The better to shave an intimate area in men?

The better to shave an intimate area in men?.

According to polls, shaved lobe in men, not everyone likes. Despite the fact that the girls insist on hygiene, yet they do not make her hair be removed. Among those who love the blowjob and the practice of a tea bag, the percentage of women approve of a bald intimate area from a partner, slightly higher, but not critical. However, at least 2-3 times a year, men still have to cut in the groin and therefore it is important to know what to do better.

Is there a practical benefit of shaving in the intimate area of men?

Hair on the pubis and testicles appeared for a reason. They perform the function of thermoregulation and protection against external stimuli, such as dust and bacteria. From the point of view of hygiene, shaving an intimate zone would be dangerous if not for brilliant inventions in the form of panties and pants.

Unlike the hair on the pubis of women, the pubic hair does not protect their genitals by 100%, and if we talk about testicles, then this does not make sense at all. Bacteria will not penetrate through the skin in any case. It turns out an intimate haircut to representatives of the stronger sex is indifferent. What is, what is not, no difference.

However, one meaning is still. The pubis sweets under the clothes and thanks to the hair the smell does not go anywhere. They stop it and reinforce it many times, so in the heat to think about hygiene is especially important. At the same time, the testicles can not be touched, since there are practically no sweat glands on them.

Negative consequences from shaving an intimate zone in men

Do not forget about the consequences. First, at the moment shaving is very easy to cut. According to surveys, more than 50% of men are injured during this process. Most often these are banal cuts.

Secondly, a couple of days later, the hair begins to grow and this causes unpleasant sensations. The groin is itching and itil, this manifests itself especially strongly in the area of the testicles.

Skin irritation, here’s another problem. Often poor -quality shaving leads to purulent acne and then, in addition to the loss of all sexuality, the man receives discomfort in his underpants.

Than and how best to shave an intimate zone in men: practical recommendations

Of course, the ideal solution would be a trip to the salon. The shugarming service and other types of depilation are available to representatives of the stronger sex, moreover, it is highly popular. Unfortunately, many perceive the care of themselves not by a male occupation and the masters admit that the main percentage of such men are simple perverts.

They go to Shugaring, so that their penis is just touching. But, the procedure is not too pleasant, you can’t compare with massage and masturbation, so not all come for the second time.

At home, it is easier and faster to do it, although the quality will suffer greatly. It is important to remember several rules and then everything will pass without injuries and serious consequences.

Rule one – first visit a hot bath. The hair should become softer and then shaving will go smoothly. Sometimes it is enough to direct a stream of warm water from a watering can to an intimate area and hold it like a couple of minutes.

Rule second – first get rid of the longest hair. They are usually very thick and branched, shaving from a rather problematic. It is best to do it with scissors or a powerful trimmer.

But remember – a machine for an intimate haircut should be separate. It is impossible to use a trimmer for the face and groin, since it is possible to transfer bacteria that should not be transferred anywhere.

When all long hair is removed, you can proceed to the main task. In fact, you will not have to bother very much here, it will be enough to use the most ordinary disposable machine in a hot bath.

Re -use is not recommended, since the blade is clogged and dull, then injuries are possible. Small cuts cannot be avoided, but to be neat and not rush, then the perfect shaving will go smoothly.

What to do with a scrotum?

The skin on the Mashonka is too delicate for shaving and cuts in this area are dangerous. Most men choose a haircut option in which the hair from the pubis is completely removed above the member, but the testicles remain untouched.

This option is called – the mane of the lion. Visually male dignity seems more and this is another reason for an intimate haircut of the stronger sex. Many also recommend using special trimmers, but in fact it is only a marketing move. You can get rid of thickets in two ways – visiting the passenger compartment and scissors+disposable machine. Everything else is not much more convenient, but it is much more difficult.

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