Tired woman. How to deal with it

Tired woman. How to deal with it.

By nature, women are more active than men. Even in ancient times, the man performed work more difficult physically, but most of the time was at rest. Suddenly war, and I’m tired, as they say. Women, on the contrary, performed a huge number of functions, each of which separately seemed to have no complexity. A tired woman at that time was a concept from the category of science fiction.

Tired woman: Reasons and explanations why a woman gets tired

As the old joke says-it is not difficult for a woman, get breakfast, GARRY SPET, FOOD OF THE CHANGE, HUSTION ABOUT THE WORK GATE AND SEEN A GOOD A GOOD AND SHOULD, go to work, go to the store, PREASED, HUSE DOWNFor tomorrow, motivate, quickly put the children’s dishes, put the spouse again, read the books smart before going to bed, look for your body, create all the cosmetic procedures and all, rest, relax!

However, many women in our time experience fatigue, so unusual for all representatives of a gentle sex. All this is poured into aggression to loved ones, screams for children, dissatisfaction with the spouse, quarrels with colleagues. The condition is already terrible, so still constant stress caused by this state, finishes the girl.

And it would seem that no one can help. Today we have collected several ways that have been known for a very long time and have been used for many decades. Who knows, maybe it is in them that the secret of female energy lies, which has no end.

Throw trousers into garbage

We will not argue about the fact that female and that male. The world has long been immune to such comparisons and divisions. However, many religions have been proven and in all traditions is present in the fact that a woman receives energy from the ground, for which a cone -shaped outfit was created, capable of not blocking the path of energy to a woman.

We wrote in more detail about this in an article under the name why women should not wear trousers. We will not focus on this point. I will only say that this is the physical level of female energy and it is restored by the wearing of skirts and dresses. Pants, no matter how well they sit on the female body, block the flow of new forces and exhaust the once strong and active lady.

Pessimists overboard!

Once I came across a study of psychologists who found out one curious fact – women love the guys positive who make the girl laugh. The emotional level of energy of a woman is directly related to positive emotions, it is charged through laughter and fun.

Therefore, if you feel fatigue, you immediately need to stop or limit communication with negative interlocutors. You know, these are all bad. And the president is not the same and the boss of the crook and the whole body hurts, there is no money, all the women are corrupt, they still tonsured the pot in the hairdresser, bought shoes, and it broke, and some kind of weather, it used to be better! A tired woman is a direct consequence of the whiner next to her!

Knowledge of oneself as women

New knowledge can restore the forces of any person, but the woman needs special. Probably, each of us should be intellectually developed and smart, but men are often focused on more complex and accurate sciences regarding the surrounding world. While women are born again when they gain knowledge and skills in the field of femininity and motherhood.

Therefore, in any incomprehensible situations, mentally healthy women change the image and try to spend more time with children. Books and courses on how to become a good mother, how to be sexy, how to know yourself will be useful. In general, reading has long been recognized as a cure for many diseases and the best source of information. One of the most interesting areas for women is erotic literature. Be sure to read a couple of books, you will like!

If you are all day, then you drive subordinates on the office, then you solve the issue with a non -working crane, then the forces will quickly leave you. A woman will never get tired of leaving herself and communicating with children, even on the contrary, will gain energy.

 Calm, only calm

Oh, this Carlson. Puziko, craving for dangers, propeller in the whole back. But I really want to change roles with the baby and hear these words – calm, baby, only calm! Carlson cannot be found for all women, so you will have to master several techniques for achieving peace on your own.

It so happened that wars and conflicts are not a female topic. Even in the most troubled times, they remained aside, provided coziness and warmth. To this day, every lady strives. Try to stay in a quiet place, go to the village for the weekend to your grandmother, if possible.

Choose a vacation spot without fuss. For everyday life, you just need to learn not to respond to stimuli. This will make you stronger and the authority in the eyes of others will increase. We wrote about this in more detail in an article called zero reaction.

Of course, no one has canceled possible health problems and visit the doctor, it is very important to take tests. However, regardless of whether there are deviations in the physiology of your body or not, the above tips will help you become more energetic, more active and stronger.

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