The testicles hurt from abstinence: what to do?

The testicles hurt from abstinence: what to do?.

Sexual abstinence can negatively affect the state of health of a man. The first problem that occurs with prolonged absence of sexual contacts is painful testicles from abstinence. You can find out about the reasons for its appearance and methods of elimination in this article.

Why are the testicles hurt from abstinence

Pain syndrome – a natural physiological reaction of the male body to abstinence. In some, he appears a couple of days later, in others – in a week and a longer period.

This is caused by processes that occur during irritation in the nerve endings.

They affect both the head and lumbar departments that take a direct part in the erectile function. Such processes increase the speed and volume of testosterone intake.

As a result, the vessels are expanded. The amount of blood arriving in the penis increases markedly. The penis increases in size, which indicates an onset of an erection.

Prolonged excitement causes vessel seal. They lose their original elasticity. Together with large volumes of blood that accumulates in cavernous bodies, pressure on the shell of the testicles increases repeatedly.

This is what causes the appearance of painful sensations. In this case, the pain can be of a different nature – from pulling and aching to a fairly sharp and acute.

What to do if the testicles are hurt from abstinence

During life, men have to refrain from sex repeatedly. The youthful organism copes with this problem through pollutions. This is an involuntary ejaculation, which occurs most often during sleep.

Adult representatives of the stronger sex are forced to do without sexual contacts in the absence of a partner, during the period of pregnancy, a lover, if she is prescribed sexual peace, after childbirth, when relations at a distance.

As a result, a man hurt testicles from abstinence and it is necessary to solve the problem. In such cases, it is important to find the best way.

In general, the easiest of course masturbation. If you have a partner, but you can’t have sex for some reason, then you can ask the companion to help one of the described methods below.


The only method of eliminating unpleasant sensations in the scrotum is ejaculation. The easiest way to achieve it by self -satisfaction.

Usually the pain gradually decreases and completely stops after 3-4 hours of the “drain” of the sperm. Some men consider masturbation something shameful, abandoning this method.

In general, the pain itself occurs due to the so -called Tarkhanov phenomenon. Sexologists know well what it is, for the townspeople I will explain. The accumulation of seminal fluid in the tanks leads to pressure on the seed tubules and the scrotum itself.

Immediately after this, signals are received into the brain, which he processes and by the production of hormones affects the man. Go and find a partner!

One way to force him to go in search is the pain in the testicles caused by abstinence. This situation is also described by sexologists as the effect of blue balls.

If you find nothing, but a man refuses masturbation, then the body will solve this problem on its own.

First, the prostate will cease to allocate a secret to the production of sperm. More precisely, it will continue to be produced, but it will begin to get into the bloodstream. On sexual function, such a layout acts as a sedative. Sperm will begin to be produced very slowly and in very meager quantities.

But what to do with filled tanks? Nature and then thought out everything. The body will get rid of excess seed fluid with involuntary pollutions, usually night. That is, a man simply ends himself without wanting.

Oral sex

If the reason for abstinence is the inability to have traditional sex with a partner, for example, for medical reasons, you can achieve discharge using oral caresses.

But there is one “but”, for this there should be a woman who is ready to provide a similar service. Well, or use the services of those who provide them.

Do not forget about sex toys, such as masturbator mouth. This product is made of cyber skin and, according to the sensation, is almost no different from the female mouth, therefore you can save yourself using a toy from an adult store.

Firstly, you will not have to do everything with your hands, since many models are equipped with vibration and you don’t have to do anything yourself. Secondly, this is an interesting experience, new sensations and generally some kind of diversity in life.


Another way to get sexual discharge without direct penetration is Petering. Most often, young couples resort to him, as well as lovers who are in the first stages of relations.

Its essence lies in intimate caresses with hands, lips, teeth until the extreme point of contact occurs. This lesson is absolutely safe.

It is practiced to recognize the temperament of future sexual partners, relieve voltage in “inappropriate” places for sex.

In order to avoid egg pain in the absence of the ability to have sex, it is necessary to minimize situations that cause excitement.

We will have to refuse to watch erotic videos, random hugs and kisses with women. There are special psychological trainings to block fantasies.

Important! Must not be allowed without discharge. Frequent overstresses can lead not only to the pain in the testicles, but also to sexual impotence.

If, after ejaculation, painful sensations do not disappear after 12 hours, there are other pathological symptoms (temperature, nausea, weakness, a change in the color of the scrotum, difficulties with urination, etc.D.), it is necessary to consult a doctor for consultation and diagnostics.

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