Swallow? That is the question!

Swallow? That is the question!.

Swallow? That is the question!
We have sex not only in order to calm the animal itch in causal places. We also have sex to satisfy our emotional needs. During sex, it is important for us to feel accepted, loved, desired. That is why any hint of rejection during intimacy is perceived by us so painfully. In particular, many men feel rejected if a beloved or beloved after oral affection refuses to swallow them…seed fluid. Let’s find out whether this male whim is dangerous for the receiving side or, on the contrary, sperm is a healing liquid that must be consumed for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

What sperm consists of? (and with what is it eaten with)

Cum is ordinary protein. Yes, yes, almost like the one you consume in the ovary for breakfast. It contains calcium, fructose, citric acid, slightly carbohydrates, as well as vitamin B. As you can see, everything is quite harmless.

And I’m on a diet! Is it possible to get fat if you swallow sperm?

Do not please worry, cute losing weight readers! Sperm nourishing does not exceed 5-15 calories. Common jokes about protein breakfast are built on significant exaggeration. Believe me, you definitely will not unite with this sauce after six.

The healing properties of sperm are myth or reality?

Of course, sperm is not holy water and how much it is not irrigated to her, she is unlikely to lift the lying from the bed. However, the seed fluid really has a number of proven beneficial properties. Let’s list them:

1) a sperm that in a small amount is contained in the seed, positively affects the tone of the skin. That is why many young ladies make cosmetic masks from libations of their lovers.

2) There is a study that women who swallow sperm once or two per week, 40% less often fall into breast cancer.

3) And there is also evidence that swallowing sperm improves the condition of the gums a little: in white fluids there are zinc and calcium tooths.

4) In addition, the ejaculate entering the body can improve the hormonal background of the lady: the prostagadins contained in sperm stimulate the production of estrogeen – the main female hormone, which is responsible for girlish beauty.

In general, sperm is not a panacea, but as a biologically useful additive to food will go. Maybe it will help to save on vitamins, cosmetologists and dentists in the future. Drink, children, milk, you will be healthy!

But you definitely can’t get poisoned with sperm?

It is poisoning that is unlikely. But to become infected – quite. It is important to trust the partner to whom you allow you to ejaculate in yourself. Better yet to trust, but check: have a fresh certificate on its venereological health on the hand. Because the probability of catching STD during oral sex with finishing in the mouth is becoming higher. In addition, through sperm you can catch intestinal infections, herpes, pneumonia and a lot of other troubles. Therefore, you convincingly ask: swallow only if you are sure of the partner.

And some women also have protein intolerance. Yeah, there is no more sadness in the world than the story of a heterosexual girl with an allergy to sperm. But nothing can be done, it happens. If, after interacting with the seed, you begin to feel at least some manifestations of allergies: edema, itching, discomfort, urgently rush to the doctor. It can be serious.

What kind of sperm is normal, and when you should be wary? (all about the sperm of a healthy person and the seed of the smoker)

Ooooo, sperm is very different: sweet, salty, acidic, bitter. Personally, my friends compared sperm with Kamamber, Suluguni, Armenian cheese and vanilla yogurt. But in general, associations can be very different. The taste of sperm depends on a number of factors: nutrition of a partner, lifestyle, attitude to alcohol and nicotine. It is worthwhile if the ejaculate is felt as a sharp, sour and nasty. Such a taste of seed can talk about the presence of diseases. Perhaps he will have to tactfully inform the partner that he would be great to go to the doctor.

What to do if you don’t like the taste of partner sperm?

Option one, for those who plan everything in advance: you can feed a partner with food, which makes the taste of sperm better. It is traditionally believed that the taste of seed improves from fresh fruits. In particular, from pineapples and apples. But meat, alcohol, cigarettes, salty and fat on the contrary, are able to make ejaculate bitter and ugly. Therefore, if an evening of oral joys is planned, it is better not to drive a beloved in a bar, hookah or steak house in front of him. Better make him a fruit salad.

Option of the second, for spontaneous: If you prefer to work not with the cause, but with the investigation, you can drown out the taste of sperm or learn how to swallow it so as not to feel the taste. For both ways there are techniques. There are special lubricants with taste that will help drown out unpleasant sensations. You will find a large selection of such lubricants in the most experienced online secretshop IntimShop.ru. If there was no grease at hand at the most crucial moment, you can do the goodies that are in the house. Whipped cream, fruit or chocolate syrup are suitable. Also, many experienced recommend before sucking a member, first suck menthol candy. The nuclear mint taste will give a little sensitivity of your receptors. And if you do not like games with food and lubricants, try to push the penis of the partner deeper into the throat during ejaculation. There are no longer taste receptors, so all that you feel in the process is your boyfriend’s delight.

But what if I still just don’t want to swallow this damn thing?

For God’s sake! Do not want – don’t. In no case do not rape yourself. You are not obliged to perform the entire basic show program of German porn to be worthy of love. I’m not swallowing. And nothing! Not a single partner left me for this in the gateway. Relax and get pleasure from sex. Remember that you don’t have anything to anyone.Swallow? That is the question!
And in general, if you suddenly realized that all these liquids are not for you, here you have a selection of condoms from the most experienced online sexshop IntimShop.ru. In them you can have the most delicious oral sex and not be distracted by all sorts of unwanted liquids:

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