Questions to a girl for rapprochement: 100+ ready -made phrases

One hundred questions for rapprochement with a girl.

Questions to a girl for rapprochement: 100+ ready -made phrases

Ladies – mysterious creatures. At the first meeting, you will undergo an automatic check. There is enough a couple of seconds to form an assessment in her head: is it worth communicating with it or not. When the starting filter gave the go -ahead, additional “sounding” begins. Women are very careful and do not want to let dangerous men into their lives. You can also ask a girl to bring closer questions. It is easier to find out useful information and get a credit of trust. We will tell you how to competently conduct a conversation with the fair sex.

The first conversation

Questions to a girl for rapprochement: 100+ ready -made phrases

Ladies are much more talkative than guys. Sometimes it’s hard to maintain a conversation. An awkward silence hangs in the air. How to avoid an unnecessary pause? Just ask a question. Immediately after acquaintance, it is better not to speak on vulgar topics. Sincerely interested in the details of its past and present life. Here’s a list for starters:

  1. What is your favorite dish that you can cook? The answer will understand the taste preferences. You will find out if the girl has the skills of the hostess or she prefers to eat fast food or walk in a cafe.
  2. Do you regret something that you haven’t done before? The main goal is to learn about unrealized purposes. Maybe a woman wanted to become an artist all her life, but there was no time to study and practice.
  3. How do you like to communicate: personally, by phone or in messengers? You will get an idea of the type of personality. Extroverts like “living” or telephone conversation, it is easier to engage in correspondence introverts.
  4. What the happiest event happened to you? Everything you hear is an example of how you can please the lady. The more positive emotions, the higher the chance to get closer.
  5. What kind of music do you like? If you are planning a further relationship, you need to know if she can go with you to a rock concert, or will have to listen to Morgenstern on her phone for a day.
  6. What are you usually doing alone? Each person has situations when you want to be alone with himself. Find out under what circumstances it is better not to annoy the woman with her presence.
  7. Believe in paranormal phenomena? The answer will help determine the mindset and beliefs: she is a materialist or dreams of romance in life. For the first option, a gift is a telephone, for the second – a trip to a beautiful place.
  8. Who are you by the zodiac sign? Be sure, she believes everything that is written in horoscopes. Suppose to read the “star” characteristic of each other together and tell you what is converging and what is not.
  9. You are proud of your family? If so, why why? It will become clear to you what kind of relative she is listening. Find out what kind of qualities this person has and demonstrate them in yourself in every case.
  10. When you were shy for the last time? The lady will answer if you have already earned trust. This information will come in handy so as not to put his partner in unpleasant situations when she is not comfortable.
  11. If today it would be the last day, how would you spend it? A simple way to find out deep desires. When time is limited, people are trying to have time to do the most beloved business.
  12. What is your favorite movie? If this is “twilight”, then you have a romantic girl in front of you. It’s quite another thing if she likes “fifty shades of gray”. This is a hint of sexual preferences.
  13. You have a skill that no one knows about? Usually a woman lays out what her universally recognized talent is. This is good. When you see this skill in action, make it clear that you admire it.
  14. Do you have a tatoo? At the location and type of drawing, you can determine how liberated the girl. Traditionally, tattoos are made on arms and legs. Suddenly she has a picture in the bikini zone?
  15. What language you would like to learn? If this is English, then the lady just wants to be in the general trend with orientation to the west. Chinese, or Japanese – the girl likes the Asian aesthetics, she wants to visit these countries.

We told what information you can get if you listen carefully to the answers. This is important if you want the development of events. Indeed, in most cases, a woman comes to sexual contact only with the man who completely trusts. Here are a few more questions for a joint conversation:

  • What did you do this morning in the first place?
  • What song did you listen to the last time?
  • What the most stupid question you received from the interlocutor?
  • How do you feel about criticism?
  • Which of the stars are admiring?
  • What games I loved to play in childhood?
  • What was remembered from the period when I was in kindergarten?
  • Which school subject you like the most?
  • What flowers do you like stronger?
  • Is it possible to buy happiness for money?
  • What kind of work do you dream about?
  • Do you have a hobby?
  • What a pet did you have in childhood?

We gave you a list that is enough for a few hours of continuous conversation. This is wonderful. There is no pause of awkward pauses, otherwise the girl will consider you a shy or little erudite person.

You liked her

Questions to a girl for rapprochement: 100+ ready -made phrases

You talked perfectly. Found a common mass. It’s time to move on. Naive and cute issues lose their relevance. You need to move on to more point and provocative phrases. This will help to develop the imagination, find additional points of contact. Let some questions seem unacceptable to you. But it is better to be impudent than boring. This time the list is this:

  1. At what age do you feel and why? Here you can recognize which ego state prevails: a child, an adult or a parent. This is a cool topic from transaction analysis. Look and read.
  2. What would you do if you remained the only person on earth? This is a funny question. It makes you work fantasy. A gloomy description speaks of pessimism, positive about lady optimism.
  3. How much your life has changed over the past year? Make it clear to her that she is interesting as a person. You want to know about her problems and little joys. This enhances trust.
  4. What is your best memory from childhood? We are all from childhood. Experience forms a person. The conversation about positive emotions will make it clear who she has become now and how it will develop.
  5. What did you always want to try? Remember the answer and after some time invite her to realize the desire together. She will understand that you are on her side and try to give the best.
  6. What needs to be done at least once in a lifetime? Maybe it’s a parachute jump or a trip to Antarctica. Or the girl dreams of simple joys: to have sex on the roof of a skyscraper.
  7. Tell me about the most touching thing you saw in life? The question reveals the emotional side of the personality. The situation that she will talk about is the standard of relationship.
  8. What quality is the worst in a person? Listen and take note. It is better not to show in her company even a hint of this vile quality. Otherwise put yourself in a negative way.
  9. In what countries did you? Where would I like to go? Answers to the second part are perfect points for the route if you decide to travel with a woman. She will definitely appreciate it.
  10. What was your worst date? She will begin to describe the behavior of a person that she did not like. You understand what to do with this information? Remember and put into practice.

We give another small list of questions:

  • What the last joke laughed you?
  • How would you describe your best friend?
  • Is there a character with whom you often compare yourself?
  • You spend a weekend with your family?
  • Who is your favorite singer?
  • What the last fear did you manage to overcome?
  • What the strangest game you have ever played ?
  • What is your favorite computer game?
  • What would you like to change in the world?
  • What dish would you never refuse?
  • What stereotypes are most enraged by you?
  • Is there anything that you are afraid to ask publicly?
  • If you could start this day again, what would you do?

Perhaps at this stage you will have the first kisses. Confutal-bouquet period-an integral part of the relationship. The main thing is to get closer to the girl to establish a trusting connection. Try to prevent mistakes. Because attachment has not yet been fully formed.

The beginning of the relationship

Questions to a girl for rapprochement: 100+ ready -made phrases

The time ended when you met once a week. Now spend most of the time together and have become a real couple. Even now, the girl has a lot of secrets who have not yet come out. The level of trust is high, but it must be constantly maintained. The easiest way to do this is during a relaxed conversation. Girls are serious about words. Almost the same as for business. Therefore, questions will help to become closer. Here’s a list:

  1. What you usually do in your free time? This is a hint of a perfect pastime option. Offer her to compose a company in the next day off in order to take a break from difficult matters.
  2. Shopping center or entertainment park? The first answer is characteristic of mundane, practical natures who like things. The second speaks of a personality warehouse aimed at receiving new impressions.
  3. How do you feel about the LGBT community? This is an easy way to find out who is in front of you: a conservative moralist or woman who appreciates the privacy of other people’s sexual preferences.
  4. Where and by whom you see yourself in 10 years? The lady will definitely tell about her life strategy. If you are on the way, try to realize the future together, if not, try to compromise.
  5. What role is you closer to you: a housewife or a working girl? The career will choose the second option. The first will remain with a woman who is able to create comfort in the house, prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  6. If I make a mistake, you will try to understand me? If the answer is negative, then the lady is wayward. There is only her opinion and wrong. Consider this for the future.
  7. What do you do when you are sad? Try to remember. This will help determine the mood of the chosen one, and stay away from classes that are associated with longing.
  8. Love morning or night? In the first case, a woman larger. He goes to bed early and wakes up at dawn. Owls are on the contrary, they are ready to oversleep the whole dawn, but they hang out all night.
  9. Spring, summer, autumn or winter? Depending on the answer, it is better to plan a vacation at that time of the year that it will call. This will allow you to spend free time with the most positive emotions.
  10. What you choose on a weekend: a trip or watching a movie at home? The extrovert will choose the first option, because there is an opportunity to chat. The introvert will appeal to the “Home Cinema”.

You have advanced far enough in a relationship. But in conversations, sex rarely appears. You can add a little hot to communication to maintain an erotic component:

  • You like it from above or below?
  • How do you feel about sado-Mazo?
  • What erotic films you like?
  • There is a secret fantasy that I don’t know about?
  • I would like to try something new?
  • I tried to walk along the street without panties?
  • Do you want a toy from a sex shop?

These conversations switch consciousness into an intimate sphere. They create an ideal atmosphere for intimacy. No need to be shy about your desires. It is better to release them and implement them together with a partner.

You are married

Questions to a girl for rapprochement: 100+ ready -made phrases

The first waves of passion subsided. Sex gradually turns into a dull routine. But do not lose heart! There are ways to add new colors to the disgusting gray everyday life. Nothing improves the relationship like a conversation. Believe me, despite the long life, you did not recognize half of the information about your wife. You didn’t ask something, and she prefers not to voice some details. Here is a list of questions that will help to bring relationships to a new level:

  1. That you are not happy with the relationship? A woman always knows what she doesn’t like. But tells about this if he trusts you. Try to listen, then fix the negative points.
  2. How many times a week do you want to have sex? If the numbers do not converge, it is better to free your time and finally deal with the fulfillment of marital duty. Otherwise everything will crumble over time.
  3. You have desires that are not realized for a long time? This is a great question that can outstand mothballed dreams. It is better to get them out of the cache and try to bring them to life.
  4. You have enough time spent together? If the answer is negative, it is necessary to adjust the work schedule. Everyone gets tired, but constant emotional contact is important for girls.
  5. Want to take a break from household chores? If the lady is not a housewife by nature at all, she was bored with washing and cooking for a long time. Give her at least a day without a routine. Drive to a restaurant, put your things yourself in a machine.
  6. You have fears? If a woman is afraid, then she does not feel comfortable with you. Try to find out what your spouse is grunting from the inside. Try riding her from fears.
  7. If you want to talk? If you get tired at work, the wife will try not to bother. But over time, the omissions accumulate. Better to find time, discuss a heap of problems.
  8. You are all right? Perhaps a woman has problems at work, but she does not want to upset you. Listen carefully and tell a few encouraging words.
  9. How can I help you? Household work or difficult work task. You are a man, which means you can easily cope with any difficulties. Let her know that.

If you do not work on relationships, especially in marriage, they will break up sooner or later. Therefore, the best prevention of divorces is a mental conversation without mutual accusations. Here’s another selection of questions:

  • Do you want me to take care of you?
  • Prepare you breakfast?
  • Maybe try something new in sex?
  • We will relax together on the weekend?
  • What do you give for a holiday?
  • Do you want your favorite flowers?

The conversation helps to save marriage. If you communicate calmly, without collisions, then all problems are solved. The main thing is not to give free rein to emotions. During the intensity, we cease to be aware of reality. We can say a lot of gross words. Then you have to spend several days on reconciliation. But strong insults are not always forgotten.

True or action?

Questions to a girl for rapprochement: 100+ ready -made phrases

This is a game in which the girl and the guy take turns pulling out cards with questions. If the question is too intimate and I don’t want to answer it, you can choose the “action” option. There are ready -made sets for the game and mobile applications. We have collected questions that are suitable for this psychological game:

  1. You did something that you regret? Ladies do not like to recognize mistakes. It hits too much on their self -esteem. But the rules of the game allow you to pull out all the skeletons from the cabinet.
  2. What is your biggest lies in life? She will tell you a story or will perform an action. The second option usually happens. It is less painful for the psyche.
  3. What charitable business you would like to create? Quite a simple question. What could be more pleasant to help homeless animals or take gifts to the orphanage.
  4. What do you think you are beautiful? This is a complete provocation. It is better not to use it at the beginning of the relationship. Although, most women will respond in the affirmative. And do not argue.
  5. You had anal sex? Intimate details from life before you. The lady will most likely choose an action than to find out about the hot adventures of past years.
  6. Your pubis is shaved? It is appropriate to the first sex, when they only met and it did not reach the bed. Now the girls are everywhere shave the bikini zone, or make shugaring.
  7. The last time you masturbated? Also a sensitive topic. Not every woman is ready to admit her secret pranks. Especially a man with whom he plans a relationship.
  8. How old has lost her virginity? At first glance a harmless question. But only if the age was 18+. Any girl will prefer to keep silent about sex at 14.
  9. I would like to try Sado-Mazo? Intimate question. If you get an affirmative answer, then be sure that she wants to do this with you.
  10. How long the last guy had a member? It is unlikely that the lady walked around the former with a tailor, but the information can know. You will have the opportunity to compare with your dimensions.

These provocative topics will help to brighten up a boring evening. The main thing is to follow the emotions of the girl. If she was offended, got angry, then it is better to turn the game until better times. We’ll throw a few more topics:

  • You like to make a blowjob?
  • I tried toys from sex shop?
  • You had sex with a girl?
  • Engage in masturbation in the soul?
  • Went to bed on the first date?
  • What is your most vulgar sexy fantasy?
  • How many sexual partners did you have?
  • You cheated on your guys at least once?

Now you can easily ask a girl to bring closer. And it doesn’t matter at what stage the relationship is located. Perceive calmly the situation when you have not received an answer. This is normal in conditions of low trust. Over time, you will learn everything you want. The main thing is to remember the information, and then competently use for their purposes.

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