Tasty erotica

Tasty erotica.

Tasty erotica

Of course, the variety in intimate life is necessary and sometimes simply necessary. But it can be different, someone likes the introduction of BDSM elements, someone is great eroticism and tenderness, and some like to combine erotic games and food. It is about the last option that we will talk today. The use of food in erotic games and its direct contact with the body is called a single.

In some people, eating with a partner delicious food causes a feeling of joy and excitement. In addition, this technique can increase excitement and give proximity to new shades. Remember that if you decide to try a rally, it is worth using not only tasty, but also aesthetically beautiful food, besides, when choosing it, you need to consult a partner so that it suddenly does not find out about the presence of allergies or hostility to one or another product.

When choosing food, preference is usually given to berries and fruits, supplementing them with syrup and whipped cream. If you are afraid to stain the bed, the use of a vinyl sheet will be an excellent way out. To create a more romantic environment, you can light candles. After that, you can begin to lay down pieces of berries and fruits on the body of a partner, but you should not understand that first of all you do this not to have dinner, but for a variety of intimate life and creating a more romantic situation in bed. By the way, many people like it when the continuation occurs with their eyes closed, so the sensitivity intensifies and the sensations become brighter.

But there are also disadvantages of such a variety. If, for example, you use desserts with sugar content, there are some risks. The vagina has a specific water balance, and when dubious objects and substances fall into it, the balance can be violated, which will lead to the development of yeast infection. Therefore, try to avoid such intimate places when coating with desserts and avoid their entry into the genitals.

Also, keep in mind that the pleasure of solving will not experience particularly squeamish people, as well as those who consider it pampering with food and unacceptable behavior. But if you do not belong to these categories of people and experience a desire to try something new with a partner, then discuss it with him and, finally, try to diversify your evenings.

Tasty erotica

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