Vaginal size is the norm and how to reduce

What size should there be a vagina and how to narrow it?.

Not everyone knows, however, the size of the vagina in every woman may vary. At the same time, not only its width is taken into account, but also the depth, which can change under the influence of various factors.

Vaginal size is the norm and how to reduce

Dimensions and vagina

This part of the genitals is presented in the form of a canal, which connects the external genitalia and the uterus. The walls of this channel consist of various types of tissue, including the mucosa. This shell, in turn, consists of special cells that produce a lubricant. It is thanks to him and tissue folds that the vagina can stretch and take various forms.

If we talk about the depth or length of the vagina, then scientists published an average parameter of 9.6 cm.

This is an average indicator in women around the world, but individual sizes can vary from 7.5 cm to 17.7 cm.

The outer part of the vagina is called vulva, it includes external and internal labia. The dimensions and color of the lips can also differ in every woman. At the junction of the inner labia there is a clitoris that is covered with many nerve fibers. Its sizes have a large scatter, can have a diameter of 5 to 35 millimeters, excitement, individual anatomy and other factors affect the size.

Vaginal size is the norm and how to reduce

What affects the size of the vagina?

The diameter and depth of the female genital organ can change under the influence of certain circumstances, for example, to accommodate a swab, finger or male cock. This happens in the process of excitement, when an active blood flow goes to this place, then the walls expand, and the end of the uterus is slightly lifted.

But despite the fact that the vagina may increase, if a sex toy or penis will have a large size, then during sex a woman may experience discomfort.

How the vagina changes with age?

Some mistakenly believe that the size of the female vagina may be subject to age -related changes. In fact, scientists did not find any scientific relationship between the depth of the vagina and age.

However, over time, the color and shape of the labia may change. This is due to the fact that with age, the female body begins to develop estrogens less, this hormone reduces the amount of collagen and fats in the body. Thus, labia can become thinner and darker. Especially cardinal changes occur during the period of menophazus, when critical hormonal changes occur in the body.

Also, a girl can note the changes in the vagina if she survived the birth. This is a completely natural phenomenon, since the body as a whole is preparing for the appearance of the child, thereby changing certain processes in the body. But after some time, the vagina takes the former appearance that was before childbirth.

Vagina size and penis length

It happens that a man complexes relatively small indicators of his penis, however, scientists have proved that on average, an excited member is 33% more than a vagina.

Vaginal size is the norm and how to reduce

However, despite the difference in size, both of these bodies can adapt to each other during intercourse. In 2015, world statistics showed that the average length of the erect penis is a little more than 13 centimeters. If a man has more than an average length, then half of the women will experience discomfort during sex.

The emphasis and shocks of the penis in the uterus cause pain, so partners should discuss this. It is enough to additionally use the lubricant and change the pose, then a specific problem will be solved.

How to narrow the vagina?

As we have already said, the depth of the vagina is rarely changed, but the elasticity of this part of the female body can suffer due to congenital pathologies, unsuccessful births or with age during the period of menopause. As a result of such changes, the question arises of how to reduce the vagina?

The reason why it is necessary to narrow this zone is the following consequences of the tone loss:

  • To a greater extent, the loss of vagina tone affects the quality of sexual life. Both partners can experience much less sexual pleasure or it can be completely absent. This can also cause cicatricial fabric on the walls, which will provoke pain during intercourse;
  • In the future, this can provoke serious violations, for example, omission of the uterus, which will subsequently lead to partial or complete loss of the uterus. There may be problems with urinary incontinence.

Thus, it is necessary to use various methods to return elasticity.


Surgical intervention will help quickly and guaranteed to return elasticity for many years.

Vaginal size is the norm and how to reduce

There are two ways of surgical intervention:

  1. Colpography – consists in excision of the walls of the vagina. There is a rear and front, but these two types can be used simultaneously if the problems are significant.
  2. Reducing the entrance to the vagina – is used more often special for those girls whose problems are related to childbirth. Reducing the entrance is much easier than to excise walls. But this is suitable only for those patients whose walls of the inside have not lost elasticity.

Thus, the method of operation should be selected based on individual characteristics. But, in any case, you need a consultation with a doctor.

Kegel exercises

We have already said that many girls are interested in how to narrow the vagina after childbirth, since the walls stretch and may lose their elasticity. However, those persons who do not engage in their muscles may face this problem.

But the operation is not the only way to help return the elasticity of the vagina. The famous gynecologist Arnold Kegel created a selection of exercises aimed at restoring the elasticity of the lower basin. Together with them you can get rid of the problems of urinary incontinence and pain during sex. The main advantage of Kegel’s methodology is the simplicity of exercises: each girl, regardless of her physical training, can perform them, and there is no need for large space or special inventory.

Before starting training, a woman should feel what muscles she needs to work on, for this a small test needs to be carried out. During urination, you need to try to delay the urine, at this moment it is necessary to trace which muscles are tense, and you will have to work on them.

Vaginal size is the norm and how to reduce

Kegel training:

  • moderate compression – start slowly compress the felt muscles, try to hold them the maximum amount of time, after that, begin to gradually relax them;
  • ELIFT technique – you need to strain the walls a little and hold them in this position for about 5 seconds, after which relax. Then we begin to strain them more and more and hold them, after which we relax. Repeat the technique until the moment when you cannot strain them as much as possible. When you reach the limit, make a small pause and repeat the exercise in the reverse order;
  • quick compression – you need to strain as quickly as possible and relax the walls of the vagina;
  • Pushing – this exercise begin to perform training with previous techniques after a week, also try to do everything carefully without sudden movements. It is necessary to get to the age of childbirth or during defecation, and then relax;
  • drawing anus – during this exercise, internal and circular muscles are simultaneously swinging. It is necessary to repeat until complete control over this zone. To control the contraction of the vagina, you can insert a rounded object or two fingers into it. For complete mastery of this muscle, you need to repeat the exercise every hour, 25 times in three approaches. We strain the walls for five seconds, then try to relax them for five seconds.

This technique can be performed anywhere: in the office, park, in transport, since it does not betray herself from the outside. After a month of regular training, one can note a positive result. But you should not be too zealous, since the walls can be very narrowed, and this will cause discomfort during intimacy.

Thus, the width and depth of the female vagina can vary, while the depth is rarely changed, but the width may change due to childbirth or congenital defects. Subsequently, a lost tone can adversely affect sexual life or provoke more serious problems. To avoid this, you need to consult a doctor who will prescribe special exercises or operation.

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