Urofilia or golden rain – what is it

What is uropy and golden rain.

A fairly controversial form of sexual pleasure, which is often demonstrated by married couples, is called golden rain, and in scientific language this hobby has the name Urofilia.

Urofilia or golden rain – what is it

Urofilia – types and causes

What is urophilia is, thanks to the Internet, already many. This term implies sexual pleasure from the smell, type or taste of urine. During intercourse, partners can urinate each other in their mouth, on the face or body. Urinophilia proceeds in two forms:

  • passive – when a person prefers to urinate on him;
  • Active-a person reaches pleasure when he urinates someone.

The reasons for the development Urofilia:

  1. Psychological. It is scientifically proven that a person experiences some excitement during urination, this is due to a sense of relief. Some people begin to enhance this effect. Also, some boys in childhood forbade parents to touch their penis, with the exception of cases with Scripture, then the boys began to be written to bed to show their protest, this is the psychology of urophilia.

  2. Biochemical. Studies have shown that male urine accommodates such a hormone as Androsterone is the main sign of masculinity. For this reason, some women are excited from the smell of male urine.

Due to the features of the location of the bladder and the channel of urination, the scripture process affects many nerve endings. Therefore, during intercourse, if the bladder is full, then the sensations are intensified. Since at this moment pressure goes on the erogenous zones of both sexes, in men on the prostate gland, in women – on point G.

Urofilia or golden rain – what is it

What is golden rain in sex

There are various options for satisfying passion for uroofilia. Golden rain in sex can be used in the following versions:

  • Actually, urinate on a partner;
  • write to yourself;
  • observe how someone is pissing;
  • to urinate in public on the spot, in front of strangers;
  • urinate in the mouth of your partner;
  • write to your clothes or clothes of your partner;
  • to specifically stay from going to the toilet, then to experience pleasure when urinating;
  • take baths with their urine.

Followers of urophilia and lovers of golden rain recommend consuming a large amount of liquid before sex so that the effect is maximum. To do this, you can drink teas and fruits with a diuretic effect. True, you should not drink coffee and smoke cigarettes, because from this the taste and color of urine changes. However, there are those who prefer morning urine because of its pungent smell and taste.

Many already know about what golden rain is, without hesitation to use it for a variety of their sexual life. Previously, uuropilia was considered a sexual perversion, and now even those who pathological attraction to uarophylia practice golden rain from time to time. The main thing is that both partners satisfy such a situation, and then the case of everyone.

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