The price of innocence. How much does it cost to sell virginity? | Psychology of relations

The price of innocence. How much does it cost to sell virginity?.

The price of innocence. How much does it cost to sell virginity? | Psychology of relations
Sale of girlish honor implies an entry into sexual relations for a certain amount. Today, girls think more and more often – how to make money on virginity. You can set such a lot on different sites. For what amount it is possible to sell such a product?

Some equate such bargaining with prostitution, selling themselves. But in the culture of different peoples there are peculiar traditions. According to the rules, they are trading for virginity, the winning pays and receives a prize. Such a ritual is in Japan, it is called Mizuaga. Although it belongs to the sale of virginity geishas.

In modern society, where liberation in sex does not surprise anyone, the virgin does not mind giving the right to be the right to become the first man. We will tell a few amazing stories about the most expensive transactions on the sale of innocence.

Sale of virginity

10 most expensive examples of virginity sales. Apparently there are many more cases, but these feature the largest amounts.

In ninth place, a student named Rosie Reed

In 2004, the Englishwoman, who turned 18 years old, sold virginity in order to be able to pay for her training. She put her unusual product on the Internet at an online asociation. There was a demand for such a delicate proposal. 400 applicants responded. Of these, Rosi selected the 5 most suitable candidates for the role of the first man. The main prize went to a 44 year old man. This is an engineer of one of the British companies. He will pay for sex 8400 pounds. During intercourse, a girlfriend Rosie was on duty outside the door. She made sure that the goods were transferred without any inadequate actions by the customer.The price of innocence. How much does it cost to sell virginity? | Psychology of relations

Eighth place is occupied by another student of 18 years old

Romanian, who is the name of Alina Perech, also decided to earn an extravagant way to study. For virginity, the amount was paid 8800 pounds. At the rate it is about one million rubles. I bought innocence of a businessman from Italy. A 45 -year -old man asked Alina to take an examination. He had to make sure that the girl had sex with him the first. The virgin frankly admitted that the buyer was magnificent, looked young, he did not even have a stomach.

In seventh place again a girl 18 years old

Virgin from Krasnoyarsk sold her unusual goods for 800,000 rubles. The announcement was successful in men. The girl agreed to sell the secret, because she needed financial. Received innocence pranker Evgeny Volnov. He really liked the young lady, so he will pay even more than the declared amount, namely 900,000 rubles.

Sixth place is occupied by a student from New Zealand

The name of the girl is unknown, her nickname Unigirl. Virgin experienced difficulties, it was necessary to make a tuition fee. At the auction, they purchased a piquant lot for 32000 dollars. The young lady was very glad of the buyer’s generosity.

In fifth place Katie Cobberson

The virgin was 24 years old. She filed innocence for $ 100,000. The girl posted the announcement on the international trading platform EBAY. Apparently, the buyer was found quickly, because the announcement did not hang on the site for a long time. We are sure that the deal was beneficial for both participants in the agreement.

Fourth place is Katarina Milorini

Girl from Brazil sold virginity at 20 years old. Katarina wanted to help local residents. The enterprising Japanese Natsu paid for innocence. He paid for a spicy goods 780000 dollars. The money from the transaction was not thrown to the wind. They were invested in the construction of houses intended for low -income families.The price of innocence. How much does it cost to sell virginity? | Psychology of relations

In third place Elizabeth Rain

This is a 27-year-old student who was trained at a medical college. Elizabeth created a site where she set out all the requirements, terms of the transaction in detail. The girl promised that 35% of the proceeds would go to the training of women who live in underdeveloped countries. There were many buyers. In 2014, the amount in 810 thousand dollars, But the girl refused to sell innocence.

The second place is occupied by the model

In 2005, the 18-year-old Peruvian Graciel Yatako decided to sell virginity. Money was necessary for the treatment of brother and mother. Innocence was served at an online auction. The American businessman was ready to buy her by paying 1.5 million dollars, But he was refused. After the girl frankly admitted that with her act, she wanted to show the plight of the inhabitants of Peru, that they need help.

In the first place is Natalie Dylan

In 2008, a 22-year-old girl sold her virginity. She laid out an ad on a legal brothel. For the goods were offered 3.7 million dollars. Natalie wanted to finish the magistracy for the proceeds. The virgin told about the auction, coming to the well -known program of Howard Stern.

Now it has become popular to sell virginity, men are hunting for innocence, but it is right or not, everyone must decide on their own. And you need to understand that the amounts of more than 10 thousand dollars are a huge luck, it is difficult to find such buyers.

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