexual terms, and with its multifunctionality it will surprise and give you both of the pleasant moments.

It is safe to say that Vibroopul is suitable not only for women who like to masturbate and want experiments, but also to pairs who want to revive their intimate life, look for new erogenous zones and experience new or forgotten old sensations in the body.

Its distinctive feature is the ability to use the device not only for the genital area and penetration into the vagina, but also the ability to stimulate all possible erogenous zones on the body of both women and men.

How to use vibropulo

The answer to the question of how to use vibropuli correctly, and any other sex toy, each owner or couple is looking for independently. After all, only you know what place on the body should be touched or massaged so that the extravaganza of feelings happens.

However, there are rules for using sex devices that will tell women how to use vibroopulu properly.

  • Be sure to wash the toy for running water and treat the means for intimate toys before and after each use.
  • Vibropul. How to use
    You can use the vibropulo, both at the beginning of sexual games for warming up, and in the midst of sexual intercourse:
  • For external stimulation – nipples, erogenous zones and in the process of intimate massage. Start with a light touch from afar, gradually increasing the pressure or speed and approaching the erogenous zone.
  • To influence the vaginal zone. We advise you to start with a massage of the vast area in the lower abdomen, then move to the labia and only then to the clitoris. You can entrust this important matter to the partner, or you can do everything yourself. Try both options.
  • Vibropulus can be used as an auxiliary device during oral caresses. You can touch her to the scrotum while you are busy with a member, and then change with a toy place.
  • For vaginal use, purchase a special lubricant so that there is no unnecessary friction when it is introduced. The most universal is a water -based lubricant – it is suitable for devices from any materials.

There are different modifications of vibropol. They can be either wireless (with a remote control or buttons on the surface), or wired (with a remote control on the wire). The choice will depend on what kind of stimulation you prefer. If you use a toy for external stimulation, it is more convenient to purchase a wireless device, and if for vaginal penetration, it can be a device with a wired remote control or switching modes through a smartphone.

We have collected the top 3 vibropuli presented in our store.

Vibropul. How to use
Powerful Intense Supreme Vibe Vibroopul

The rechargeable powerful vibropulus is made of silicone and is waterproof, which means that it can be retained even in the bathroom or shower. This device is completely charged in 120 minutes and has 7 different speeds, which will allow it to adapt it to itself to get maximum pleasure. Can be used both solo and in a paired game. It is charged using a USB cable that includes.

Vibropul. How to use

Minivibibropul with Prettylove Sebastian ribs

Laconic vibropulus with relief throughout the barrel. Created from hypoallergenic, pleasant to the touch of material. Has 12 operating modes and a built -in light indicator that helps in switching speeds. The relief surface has an additional stimulating effect and promotes bright orgasms. The toy is waterproof and can be used in the shower or under water.

Vibropul. How to use
Baile Pretty Love vibrator with remote control.

A small wireless bullet can give you bright sensations and strong stimulation due to its power and multifunctionality. With a remote control, you may not be distracted from the process to switch modes. Such a small device contains 12 modes of operation, which will certainly deliver you to the top of bliss. In addition to pleasure, with its help you can train intimate muscles and develop the sensitivity of the vagina.

We hope you appreciated the multifunctionality and ease of use of this toy. We advise every woman who cares about her pleasure and diversity in bed, to purchase vibro -bundles. You can receive orgasms yourself and delight your partner with new sensations. You can get acquainted with a full catalog HERE right now.

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