Squirt: What is it, how to achieve female squirt?

Squirt: What is it, how to achieve female squirt?.

In our body there are many secrets and riddles that have not yet succumbed to scientists to study, and some, probably, are not even interested in them yet. Inkjet orgasm one of them. Some people categorically refuse to believe in his reality. But what to do with those who say that he knows about him firsthand and often feels? Share the information that is known to us.

Squirt: What is it, how to achieve female squirt?

Squirt – This is the release of a liquid from the urethra of a woman during orgasm. It can be transparent or slightly painted, has no smell and nothing to do with urine.

There are those who claim that this is a female ejaculation that occurs thanks to the glands of the skin (they are also called a female prostate). But it has a different consistency and color. Perhaps these are two different processes, and perhaps one, but in different situations and in different women. There is still no clarity here, despite the fact that research has already been conducted.

Squirt: What is it, how to achieve female squirt?

Will everyone experience squirt? Scientists really are unable to answer. If you associate it with the glands of the skin, then they are not developed at all, and some women do not have it at all. In the course of research, surveys were conducted that show that from 10% to 50% of women came across him at least once. Many of them accepted this phenomena for urinary incontinence, were interested in doctors. Some even tried not to experience an orgasm in order to prevent a repetition of the situation.

What is so worried about women in a jet orgasm, forcing them to contact doctors and complex? The answer is simple – the amount of fluid that is released. Usually it is 15 ml (this is somewhere a tablespoon), but there is data on 50 ml or more. We remind you, a liquid without smell, it is not urine, but sleeping on wet sheets and a wet mattress is not very nice.

Someone uses a special mattress for sex, others hold towels at hand, others – Caused with special adhesives. In general, you have to bother.

Again, as surveys show, after women understand what they are dealing with, it becomes their fishe, who warms up sexual interest. After all, another feature of this type of orgasm – it is multiple and last, think, up to 2 minutes! And for testing the next one does not need a break!

Squirt: What is it, how to achieve female squirt?

So, after all, is it possible to learn to receive it or how did physiology have ordered it? Here we have already turned to practicing sources. And they claim that everyone can! But not immediately, first you need to wake your point g.

It can be stimulated by fingers or toys. Find the most sensitive place inside your intimate place, it is located somewhere at a depth of 3 cm, and caress. Do not wait for squirting right away. Practice and pleasure. In the process, you can feel a desire to run to the toilet in a small. Do not be scared, it is it. Indeed, during excitement, the genital glands and clitoral bulb increase, overlapping the urethral channel, and therefore access to the urine. Relax your muscles and enjoy. And most importantly, do not stop, it may repeat. And more than once.

You can practice together with a partner during a prelude, independently with a toy or without a bathroom. In the latter case, it will be easier for you to relax and not to complex about the liquid. As we were told in secret, this sensation can be tested not only when stimulating the point G, but also with the clitoris caress. As you can see, every woman has it in her own way.

There is a small percentage of the fact that the liquid that is released – urine. But this is only in the case of urological diseases and with weak muscles of the pelvic floor. If you are healthy, you may not worry about the composition of the liquid. If the urine enters it, then in a completely minimum amount.

Squirt: What is it, how to achieve female squirt?

If you are familiar with what we described here, then stop being shy. It’s normal and very nice. There is nothing unnatural in this. Often women are afraid of the reaction of the partner, suppress their desire and cease to experience an orgasm. This harms their health.

Unfortunately, with an incredible level of licentiousness of our population, many lack sexual education. We are for talking to our partners about sex without winding and shame. To discuss and embody desires, plan intimate evenings and make debauchery in nature is correct and normal. The main thing, by mutual agreement and in compliance with safety rules.

Get maximum pleasure from sex!

Squirt: What is it, how to achieve female squirt?

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Squirt: What is it, how to achieve female squirt?

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