The top of the house for the home to add a light and warm up interest, but at the same time do not open up immediately | Erotic linen

The top of the house for the home to add a light and warm up interest, but do not open immediately.

The top of the house for the home to add a light and warm up interest, but at the same time do not open up immediately | Erotic linen
A woman needs to be beautiful always and everywhere: on a date, work, on vacation, and even more so – at home. But often they forget about this and, having come home, cute ladies pull on themselves the old, wiped training pants and a stretched T -shirt, completing the image of hastily gathered in a bunch of hair. Isn’t it the most sexy set? Men think the same way, and secretly from lovers begin to look at other girls, in porn, or even run to lovers, because everything is always there with a full parade. Such a scenario does not suit? So it’s time to take everything into your own hands. And it is worth starting with the selection of sexy homemade clothes. In this guide, I will tell you in detail about the types of such outfits, I will help you choose the set suitable for your forms and will expand the secrets of seduction.

What you need to know

Erotic house for home is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. But even many prejudices and myths did not bypass her.

  • Myth No. 1: "Beautiful homemade clothing is an expensive pleasure".
    Good quality clothes will really not cost cheap, but we are not talking about the amounts that were unbearable for the average woman. The most inexpensive models cost only a couple of thousand rubles. In addition, a man will gladly pay for this purchase, if only every day to see his beloved in a seductive form.
  • Myth # 2: "This set will be inconvenient".
    Modern models of erotic products are created taking into account female comfort. If it is lace, it is soft and pleasant for the skin, if it is a mining kit – then an elastic and not causing discomfort. Everything is thought out so that it is convenient in the product not only to seduce before sex, but also to do household affairs around the house.
  • Myth No. 3: "This is not an everyday option".
    If you properly care for clothes, follow the recommendations for washing, drying and ironing, it will last you for a long time. We have already determined that sexy clothing is convenient, so you can wear it not only on holidays.
  • Myth No. 4: "Any seductive thing can harm health".
    The time has passed when the lace was banned. Today, lace is made using new technologies, and it is mixed with fabrics comfortable for the body. Most models have been produced in Europe from high quality materials.
  • Myth # 5: "I live alone, (with my parents/neighbor) so I don’t care how to look at home".
    First of all, a beautiful outfit is needed for yourself, so that passing by the mirror do not stoop and look for shortcomings, but proudly straighten your shoulders and smile. In addition, no one is safe from the arrival of an interesting guest, or maybe you will go on vacation and want to invite someone to your room for a romantic evening.
  • Myth # 6: "Sexy clothing sews only under parameters 90-60-90".
    A girl of any parameters can choose a suitable set for herself.
    The dimensions start from XS for the most miniature girls and end 7xl for divisions with magnificent forms.


Hare – Universal home clothing.
But often women prefer Big and terry robes, which are suitable exclusively for bath procedures. Walking in this, leaving the shower – you can, but just around the house – not worth. So you will be shapeless, and as if wrapped in a large towel.

Another thing – Subtle sexy dressing gown.
It can be worn on a naked body. Just imagine: the husband knocks on the door, you open it and immediately meet an enthusiastic look. Further more – he passes into the house, and you untie the belt, exposing the body. After such a script, even the most tired man It will attack you, like a hungry beast, and be sure you will like.
If under an opaque robe is underwear or pajamas, then it is not shameful to walk around the house, even if you have children.

The robes are very convenient, you can quickly throw them if the guests knocked on the door, and you just woke up.
You can wear them On top of erotic linen, To expose gradually.

  • Mia-Mia robe It looks very gorgeous.
    He is from the Lady in Red collection, so it will complement any set of this line, but you can wear it separately.
    The color of a delightful shade resembles the interweaving of red and plum. A wide belt will help to emphasize the silhouette, you can tie a bow with it, thereby focusing on the hips.
    The sleeves are quite closed so that the dressing gown can be worn without hesitation Even with guests.
  • It will look good on top of the underwear Black light robe, completely made of lace.
    A satin belt can emphasize the figure favorably, and through the lace drawing it will be seen enough to add a light and warm interest, but not open up immediately.


Peignoir – Home elegant outfit, which sews mainly from light fabrics.
According to men, this is one of the most seductive elements of a female wardrobe. It differs from the rest of the clothes with an elegant view.
Peniir often decorated with satin ribbons, lace, patterns, ornaments and decorative inserts.
You can wear it after awakening, before bedtime, or at the moment when you want to give intimacy, notes of novelty.

  • Penyar Tyrone will help to relax and tune in to a sexual wave. It elegantly embroiders around the edges and in the sleeve zone, pleasant cream embroidery favorably frams the main black color.
    Imagine that you were engaged in work all day, cleaned at home, stood behind the stove or put children. Come to the bedroom in the evening, Look at your tired view in the mirror and decide to go to bed. Indeed, you will think about sex here last. But what if you go to the bath, wash off your fatigue and puts on a chic set? Then in the mirror there will be no longer tortured housewife, but the exquisite queen.
  • Combination "Jacqueline" This is a full -fledged set.
    It includes a peignoir resembling a dressing gown, comfortable panties and a shirt of a straight cut.
    The entire set is made From artificial silk, The body in it is easy and comfortable. You can sleep in shirt and panties, and the peignoir is thrown from above, going to the bathroom or preparing morning coffee.
    Blue color will perfectly harmonize with light shades of skin and dark hair.
  • Penior Camelie – This is a more frank option for bed games and seduction.
    He is translucent, and dressing in him, the girl seems to say: "Look, I still have something to remove from me".
    Deep neckline allows you to completely expose the chest. Slightly slightly lower the shoulders, as it appears in all its glory. In the area of the elbows and under the chest, an original mesh insert is thought out, slightly Hinting at BDSM Tematics.


The top of the house for the home to add a light and warm up interest, but at the same time do not open up immediately | Erotic linen
Sexy dress will be a great addition to a romantic evening at home.
It differs from ordinary outfits with a tight silhouette and the presence of open zones. It can be a stomach, neckline, back or shoulders.

  • Want to appear in front of a lover in an elegant image? It will help you long -cut dress.
    The outfit is stunning, and at the same time corrective figure.
    Black and length to the floor will stretch the silhouette and visually add a couple of centimeters to your growth. The leg peering out of the cut will be profitably outlined.
    Due to the fact that the straps of the top cross crossings, the chest will rise a little upstairs. The abdomen is decorated with a floral pattern, if you are shy of scars and postpartum stretch marks, you can not worry – they will not be visible. And by the way, when you want to go to the next stage, the dress can not be removed.
  • Dresses are completely different, from the most innocent to hot and impudent, and even – provocative.
    You can choose them for the style of a la Fetish, are very popular Dresses with Wetlook effect.
    Wetlook is a type of fetishism in which a person starts the form of wet clothes. The material of such outfits is brilliant and shimmering, so if it starts a partner, he will be delighted.
  • Sometimes a man wants enjoy the appearance of a feminine mistress.
    And here it is important to choose not an open outfit, but softer and gentle. For example, Coquette coral dress.
    The color speaks for itself, plus it is complemented by light blue lace, beautifully located throughout the dress. This combination of shades even from a bold brunette will make an innocent doll.


Surders can be used both with an intimate date and for sleeping. If this is the first proximity with a man, this option will be as successful as possible. After all Men love to undress a woman gradually. Sometimes a girl in a sexy order causes more desire than with complete exposure.
And here everything is extremely simple – men love when the ladies are decorated with beautiful "packaging", like a real gift, sweet candy.

  • OBSESSIVE GREYLA CHEMISE kit tightens the body from above, and at the same time has a free, flared format from below.
    This allows you to create a silhouette "hourglass", Yes, and the hips in it seem wider. Luxurious embroidery and lace In combination with a deep neckline, they will give the image a special charm.
  • In Passion shirt It will be convenient to sleep.
    By 93% it consists of viscose, 7% of elastan. This means that it stretches, is easy to care for and almost does not think. At the same time, the model is original – decorating with lace, Playing insert at the neckline, cute bow and interesting sleeves, soft pink shade.
    In this form it will be quite appropriate to sleep even at a party or on a bachelorette party.
  • Long shirt Mia-Mia Paloma proves that you can look seductive in a modest form.
    This is an elegant product in which everything is closed, and at the same time the fabric adjusts to the body, Emphasizing feminine bends.
    On the back and front there is a translucent mesh through which the skin is visible, the chest area is closed by decorated lace, giving this zone more volume.
    By the way, such an outfit perfect for the first proximity, Having made it special.
  • If you want to expose the legs, you can buy a shirt the same style, but shorter. It can be put on as an addition to the wedding along, because the snow -white color will perfectly fit into the atmosphere of the first marital night.


The top of the house for the home to add a light and warm up interest, but at the same time do not open up immediately | Erotic linen
Sleep clothes can also be beautiful, and it proves Seductive pajamas. You can choose the right model for yourself.

  • One will like lace, for example, as in a set Seven ‘Til Midnight.
    The kit is made of light satin, includes comfortable shorts and a shirt, perfectly sitting in figure. The area under the chest is decorated with lace stripes visually lifting it. Above – Elegant soft bodice.
    The plus of the model is that she suits girls with any breast, as the bodice adjusts her shape.
  • It will be convenient for others to sleep in slightly sports models. Pajama TARO very comfortable and warm.
    Ideal option in cold winter nights or when traveling to the country. In fact, this is a long sleeve t -shirt and pants.
    The product is 92% of their cotton, this Natural material, in which the naked body will be as comfortable as possible. In such a model will be Cozy and comfortable, Yes, and she looks beautiful.
  • Fans of original solutions I recommend taking a closer look at Mia-Mia Faberge.
    Bottom – comfortable shorts, top – blouse with an original neckline, necklash finish And an interesting print. The product is moderately free, help not to focus on extra pounds in the waist and abdomen.

Everyone is striving be beautiful in society, but crossing the threshold of the house, they forget that there You need to remain luxurious.
Remember how many times you lied to the gentleman, that you are not at home when she was literally at your entrance and wanted to enter? Fearing that they will be seen in an indecent form, people deprive themselves pleasant meeting with unexpected guests, and those surprises that they can present.

And if you live with a man, Sexy home clothes should become familiar.
To the girl, which even looks at a hundred at home, anyone will rush back to return. Or maybe he will even give up gatherings with friends, just to spend the evening in the company of his graceful queen.

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