Secrets of male seed. You definitely didn’t know about sperm!

Secrets of male seed. You definitely didn’t know about sperm!.

Secrets of male seed. You definitely didn’t know about sperm!

Everyone knows the direct purpose of male sperm – fertilize a women’s egg. Scientists, cosmetologists and simply inventive people do not cease to stagger us with the results of research and expand the scope of the application of this product of male life. Sometimes these discoveries delight and make men be proud of their body and its derivatives, other innovations make you think about whether it is worth crossing all these facets.

First, remember the basic characteristics:

  • The average spermatozoid with a size of 0.055 mm moves at a speed of 1-4 mm per minute, overcoming the path to the egg in 44 minutes theoretically and in 3 days practically;
  • Only one of the five sperm moves in the right direction;
  • At a time, a man on average distinguishes 2-4 ml of sperm. And a wild boar – 250 ml;
  • The largest sperm in the world are found in rats and fruit flies;
  • The sperm matches 2.5 months, is destroyed in a couple of weeks;
  • Only 5% sperm occupy spermatozoa. Rest – Auxiliary nutrient fluid.

Secrets of male seed. You definitely didn’t know about sperm!

Sperm can be an antidepressant. Despite the controversy of this statement, the composition of the sperm is impressive. The ejaculate contains about 50 chemical compounds, among which there are also famous antidepressants as oxytocin, melatonin, serotonin, prolactin, estrone and cortisol. It is possible that under certain circumstances, this positively affects the female body.

Sperm causes allergies in 5% of cases. Yes, and this happens, although very rarely. Scientists have not yet decided what exactly causes allergies: spermatozoa itself or seed fluid. Also, some forms of infertility of a woman are manifested in the fact that the female body produces antibodies on the sperm of a particular man.

It is useful to swing it to swallow. As usual, a comma is placed according to circumstances. Yes, sperm is indeed a storehouse of useful natural components, but it can also be a source of infections, HIV, type B or C hepatitis. A sip of natural vitamins should be categorically postponed if there are wounds in the mouth or you have recently been at the dentist.

Sperm can start ovulation. It turns out that male sperm has a protein, which gives a hormonal signal to the female ovaries to proceed to the process of release of the egg.

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